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message 1: by Slip! (new)

Slip! | 89 comments All right, lads an lassies...I've finally broken down. I've given in.

Just bought myself 3 new books of Scottish Gaelic. Going to teach myself over the summer.

SO EXCITED! Will keep you in tune with how it goes.
Anyone wanna do a buddy-learn over the summer?? That would be so cool.

message 2: by M. (new)

M. MacKinnon | 121 comments I would love to do this. What do we do?

message 3: by Slip! (new)

Slip! | 89 comments Well, I could point you to the book I'm using, and set up Skype or something. Depends. What do you think best?

message 4: by M. (new)

M. MacKinnon | 121 comments I was waiting to see what the book I ordered looks like; it's "Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks". I have my doubts about the twelve weeks part, as I'm no Jamie Fraser who can learn languages like breathing, but I'm game to try! Which book do you have?

message 5: by Slip! (new)

Slip! | 89 comments Something like Colloquial Scottish Gaelic

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