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message 1: by Rose (new)

Rose (mangobookss) | 158 comments Mod
A.K.A the witch

Lora (on hiatus) | 90 comments A.K.A. THE WORST

message 3: by Anidori (new)

Anidori (anidoriannabeth) | 235 comments I went through the whole series thinking she and Evangeline both had black hair. I reread t and I was so shocked. I also picture cal as a blond. Idk why.

message 4: by Zackarey (new)

Zackarey (getitmemorized) | 15 comments wait isnt she blonde and cal has black hair?
and mare has mousy brown hair with faded tips

message 5: by Anidori (new)

Anidori (anidoriannabeth) | 235 comments Yeah, my brain is weird.

message 6: by Riley (new)

Riley (woowreallly) I think of Cal as a blonde. I think of him as Thor tbh. Lol

message 7: by Anidori (new)

Anidori (anidoriannabeth) | 235 comments Omg that is awesome

message 8: by Gabi (new)

Gabi Lol I guess that makes Maven Loki! And I can only remember the looks of the most important characters, so I completely forgot what Elane and Sasha looked like and had to reread it 😂

message 9: by Anidori (new)

Anidori (anidoriannabeth) | 235 comments Do you think Sampson or Julian knew about Elara’s plans?

message 10: by Gabi (new)

Gabi I think only Maven and Rane the silencer knew her total plan. If Samson is family he might have had an idea of what Elara wanted to do, but I'm pretty sure Julian and Sara could tell from the beginning that she would do something horrible.

message 11: by Anidori (new)

Anidori (anidoriannabeth) | 235 comments Can mid controllers have their mind controlled? If so can you control a mind controller to control another silver and frame them or something.

message 12: by Angela (new)

Angela (love2sing13) | 53 comments Good question. I would think so, but only if the mind controller controlling another mind controller is a stronger mind controller then the mind controller that they are controlling.
Does that make sense??

message 13: by Anidori (new)

Anidori (anidoriannabeth) | 235 comments Yeah. It is all so complicated. It is best to end the mind control silvers.

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