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message 1: by Joshua (last edited Jun 02, 2016 02:27PM) (new)

Joshua | 21 comments And what would his opinion of Donald Trump be?

message 2: by Cuilin (new)

Cuilin Sheridan  | 1 comments His little gray cells would go into overdrive!

message 3: by Catty (new)

Catty I think he'd have the view of "pas changesthat despite the proliferation of social media and tendencies for people to expose everything of same,

message 4: by Catty (new)

Catty ....messed that up, didn't I? Lol. I meant to say that he would probably be quite ok with all the changes in technology, and would possibly be very good at Googling etc because of the ability to get information without having to go anywhere! Technology would make it very easy to lay back in his chair and think, you know! And I reckon he would be of the view (as am I) that despite all the seeming changes in the world, "the psychology" of the person is still the same! As for Donald Trump - I think he would say (as do I also) "I am afraid, my friends, I am afraid"......

message 5: by Catty (new)

Catty Without hijacking the original topic with too much politics, I guess that as an Australian I can see parallels between what's happening with your country politically and what we are currently experiencing. We had a leader (Julia Gillard), who like Obama, was seen as a trailblazer (the first female PM), but this (and other things like a minority government) actually hindered her in doing things. I feel that like Obama, her contributions will not be fully recognised until a great deal of time has passed, because of that issue. Plus she was repeatedly attacked and eventually hounded out of office (at least Obama got his full terms!) and eventually her party was replaced by a mob that spouted simplistic Three.Word.Slogans tailored to the fears and xenophobia of the unwashed masses, as it were. Unfortunately, that party and it's previous leader (who was in turn replaced within his own party by a carbon copy who merely has better people skills - just!) has made us the laughing stock of the world now in a lot of senses. So I guess I do fear that the same thing will occur in your country, and sincerely hope that the intelligent people who don't *have to* vote *will* vote on policies, not personalities, to prevent this from happening. Gee Poirot would have a field day with all this, wouldn't he? Lol

message 6: by C. J. (new)

C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 363 comments Mod
He'd be fascinated by the people walking around using their smart phones. Come on, he has fun playing with a hat, this would blow his mind, hahaha!

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