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₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ | 250 comments Mod

1. Be respectful.
This pertains to ALL members, mods and otherwise. Be respectful of each other, be respectful towards each others characters, basically just don't be an asshole. Drama is great in an rp, and you can make any kind of monster you want, but leave it IN THE RP. I mean, come on guys, just do it.
2. Not to be rude, but be active, or please leave. If this group dies, I don't want it to be a ghost town with a bunch of members(optimistically, there would be a lot of members, but hey, a girl can dream). Just be realistic with yourself, if you can't make the group work in your life, just remove it from your list and move on. Who likes a cluttered group list, anyway?
3. Be original, be detailed! This rules list is kind of like that, no? A lot of groups have the same repeated list of rules, verbatim, but not this one, nope! Okay, I'm being obnoxious now, so I'll just put it like this. This is an original group idea, so make original characters. Let's face it, stereotypes are boring, and if you see the same characters over and over again, nothing is original anymore. No Mary Sues and Gary Stews and all that nonsense.
Also, yeah, please be detailed, okay? If you want to write a novel in each post, I'm not stopping you, go for it. If it's chock full of detail and expression, I'm all game. Just don't pound out a measly two sentences for a post. I have yet to see an awe-inspiring post that was only two lines long. So sorry, but I've gotta make a requirement of at least two paragraphs/ten lines/eight sentences. If you have the occasional slip, not to worry. I'm not saying quantity over quality, but the more you put into your writing, the more fun the rp will be and the more it will move along. Alright, I'll stop there with that disorganized rant, you get the picture
4. Keep it PG-13, anything else to PM. You can swear and curse if it's appropriate for you're character, and most of us are grown ups, so we can handle a fuck bomb here and there. But if there is anything explicit going on in these threads, I don't want to see it, and neither do the top mods of Goodreads. If my group gets deleted because your characters couldn't keep it in their pants, I'll be seriously pissed off.
5. No god-modding. Do not take control of another member's character, unless they say it is alright, otherwise, you will have me to deal with.
6. Please, think of friends who might be interested in joining. If you recommend anyone, I would be happy to send them an invite.
7. Enjoy! I made this idea a group, because I thought it would be fun if there were more people involved than just my imagination, so please, take it and run with it!

Rules may be amended or added as time goes on. Once you have read this, please post your name saying that you agree to follow these rules and so I know that you've read them!

message 2: by Temperance (new)

Temperance I, Temperance, agree to follow the rules posted above.

message 3: by Megan (new)

Megan (nightrunner) | 27 comments I. Megan, agree to follow the rules posted above.

message 4: by Hayley (new)

Hayley I, Hayley, agree to the above rules

message 5: by Ema (new)

Ema (gee-fiera) I, Gee, agree to these rules.

message 6: by Madison (new)

Madison (thegalpal) I Kendall agree to these rules :)

QUEEN I agree.

the_guiding_light | 61 comments Mod
By the light that guides me, I agree.

DemiDragon ~ [semi hiatus] ~ I still dream in indigo when you're around ~I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good

message 11: by Isis (new)

Isis Acknowledged and accepted.

message 12: by Deaths coming (new)

Deaths coming torture mastrer-if you want someone torture he wil | 14 comments Death's love brings me to this agreement, bound by blood

message 13: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn | 5 comments Signed, sealed, delivered, and accepted.

message 14: by Brynden (new)

Brynden Davies | 2 comments I, Lord Bryn of House Davies, pledge my life to this noble cause.

message 15: by Vasantha (new)

Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 2 comments I, Vasantha , agree to follow the rules posted above.

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