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message 1: by ₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ (last edited Jun 02, 2016 09:01PM) (new)

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod
If anyone has questions about the group or the plot, feel free to ask away! I will try to answer them on a timely basis, or another mod will assist you.

message 2: by Megan (new)

Megan (nightrunner) | 27 comments Would there be a radio station within the compound?

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod
Good question, but I'm going to have to say know. The Valley is a place of isolation, and the general point of it(and kind of a shady part of it) is that the outside world can't talk to you and you can't talk to the outside world.

message 4: by Megan (new)

Megan (nightrunner) | 27 comments Okay. Would they have some sort of entertainment station? Like a self contained pa or a tv channel or anything similar?

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod
There isn't a whole lot of entertainment from the outside world. Sure there are books, music records and CDs, but I'm even hesitant about the Compound having DVDs... Here, the best way to think of it is probably like going up north to your family cabin, you've got the essentials you need to live by, somethings to entertain you, but no TV to hunker down in front of, no wifi to surf the internet, no cellphone connection to text your friends. It's that kind of isolation.

message 6: by Megan (new)

Megan (nightrunner) | 27 comments Okay. I'm trying to flesh out characters and I want to understand their day to day lives a little better. Thank you.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod
Totally understandable, questions are always welcome!

message 8: by Madison (new)

Madison (thegalpal) I was reading this and I wanted to know if they communicate with walkie talkies or anything, this question is purely out of curiosity i have no idea why I want to know

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod
Do you mean communicate with other people in the Valley? I don't believe they do, though I hadn't thought of that.

message 10: by Madison (new)

Madison (thegalpal) Oh ok cool

message 11: by Madison (new)

Madison (thegalpal) Weird question but do they have fashion here? Or plain clothes?

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod
Great question... How do I explain this? So, I believe it is mentioned somewhere but a magical part of the Compound is that if you want something, all you have to really do is look for it and you will find it. Like if you want some rocky road ice cream, if you look deep enough in the freezer, you find it. So if you want a certain article of clothing, you can dig around your wardrobe and find it. Typically, I don't think people would wear anything to eccentric or flashy because it wouldn't necessarily be practical, but I won't confine anyone to anything.

message 13: by Madison (new)

Madison (thegalpal) Ok I'm kinda thinking of making a loud/energetic/flashy character is that cool?

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod
That's fine! Just try to keep in mind the basic culture of the Valley.

message 15: by Madison (new)

Madison (thegalpal) Yeah I will

message 16: by Madison (new)

Madison (thegalpal) After I post my character will you just let me know if I need to change anything because of the compound (also can she be born there?)

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod
Yes, she can be born there! People born in the Valley are a growing minority, so it wouldn't be unheard of. And I will definitely look her over when you're done :)

message 18: by Madison (new)

Madison (thegalpal) Ok Coolio

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