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Characters neither specifically allied with HYDRA or S.H.I.E.L.D. may be placed here.Please wait for approval before roleplaying.

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» M Y L E S   A M Z I   R O G E R S «
✤✣✢ age 5 · male · Captain America's son ✢✣✤
✤✣✢ homosexual · Jackson Bond, Ulrik Munther when older ✢✣✤

he is a fun loving, adorable goofball. That's what you hear when you first ask about Myles. He loves to play and run around, dancing and climbing and chasing to play tag or running for hide and seek (which he's not very good at; his giggling gives it away every time). Despite his innocent personality, he's actually really intelligent and can understand more than he is able to articulate. He has a stammer and often struggles with his words and putting together sentences, which is only made worse when he's fumbling over his words because of his stammer. This makes him talking about his problems or how he is feeling rather hard, which can on occasion lead to some really bad tantrums or breakdowns when he gets very frustrated, made worse by his super strength that makes it easy for him to lift heavier things and throw them. (his last tantrum sent a large couch through a window.) It's never on purpose of course, and after he's able to calm down he always apologizes as its never his intent to hurt or break anything.

Myles was not a planned birth, though if you saw how he was with his father and the other Avengers, you'd never know. Steve Rogers had gotten more and more lonely, thinking back to Peggy and Bucky that he had left behind and eventually, he sought out someone for a one night stand. Amira Williams. Neither of them could have thought it would result in her becoming pregnant. Not wanting to deal with raising a child, she managed to hunt down the Captain when Myles was roughly 8 months old and dumped him on his father saying, "Here, this is yours." before leaving to never be seen again. Myles doesn't remember this, and honestly he's never thought to ask why he doesn't have a mom. The Avengers, or at least a few members in the Avengers, have collectively helped raise Myles, who has started to show the budding of some superpowers of his own, the most prominent being his super strength that made itself known when something heavy blocked his ability to get to his father so he quite literally just lifted it up and threw it out of the way. (the item weighed more than he did and was quite large)

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