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Authors Seeking FREE Betas > urban fantasy/action/mature language/2 chapters to start (wip)/more chapters if still interested

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message 1: by Ryan (last edited Jun 12, 2016 08:55AM) (new)

Ryan | 4 comments Hi. This is my first time trying this. I'd like to get some initial thoughts from some people that don't know anything about me and see if stands up to the scrutiny of the anonymity of the internet . I'd prefer just a read through and your thoughts on the story rather than spelling or gramar.

I'm trying write a book about a person in a present day world where the creatures of fantasy (elves, goblins, orc, sideh, demi-gods, etc) only recently roam around. (Last 80 years or so) The protagonist is a mercenary that'd rather just live out his life getting by and out of the limelight, than bother being someone huge and iconic like the characters he reads in his favorite comic books and mangas. But, despite his best efforts, there comes a point (like all people) when he needs money yesterday and what he thought would be a piddly, quick, and simple job turns into a migrane of absurd proportions.

My 1st stab at a written description. :D
Thanks for any and all that reply!

message 2: by Hamad (new)

Hamad | 63 comments I am a fast reader and will be happy to read that
if interested email me :

message 3: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 4 comments Hamad wrote: "I am a fast reader and will be happy to read that
if interested email me :"

Hi Hamad and thanks! I'll send you an email.

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