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Your faction is under attack. Your family is in danger where they are, and you know you should help them get out. However, you were called to go fight against the faction that is attacking yours. You have to save your family right now, or go fight the enemy for your faction. What do you do?

A. Save your family.
B. Fight for your faction.

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You now are in the middle of a field. There is a crazy horse coming your way. What are you thoughts?

A. Get me outta here!!
B. I wonder if I can tame it...

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So you manage to tame this crazy horse. What do you do with it?

Write in answer.

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I don't actually know, it's a challenge and that's what I want from life, it could be a companion perhaps and of need be, dinner?

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It appears that a few years have passed. You're on your own now. The factions are gone. Everyone is factionless. You're alone in your home, starving. There has been no food for two weeks now. You ave no food. Your horse is with you. The two of you have bonded over the years and have become great friends. But you need to eat. What do you do?

A. I decided a few years ago that if I needed dinner...
B. The horse is my friend! And he has a life as well!

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Final result: Dauntless Go ahead and plug it in where it needs to be put in in your character creation.

And if you have not claimed/created an instructor, I implore you to do so. The sooner everyone is claimed and created, the sooner we can start.

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I'm not on a computer until tomorrow earliest, so if I pop that down on Defiant's page, but am I allowed to RP with her despite that? Because I'll edit her information as soon as possible?

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Yeah! Go ahead!

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