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Welcome, lost ones and wanderers, you can finally rest. You have found Utopia nestled in these mountains, surrounded by all the good nature has to offer you. Home sits beside a flowing river that winds west into the mountains. To the south and east, you have rolling hills and lush forest, full of gorges and caverns to explore. And at the heart of it all, is your family. These are people just like you, who had struggled to find their place in the world, who have lost their way.

Just like you, they discovered the valley. Kindred spirits, you live in harmony in what is affectionately and accurately called The Compound, a massive wooden home with plenty of space to accommodate anyone who might stumble upon the Valley. You need for nothing, as The Compound provides everything for you that the Valley does not. Here, your life is perfect.

That having been said, there are a few rules that all inhabitants of the Valley must abide by if you don't want to call on the Shade. And no one wants to call on the Shade, a darkness that creep across the land without warning, consuming anyone that dares to cross it's path, removing anyone who might disturb the balance of the Valley.

* * *

The Valley is a refuge for children who have had a hard go at life, those who have had less than up to par families, possibly no families at all. Any child that might need a safe, nurturing place might stumble upon this haven. They are rarely above the age of 13 upon arrival, but not to worry, these youths will be lead to adulthood by the others who have come before him, those living in the Valley who have become adults themselves.

All of these adults, anyone age 18 or older, is able to participate on a sort of government that determines the few restrictions of life within the Valley, and they are all under the guidance of one elected official. This group decides who might be in charge of what task or chore, whether it be upkeep of The Compound, helping rear the children, or maintenance of the Valley.

When the inhabitants are not occupied with their duties, however, they are allowed to do as they with, whether it be fishing or swimming in the river, playing in the field, reading in the library, working in the greenhouse, exploring the forest, or building lasting relationships with those around them. Either way, the world, or at least the Valley, is at their fingertips.

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The Roleplay Opener

The roleplay opens in early summer; flowers are blooming, branches are heavy with leaves, children are playing outside, swimming in the river. People are revelling in the warmth of the season rather than dwelling on the fact that two of their own have disappeared without a trace.
An investigation has lasted for weeks, the first of it’s kind in the Valley’s recorded history. The caverns and gorges have been searched, the forest and river carefully swept, but there have been no signs of Elizabeth Johannsen or Byron Winthers. For days afterward, everyone had been on edge, waiting for the Shade to appear. If Elizabeth and Byron had been trying to leave the Valley, everyone wouldn’t have known about it. But the only darkness that had came across the Valley was a gentle rain one afternoon, no billowing clouds of blackness roaming the earth. The only other possibility was that there had been some tragic accident and their bodies simply could not be found. But for many, that was too difficult to bear, so the general story was that they were simply gone.

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Here is the completed project!

General Information


To keep the Valley running smoothly, everyone needs to contribute. There is a myriad of chores that need to be done, including:

-Child Care
-Maintaining the grounds
-Keeping the compound clean
-Doing repairs.

The chores are shared by the community; the members rotate duties.

When not working, the people are free to do what they wish; whether it is fishing, exploring, reading, playing games with others, or knitting, the Valley is theirs to do with as they wish.

The Government

The Valley is governed by a one leader, and her second in command. They were elected to power by the elder members of the Valley, everyone over 18. They make the major decisions for the community, which includes enforcing the rules, and punishing those who step out of line.

The Shade

The mysterious guardian that protects the Valley and punishes those who seek to upset the balance.
(view spoiler)

The Rules
- Murdering or intentionally causing bodily harm to another Valley Dweller will summon the Shade (That's his job)
- Intentionally trying to leave the Valley will summon the Shade
- Accidentally going too far across the river will summon the Shade
- Trying to contact the outside world in any way will summon the Shade

- It is impossible to determine all things that will summon the Shade. These rules have been compiled through trial and error, and if ever a new circumstance is discovered, they will be updated accordingly.

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