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Anyone else not really enjoy this book? Why all the hype?
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Okay, I seem to be one of the only people in the entire universe whom did not like this book! I found Hazel way too obnoxious,presumptuous and selfish (Im not sure if this was because of her cancer but at this point I don't really care) I found Gus to lack personality and while I did find some redeeming qualities in the story the whole thing was overall one huge disappointment! Of course, everyone has different taste but am I really in such a minority about not liking this book? What do you guys think? Please, No spoilers since some people haven't read the story yet.
Also,please do not go ranting in a rude manner about this; Im entitled to my opinion as you are yours.

I had the same feeling- I didn't find the book to be all that great. It was all right, but I don't understand the hype, and I found the writing style to be a bit too simplistic for my taste. Plus, I just didn't feel sad at all while reading the book. And I agree, I found the characters to both be unrealistic(I found Hazel and Gus to be too similar in personality) and the romance was much too insta-love for me.

I dont know why it was so adored by everyone I know. I thought it was a little bit boring and the characters didn't have much personality. I think that it could be that I read it with really high expectations.

Same here. I thought it was going to be the greatest but in the end I was just way too disappointed. Hazel I'm my mind isn't at all realistic and Gus was okay, I suppose, but I did not like it that much.

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Same feeling here. Started the book after watching the movie trailer. I am halfway through, still cannot see why the rating is 4.5.

I agree! I finished it only because my book club chose it for next month. Far too precictable. Easy read! I will not be watching the movie!

Bobby Karmakar Ah I predicted the ending and couldn't believe it happened! Yet, I'm not sure what other way it could be. ...more
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I don't understand why everyone is flipping over it but I did like the idea and therefore I applaud Mr.Green for that. However at the same time, I did enjoy reading it since it made me aware of how fortunate most people are for their lives versus Augustus, Isaac and Hazel.

It was okay. Just okay. There was a cute but cliche romance, and a bunch of talk about cancer and sad things. But that's it. It's not mind-blowing, or life-changing, or even particularly well-written.

The hype is too much.

You should read "This Star Won't Go Out" by Esther Earl. She is the young girl who inspired John Green to write "The Fault in Out Stars". They met at a Harry Potter convention and then became really good friends. He loosely based the character of Hazel off of Esther. He was friends with her up until the day she passed away and he is quoted in the intro to her book saying, "the person I most want to read it never will". I agree that the writing and the dialogue in TFIOS was very pretentious and there is not a 16 year-old in the world who speaks the way Augustus and Hazel do, so that took away from the book for me. Yet, overall I really enjoyed "The Fault in Our Stars" and I'm looking forward to finishing "This Star Won't Go Out."

Lily Actually, "The Fault in Our Stars" isn't even based on Esther Earl at all. She inspired it and it was dedicated to her. That's all though. ...more
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It was just ok

It was an okay book, but the characters read like 30-odd year old men--which is probably cause it is written by one, but anyway. It had its moments.

It's easy reading, but all the fuss about this author is non sense.

I'm always relieved to find other people that feel the same way. I watch a lot of booktubers and it seems like they all LOVE this book. I didn't enjoy it. The characters were annoying and the plot was okay but nothing special.

I think its a good book but it rely depeneds on what type of book you like. (sorry for spelling errors)

I thought it was a good book... NOT the best book I've read ever but it was okay. I don't understand why everyone's obsessed.

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