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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 300 comments Mod
The Briefing Room is a nice, quiet space for the team to go over details of a mission before it's time to headout.

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Boba | 29 comments Alvar moved to the briefing room, not knowing it was a brief room other than the clean appearance and obvious table used for mission planning. "Feels like home" he said with a smile, tapping the table and walking around it, sitting near the door. He sat cross legged, tail swishing behind him as he closed his eyes and focused on his hearing again, which started with hearing everything and hurt his brain to process soo much but he was better than when the accident had first occurred, causing his 'condition'. He had yet to talk to any member of the team besides Coulson or Maya as they had been the ones who found him after his powers had gotten some light in media which he already was irritated about. He was wearing armor though so no one could tell he looked a great deal off human now which he was thankful for the adaptation S.H.I.E.L.D. had done for him quietly.

QUEEN | 118 comments ((How should his realtionship witb skye be? Good bad inthe mjddle?))

QUEEN | 118 comments Bored and with no technology to interact with, Skye Johnson, technically a new recruit but in her sense-fugitive captive was the more proper term seeing as they forced her to wear a bracelet restricting her internet access. Skye found it flattering in the first hour to which they had given, explained and put it on her but now after a few weeks on the bus she was finding it rather boring and irritating seeing as how almost everyone else on the craft wasn't denied anything they desired. Unknowingly, Skye's feet lead her to the briefing room. But upon first glance, she had known it was used for such a thing seeing as there was a large table and several chairs surrounding it. Seeing Alvar, Skye leaned against the door frame-crossing her arms her bracelet dangled and inadvertently captured the peculiar man's attention seeing as it disrupted the silence within the room.

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Boba | 29 comments ((well play it by ear but I feel like Learn ing curve))

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Boba | 29 comments Alvar was purring slightly up until a woman came into the doorway, her heartbeat and scent giving her away before he even had to look at her. "Hello, You seem a bit irritated" he said, still not moving his body except the tail which was swishing at the very edge much like a cat when it was investigating. He hoped she didn't try anything because he was in armor as it did have a S.E.A.L. unit patch painted on the left shoulder. He wasn't sure who she was but even her scent he found intriguing though he didn't even know he could smell her pheromones if she were to put out any.

QUEEN | 118 comments Dark Wolf (ƒōÐÅ εśÅ ¢ÅÐεŁÅ) wrote: "((well play it by ear but I feel like Learn ing curve))"

what does that mean..

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Boba | 29 comments ((meant learning curve))

QUEEN | 118 comments "You would to if you had this on you," She exclaimed, pointing more jabbing at the bracelet she wore. Bitterness crossed Skye's face but a quick idea sparked a smile upon her lips. "Friend, wanna help a sister out and get this ridiculous thing off me?" Skye asked hoping she would get somewhere in her restricted freedom. 'it's rather unnecessary," She added hoping to persuade the odd man with a tail to give her a hand seeing as no one else on the "bus" would she was at odds for help.

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Boba | 29 comments ((I'll post when. I get back to .y too. btw))

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QUEEN | 118 comments what do u mean learning curve....

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Boba | 29 comments ((If you read his profile you see he is a mix of human and tiger so it is like dating a man and feline. plus his powers are new))

Alvar raised a brow as he looked over the bracelet which was omitting a hum which was something he found curious. "Depends, why are you wearing it?" he said, thinking it through as the woman was quite beautiful but he felt like she wanted his help for her own gain. To learn more he turned around, facing her now though all she would see his the black visor which he could see through easily.

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QUEEN | 118 comments Dating?
What are you talking about?

1) I dont appreciate the implication that I had not read your character; i did beforw we began.

2) never in my life have i ever heard someone describe the interaction between two individuals as a "learning curve"

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Boba | 29 comments ((I wasn't implicating that just checking so you understood my post. well different anatomy does that bit not a big one. as far as how they be dating, probably good unless they find an issue they really disagree on))

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QUEEN | 118 comments I dont recall agreeing to a relationship.... I dont recall a discussion

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Boba | 29 comments (◕‿◕✿) Queen wrote: "I dont recall agreeing to a relationship.... I dont recall a discussion"

((You askes how they be dating. But we can play it by ear,still think thwy click well))

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QUEEN | 118 comments I serioulsy have no idea what half of the things you are daying mean.

I never mentioned dating i dont believe u must be mistaken

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Boba | 29 comments ((I guess I just misinterpreted, but hey maybe after rping them we see if it happens? Cause she is my fav character from the show""

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QUEEN | 118 comments Sure i suppose

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Boba | 29 comments ((Okay well your post, though hitting the bed, will post when I am free tomorrow, probably after 7 pm))

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QUEEN | 118 comments Skye sckowled. i should have known, ofcourse coulsin would tease me like this. Her eyes narrowed a fraction at Alvar. "I'm bot sute if I qm at liverty to say or have my rights revoked," she said with slight humor. "Why are you wearing a tail?" She asked only slightly interested but overallhe didnt strike her qs important

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Boba | 29 comments "Well I wouldn't know about your liberties so I can take it off but if Coulsen comes around you might want to put it back on" he said, standing up and if Skye watched, the tail actually adjusted outward to keep his balance. "I am not wearing one, I have one" he said with a quick tone, not sure why he said that as he would usually keep that to himself but something about the woman had him spout it out.

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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 300 comments Mod
((queen please put your non-rp comments in rp threads in brackets.))

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QUEEN | 118 comments Skye shrugged. "You're no better than May," She muttered under her breathe, running out of options time was hot on her neck. She rubbed her back hands agitatedly and tried to remove the bracelet with no success.

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Boba | 29 comments "May didn't manage to get it off" he said with a sly grin in his helmet, having it spinning around his finger as he had already unlocked it. "So Who might you be?" he asked her, knowing they hadn't introduced themselves.

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QUEEN | 118 comments "You work with Shield, you ought to know who I am by now. And who are you?" She asked with a questioningly raised eyebrow. It wasn't her cup of tea to be interrogated once again.

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Boba | 29 comments "I basically just got here, had only a slight brief from Coulson before I wondered in here, but I told you I am Alvar, former S.E.A.L." he said with a slight tilt of his head as she seemed be getting irritated with his asking questions.

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QUEEN | 118 comments Skye plastered on a false smile. "You're mommy must be so proud!" She added a fake exclaim of surprise just to get under his skin. She thought about her own predicaments and her landing in the so called BUS. Skye didn't know much but she knew the longer she spoke with this dude maybe she'd learn something of good use to her.

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Boba | 29 comments Alvar had a very flat expression on under his helmet, her fake enthusiasm being irritsting to him. "Well she ought to br though i could always put this thing back on if you want to insult my training?" he asked threating her woth the bracelet he just got off her.

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QUEEN | 118 comments (( i apologize but I'm not feeling this really :( ))

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Boba | 29 comments ((Seems no one is feeling anything lately -_-))

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QUEEN | 118 comments (( sorry ))

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Boba | 29 comments ((Eh, feeling it again or just want to talk over ideas?))

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QUEEN | 118 comments tbh i truly have no interest in rping skye with a guy and a tail,

unless potenitally its been assigned to skye as a briefing but that doesnt make sense for her current personality at the beginning of the season. if you have someone else you can rp as id be happy to set something else up though

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Boba | 29 comments well I have a few others in another marvel group if you check my groups then check my characters

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