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Chapter 1
Standing in the doorway to the backyard, I wasn't completely sure i wanted a quinceanera anymore. I'm absolutely positive that the only reason I agreed to have this stupid party was to make my Aunt Maria happy. All she ever wanted was a baby girl to dress up in prissy little outfits, but instead she got my cousin, Ally. Ally is the exact opposite of her mother. She not only was completely different in personality but they were also completely different in appearance. She didn't look like my aunt but she also didn't look like my uncle.

She had black hair and green eyes. I always thought she looked like some evil cat in its human form. Aunt Maria had platinum blonde hair and baby blues eyes. Aunt Maria is a shop-a-holic and Ally spends most of her time playing softball. In this case like mother like daughter does not apply.
"Beth! Beth! Beth!" Henry, my twin brother, exclaimed shaking my furiously. " I hear you. Now, will you stop shaking me!" I yelled back. " Shhh! Everyone is going to hear you." " The music and the crowd talking is so loud that if I were to slap you in the face right now, no one would hear you scream." I wasn't lying either. I am going to be deaf by the time this party is over.
"Why didn't you answer me if you heard me the first time. Huh?" he questioned. " It is all so loud and big. I was just trying to soak it all in." I explained. " You left out extremely unfair. We are twins and you get a huge party. All I got was like forty dollars and a cheap yo-yo. That broke like twenty minutes after i got." complained Henry. I looked over Henry's shoulder and saw Aunt Maria walking briskly towards us. " Uh oh. Here comes the world's greatest party planner." I said sarcastically. She normally is a horrid party planner, except for this one. For the past four months she has been so determined to make this the quinceanera she never was able to have. " Why in the world are you two standing in the corner? You should be walking around talking to people, eating, laughing, and dancing. Stop being the anti-social people you two are and get out there." she spoke quickly and then gave us both a "friendly" push.
Whilst weaving through the sea of people, I noticed the decorations more and more. I realised that i had seen them before. We aren't the kind of family to keep anything disposable. Some people see a banner and think " I could use that at least ten to fifteen times". I see a banner and think "That will be trashed the day after the party". That's just how I roll. The decorations are recycled from my mom's 25 birthday. The binder my aunt used to plan this party must have been the one she used to plan that party. My mom was the party planner. You need a birthday party thrown? You would call her and she would immediately have millions of different ideas.
My mom was in a teal sundress with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She looked radiant. The party was amazing. The cake was delicious. The punch tasted great and it wasn't one of those parties where the adults neglect the kids. No one knew this night would end so poorly. After all of the guests left, mom found me and Henry, I was holding newborn Colton and Henry was holding two-year old Avalon. She told she was really sorry and that she arranged it to where Aunt Maria and Uncle Harley would raise us. The last thing she said was I love you. Then she ran out of the backyard and into the street. By the time I realised what she was doing, it was too late.
An unsuspecting driver hit her and killed her instantly. I was seven. I was so confused. Why would she want to leave us? After her funeral, we were read the will. She left each of us some money, a few trinkets, and such. She also left a letter for us to read. The letter stated that she had been struggling with depression for a few years now and it had gotten to the point when she couldn't bare it anymore. I cried more in that week than I ever had or probably ever will in my life.
I don't remember much about the party. I might or might not have zoned out for the duration of the party. It was all happening so fast. Everything was a blur of color. After the party was over and we had cleaned everything up, it was around eight o'clock. I went straight to bed. That's me Elizabeth Maria Johnson, the youngest grandma in the world.
I woke up Monday morning exhausted and late. I rushed out the door, without eating breakfast and leaving my lunch, I luckily had a twenty in my pocket. I almost missed the bus. I took my usual seat in the middle of the bus. Most people think that the best place to sit if you want to hide is the back, but in my mind if you sit somewhere in the middle you will blend in. I got off the bus and was greeted by some pretty unhappy best friends. I was supposed to get my uncle to drop me off at school on his way to school so I would be able to make band tryouts. I completely forgot!
I opened my mouth to explain but was shut up by Lorelai. " Where the heck were you this morning? If this was your way of getting out of it because of your stage fright, you are really low." she shouted at me. " Yeah Beth. We were counting on you. Because we didn't have our third person we didn't get to audition." Arabella added. Lorelai and Arabella are my only friends and it stings to hear them so mad at me. Especially Ari. I was used to getting yelled at by Lorelai. She is a redhead and has quite the temper, but Arabella is sweet and calm. The rock of our friendship.
" I honestly am so sorry. But come on. I was late waking up. Geez. Shoot me. I had a party last night." I explained. Lorelai looked at me as if she was trying to tell if I was lying. I'm telling you that girl is like a human lie detector. If I were to give you one piece of advice about Lorelai, it would be don't lie to her and do not, under any circumstances get on her bad side. Ari stood there twirling her blonde hair. A habit of hers, that she claims she is trying to fix. But hey, I can't judge. I chew my pencil while I think. We all have flaws deal with it.
" Oh yeah. Speaking of that party. How was it? Did you get a lot of stuff? Can you sell any of that stuff?" They looked anxious to hear every word I said. And I know it sounds bad that I didn't have my best friends at my birthday party, but my aunt said that they were beneath me. Even though she is unemployed and Uncle Harley has a crappy job and we are barely scraping by. But, that isn't the point. I was happy that they weren't bitter about that. "It was okay. I don't remember much." I began. " Did you zone out? Elizabeth Maria Johnson I am so disappointed in you. " Ari questioned, imitating my aunt. She looked really funny when she did that. We have joked about her going as my aunt on Halloween before. The scariest part about it was that she had the voice down. She has made me do a double take before. Multiple times actually.
Our joy was soon spoiled by the evilest of them all. Rikki. Rikki is my arch enemy. We have hated each other for years. She was the epitome of popular. She had the rich parents, the fancy clothes, the blonde hair and blue eyes that could make everyone follow her every command with just one look. I hate her. "Don't look now but here comes her highness and her two loyal subjects." Lorelai stated almost growling. " Why Beth, it is just fabulous to run into you." she exclaimed with a fake smile plastered all over her face. Did I mention that she has that voice that everyone seems to love. Some people have even called it soothing. Excuse me while I barf. " We're at school what did you expect?" I asked. " I just wanted to ask you how your little party was last night? I would have come last night but, you know I had my ravishing party." she exclaimed happily. Yeah did I happen to mention that Rikki and I share a birthday. So while my party was filled with old people and people my aunt had just met like two weeks ago, everyone who was anyone was at her party.
Blring! Talk about saved by the bell. I grabbed Lorelai and Ari's wrists and took off running for the door. My first period class is Latin 2 with Mr. Santos. He is honestly the best teacher ever. Last year I had Mrs. Clarkson for Latin and nothing made sense. I had three tutors for that one class. He teaches in a way that even the hardest of topics are somewhat easy. He is funny, but tough. I walked over to my desk in the corner and pulled out my binder. You are going to notice a pattern with the places I sit. They are normally in corners or in the back. The last place anyone looks to call on someone. That is why in movies and tv shows your main characters are always in front. The first reason is that they are easy to see, but it is also more realistic for them to be in the front if they are going to be called on quite a bit. " Alright class. I know I promised that pop quiz and I know that everyone is super stoked about it but," he ripped the quiz in half and threw it away. As usual there was your disappointed groans and your annoyed remarks, but I was more relieved than anything else. Tests are definitely not my strong suit. " We have some special guests today. Come on in guys." he called. Three strangely dressed men walked in. One was short and plump. He was wearing a toga. One was tall and skinny. He almost looked sickly and was dressed as a peasant. The last one looked like a bodybuilder. I am not entirely sure who he was but, he looked like a soldier of some sort.
" Avete!" the roman soldier beamed. " Avete!" the class roared back. " We are going to be talking to you about the Roman Empire. Now we know the Roman Empire is a subject a lot of you know quite a bit about. So we are going to talk about some of the lesser know facts and stories that have been passed down through generations." I am the only person in class who seemed excited about this. Well, other than Mr. Santos.
" The Roman Empire was one of the most important eras in history. It was crucial to the expansion of systems we use today." the peasant began. " Does anyone know an example of a system they began that we still use today?" toga man asked. His eyes scanned the room. Noticing everyone who had their hands up and everyone who didn't. I was one of those people that didn't have their hand up. I mean, I knew the answer but, I try to interact with the class as little as I possibly can. I have this little thing called I AM SCARED OF PEOPLE! Not only are people terrifying in appearance sometimes, but people are just plain weird.
Bad News: he called on me. I am known as a mute at school. Whenever I speak it comes as a major shock. No one notices me and my little group of friends so it is easy to believe. " Uh," I stuttered. An alarm went off. Success. It was a fire drill. But it was an unplanned fire drill. Everyone started freaking. We live in El Paso, Texas. It is almost summer and we are in the middle of a drought. It is highly likely that an actual fire could have happened. " Everyone single file. Calmly leave your things and let's head to the football field." Mr. Santos tried to calm everyone down. We formed a line and walked to the football field. As it turns out it wasn't a drill. It was a false alarm though. The lunch ladies accidentally burned the cookies we were supposed to have at lunch today and the smoke made the secretary think it was a fire. We were all taken back to our classes to gather our things and then we were to head off to our next class.
" Class before you go, I am assigning a three page essay on the Roman Empire and how it still impacts the modern world. Your opening and your concluding sentence must be in Latin. Also, don't forget to study for that test that we will be having tomorrow." he has no clue how much this entire class hates him right now. Including me.

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this is the last part of chapter one, it wouldn't fit in the other post.

All I remember is that I have a test to study for in English and a project in Science. They will fortunately be acting as my finals. So will the essay I have in Latin. Lorelai all but tackled me in the hall. " Are you excited?" she questioned. " Excited about what?" Ari did a facepalm clearly annoyed that I didn't know what she was talking about. " School is almost over. All we have left is three finals and we are done. For the summer at least." Lorelai explained. I had to push people out of my way, just to get to my locker. " Of course. I am just nervous about my finals." I was being pushed around like a ping-pong ball. I am so glad I already took five of my finals. I can go home now. If I can find a ride.

" Why are you nervous about finals? Out of anyone of us you will do the best." Ari tried to encourage me. It didn't work. There was an awkward silence that came. " So, uh, anyways. Are you guys coming over?" I questioned. " Wouldn't miss it." With that we were off to find a ride.

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