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Rose ♥ | 294 comments Mod
If you plan to create a knight, archer, guard, citywatch, or anyone else employed by the royal military of either kingdom, please read and follow the below rules.

1. Anyone elisted into the guard must be 18 years or older. No exceptions.

2. Any personal guard to a royal family member or a member of the kingsguard must be at least 20 years or older. The reason for this is that it takes years for guards to train and be allowed to protect a member of the royal family.

3. Women may not be knights or personal guards. A few exceptions may apply (if the woman is a daughter of royal or noble family and their father talked the king into letting her train as a knight, or if the woman is disguised (requires a roleplay example)).

4. While women are legally allowed to be archers, they are very rare because the men would disrespect the women and doubt their abilities to do their jobs.

5. Unless the member of the guard is a double agent, spy, or undercover, they may not have contact with rebels except through a fight or battle. Please ask a mod before arranging some sort of meeting between a guard and a rebel no matter the reason they're meeting.

Don't be afraid to ask questions below.

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Rose ♥ | 294 comments Mod
She must fit into one of the two exceptions. Please provide more information. Is she a noble who could have her family break the rules or is she disguised?

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