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Even an agent has to eat,right? Especially ones that work as hard as we do.

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Eternity wandered into the kitchen wearing nothing other than an over sized shirt and a pair of black underwear. Her hair was out and messy in a beautiful form. Stretching her naturally tan arms above her head she yawned and smiled seeing the sun peak through the windows of the bus. Eternity's body still ached from everything she had done last night. Leaning forward she tapped the kitchen cupboard, her arm dangling from the handle lazily. Blinking she tried to wake herself up.

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Asia made her way into the kitchen, still half asleep, prepping to make two cups of tea and head down to the Lab to meet Leo, as was her usual routine. He was going to tinker around with her knives today if time allowed for it. When she saw Eternity in the kitchen, she raised an eyebrow at her outfit. "Good morning," she greeted nontheless, biting back a comment about how perhaps she should dress more appropriatly in public places. Asia herself wore a white tank top and some black leggings, her hair pulled up in a ponytail. She moved over to the tea pot, filling it up in the sink and plugging it in, waiting for the water to steam.

QUEEN | 118 comments ((can we make it so they have worked together in the past-seeing as i am horrible at rping intros?))

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((Sure, Asia has been with the team for at least a month now sobthey probs woudl))

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Eternity sighed. In an attempt to wake herself she blinked harder and rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands. She yawned and licked her dry mouth. "Morning," She breathed to Asia. "I see you're ready," She commented noticing how it was Asia dressed. It didn't phase Eternity's confidence in her own appearance in the least seeing as she was comfortable in what she wore. "If you happen to see Coulson can you tell him the new suit doesn't work?" She asked lazily, still leaning against the counter.

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"I like to be prepared for seeing the people I work with," Asia replied with a shrug. Taking the kettle off the stove, she carefully poured the water into the two mugs she had out, the hung the tea bags in them, letting the water absorb the flavour. "I'll pass the mesaage on," she said, stirring the contents of the cups slowly. Of course, Asia had nothing against Eternity. They had worked on several missions together and she was perfectly competent for someone off the streets, and was nice as well. The way she dressed bothered Asia somewhat, but not enough to put up any sort of fight about it. "Why are you up so early?" she asked, figuring she would continue the conversation as long as she had to stay in the kitchen.

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Eternity thought for a moment. "Nightmares," She shrugged as though it wasn't a big deal but everyone on the bus was well aware something was horrifically wrong whenever Eternity managed to drift into a slumber. The fact Asia wasn't aware of it struck Eternity with curiosity. Unless she wasn't sleeping with plugs in her ears, Asia would have heard late last night. It drove people into mini fits and got on Melinda's nerves all too easily. Mockingbird would even respond to late night Skype's to calm down Eternity. Man, had it not been for Mockbird, as Eternity liked to call her, Eternity would be sleepless during the days and throughout the long long nights on the bus and in the field.

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"Have you tried drinkimg tea before bed?" Asia suggested, "I've heard chai works wonders." Thats what Leo had made her on her first few weeks here, when she missed the rest of Strike Team Delta more than anything, and it had certainly helped her sleep more peacefully than she had ever expected. Not that it ever helped her stop missing Nat or Clint, but it didnt make things worse. Lifting up one of the cups of tea, she blew lightly on it. "I cam make you a cup if you want it," she offered, "I still have time before I'm expexted to be in the Lab."

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QUEEN | 118 comments "I doubt it could do me any harm at the moment so I suppose it'll be ok if you made me a cup," Eternity said thinking it through in her head. Her mind was currently wondering yo Mockingbird's whereabouts. "How's Fitz?" She asked out of random curiosity. Eternity didn't manage to hit it off so splendidly with him so she didn't expect to have a great conversation with the scientist in the future having been she stole his sandwich on the first ever mission she was given. Eternity looked down at her dry hands. She gently and tenderly rubbed them together in an attempt to put herself to ease. It was obvious the nightmares were taking a tole on the poor 17 year old who couldn't do anything to stop them from invading her mind at slumber. A lack of sleep and her quick temper was no good match at all. Knowing that made her act more reckless and appear more dangerous during missions. "Skye was looking for you btw," She mentioned lazily running a hand through her hair Eternity sighed.

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With a nod, Asia began busying herself with making the cup of tea, quickly putting more water in the kettle and also steaming a little milk. "Oh Leo is great," Asia replied, smiling fondly as she thought about her best friend. "He's still going on about not having a monkey, of course, but nothing alltogether new there." she hummed softly as she made the tea, mixing in thr milk, water, and respective spices. "There ya go," she said, handing the cup over to the younger girl. "What did Skye want me for?" she asked. Asia was rather fond of Skye, appriciating her taste in humour. She loved even more that one of her dearest friends from the Academy, Ward, clearly had feelings for her.

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Eternity took the cup and smiled gently. "I dunno," She mumbled into the cup, it was in close proximity of her lips so she was feeling the heat from the drink. She didn't think much of Skye other than her upcoming birthday. "You know her birthday is coming up?" Eternity asked her eyes flickering upwards. "I need to go to style Haul," She added her arms wrapping around her torso she leaned closer to Asia.

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"Yea, I've been planning something for her party for a little while now. Still in the works though," Asia replied with a shrug, mentally adding Skye to the list of people she was going to need to see this morning. Asia had been planning with Leo and Jemma for a little while on what exactly to do. They all imagined Skye had never gotten much for birthday parties when she lived in her van. When Eternity leaned closer, Asia immediately backed away. "What are you doing?" She questioned. The brunette wasn't exactly one to let tons of people get near her. That was something Natasha had taught her well.

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"Skye's good-kinda rebellious," Eternity said smiling. "I like that," Her lips parted to reveal her own devious intentions with a friendship with the girl. She had only arrived but her morals matched Eternity's own enough for her to consider her a potential friend and partner in crime. "So is that a no on the invite for me?" She asked in a joking manner. Eternity was literally the life of the party and she knew it would piss ofF Melinda so she was even more so eager to be apart of it all.

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"Look," Asia said, stopping and turning to stare at Eternity. "I know you're still new to SHIELD and all of this business, but don't go messing with Skye and doing something that will get both of you in trouble or harmed. We have rules here, and they need to be followed." She raised one thin eyebrow, daring the girl who was ten years her younger to challenge her. There were places where the rules could be stretched, but SHIELD wasn't too flexible in that aspect of things. "Skye has potential. I don't want to see her thrown out on her ass based off of your idea of a good time." She grabbed her two cups of tea of the counter and held them, glad they were still warm. "And you can come if you want, but it's not a party party. It's here, on the Bus. We're just having some drinks and opening presents."

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Eternity scowled. "You don't know nothing of me honey, don't go assuming you know shit," She said her blue eyes a flare, practically. To her knowledge, Skye was just like her. Potentially she had found someone to get on a deeper connection with unlike her father who left her without warning. "Shield or not-I'm here and I deserve respect just as anyone else, so don't go threatening me like that when you don't know me yet," her eyes narrowed. Challenge or not, she wasn't going to take being spoke to like that by anyone.

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"It would be 'dont know anything'" Asia replied flatly, "And I'm not pretending I know you, but you did just imply you feel like rebelling. And if thats your game, I'm not letting you drag one of my friends down with you. Also, you might want to learn what an actual threat is before you go around accusing people," she turned on her heel, taking the cups with her. She stopped in the door, pausing for just a moment before saying, "and youre welcome, for the tea." Then she turned out of the door and made her way to the Lab.

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((Please put all out of rp comments in brackets. And yea it was my b.))

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