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☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 679 comments Mod
Please use this template to create your male select. Make sure that all of the required information is present or it will not be approved. These selects can be Illea natives, or foreign princes.

First Name:
Middle Name (opt):
Last Name:
Birthday (opt.):
Caste(if from Illea):
Face Claim (if known):
Additional Family:
Selection Suit:

Feel free to add more, it allows the princess to spend more time on actually getting to know the character instead of wasting time on preliminary questions :)

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Soumya  (-crazyangelicvamp-)
 Alexander Ramirez Martin
Age 19 years, born 17 October,
Crown Prince of the United Kingdom

Tall, muscular and lean, with black wavy hair which falls into his dark brown eyes, which are intent and serious to many, Alex (ander) is a man whom many girls swoon over for his handsome face and charming, compassionate nature. Brought to be the future king of England, Alex lives a comfortable life, helping his father in ruling the country, which is a constitutional monarchy. Alex had always been curious about Illea and its traditions, and his parents used it against him. 'Go find a wife,' they told him. 'You need a supporting shoulder.' Annoyed by their pressing and constant hints, Alex caved and decided to 'check out' the princess of Illea.

An eager reader, Alex has always been pleased to see books, big and small. He believes books are treasures, and often has been known to call them more precious than money. A deep thinker, you'll often see him either in a library or in a music room, with eyes closed, deep in reflection. He has a deep view on life and dislikes people who takes things for granted. Besides reading, he loves observing and studying people, serving England, and listening to music, especially the piano. He has also written a lot books and is an excellent sketcher.

Despite his charming, outgoing nature, Alex is a different person inside.
His mother, a French princess, died after battling cancer for five years, when he was eleven. His father remarried a Spanish princess a month later, who had divorced twice, with two daughters, one as old as Alex and one two years younger. Alex hated them the moment they stepped into the palace. But, to his distaste, his father fell head over heels over the three. Just two months later the Queen gave birth to a girl, Lucilla, who was Alex’s sun and stars. He loved her deeply and was fiercely protective of her, even though she was the daughter of his enemy.

For two years Alex did not show his hatred for his step mother, thus become a master at concealing his ture emotions and at acting, but keeping the anger hidden increased it. He saw, clearly, how his step mother charmed and fawned over his father, and he saw her greed for power and saw right through her lies, always having been able to read people well. When he turned thirteen, he threatened her, warning her he saw through her lies. He was satisfied to see her scared, but she did not cave. One night she came into his room, which was in the far end of the castle, and hit him and blackmailed him with his life, threatening to kill him if he opened his mouth. Alex’s hatred increased but he did not say anything. He knew, that if something happened to him, her daughter would be heir, and he loved his country and his people too much to put their fate in the hands of such a woman, for the Queen’s daughter was a mirror replica of her. Alex saw clearly how much his father loved his second wife and was torn, knowing he couldn’t harm her. The years passed slowly for him, and they were torture as he watched helplessly as his father tangled himself more and more in his wife’s web.

Now, as he nears twenty, Lucilla is a bright girl, eight years of age yet mature beyond her years, his light in darkness.
Alex, through a dark person inside, is the opposite on the outside, easy, outgoing, kind and charming. Every girl he meets swoons over him, but he never used it to his advantage, never really paying attention to them. When his step mother began suggesting he marry her younger daughter, his patience snapped and he declared he was going to Illea as a suitor for the princess, whom he always found himself interested in. Yet, Alex is also frightened. He knows he was the only thing preventing his step mother from having her way. What will she do, when he is away? His father is already an old man. Time is little. Yet Alex wants his father dies seeing a wife by his son’s side, and he will do anything to make his father happy.

Son of Fredrick Ramirez Martin and Fluera Ramirez Martin, deceased. Current mother Michell Ramirez Martin.
Thompsina Raina, 17,
Renee Raina, 19,
Lucilla Ramirez Martin, 8
Stepsisters, daughters of Michell Ramirez Martin

Selection Suit:

You think you know me, you think you’ve gotten inside. You think I’m a book for you to read. Truth is, you don’t know me at all.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend)
(view spoiler)

━━━─ · · A B A D E E R E N A N D O G I A G O S · · ─━━━
male × twenty-one × aug. x × single ( pan. ) × selected ( panama )
diego barrueco × raven black × honey brown × five nine × two two
p e r s o n a l i t y ⇢ i'm still awake

[ a ] badeere is well known. Well, people know of the boy who can barely leave his house without hyperventilating. Most people tend to think more of his disorder and agoraphobia than they do of the actual person, a fact he very much hates. He'd rather people look at him, think about him. He doesn't need someone to pity him, either. He's quite strong and capable, thank you. But people would much rather think about how much better than are than him. Especially people that have known about his talent for music.

Despite the "deer" in his name, Aba is anything but docile. He's generated a lot of frustration and spite over the years, and it's all bottled away. Waiting to just explode. His pretty face is marred by scowls and glares, and he'd be lying if he didn't say he scared himself sometimes. Holding a conversation with him, if he's even capable of getting that far, usually involves him going for your throat without him really meaning to. People have told him that he should probably work on that. It's not that he really means to, because before all this he was just like any other person. Maybe slightly happier, but still.

Among many things, Aba is devoted. He gives his all to everything, most especially his music. He pours his heart and soul into things without hesitation. That extra step out the door is that much more rewarding because of it. The extra step all the way to this selection is a very already. But, because of this, he's hurt a lot more easily. He's known people that he's cared for so deeply that would just walk away from him like he was nothing and it felt like dying a thousand deaths. He'd never openly admit that, though, not in the state he's in. But just know that when he cares, he means it. It's a blind trust and devotion that he can't seem to stop doing.
[ fixations ] music, daffodils, roasted chestnuts
[ abhorrences ] panic attacks, unfamiliar spaces, his need to look for a way out
[ specialties ] playing instruments, tuning instruments
[ kryptonite ] anxiety, unfamiliar situations
[ interests ] music
[ weapons ]
r e c o l l e c t i o n s ⇢ i'm already gone

[ l ] ife before the anxiety is something that Aba wishes he could remember. He wishes he could remember all the times his parents would shower him with love and affection. The times when they'd scoop him up when he cried. Born to a violin crafter and would-be singer, Abadeere was surrounded by music. It was, and is, his saving grace. He was sent to be with the sweetest of melodies overlying mourning violins and woken by the clash of symbols and the bitter tang of soul. And it was a beautiful thing.

His first experience with music was when he was five and his father Carlos was fixing up a drumset. The owners never came back for it, so he decided to teach his son how it was done. Rather than the disastrous banging of child, Aba produced quite the beat. Having heard something similar to it on many occasions, it was only right that he would catch on so quick. The same could be said about his experience with a saxophone, his second love. The smooth sound it elicited was a serenade so sweet, he fell in love with it at the age of seven. From there, his father worked hard to get him to play any and everything.

His mother was next in line to teach him her trade. She taught him his scales while bathed in the tub and then complicated it as they dried off. He was singing with the level of a third-year choir boy within three months. His parents couldn't have been more proud of him, their perfect musical bundle. They had such high hopes as he continued through school and garnered the attention of other musicians. He was quite excited about it as well, until one day it fell to pieces.

Aba can remember waking up one morning when he was sixteen, and something not sitting right with him. He'd look out the window, still dark because he'd woken before the sun. He couldn't hear any music, which meant he was up before his parents and that rarely ever happened. He hopped out of bed, unable to fall asleep again. It persisted as he was getting himself, this odd feeling that something bad was going to happen. The what ifs started their song and dance as he ate breakfast, forcing him to stop and try to calm himself down.

It subsided during the early parts of the day, then reappeared with a biting hunger to tear him down. Those same what ifs whispered in his ears that something was going to happen, something terrible. He'd step on a crack, what if you broke your mother's back? He'd complete a pop quiz, what if you just failed that? how will your grade fare? He'd walk home from school, what if someone robs you at gun point? This is a bad neighborhood, after all. He'd try to block them out, but they came up for even the smallest of things.

It got to the point that even before he opened his door to walk to school, they'd be there waiting. What if, what if, what if. They haunted him in his waking hours and followed him to his sleep. He stopped getting up, stopped walking to that door. His parents, concerned, tried their best. They distracted him with the music he loved when they could, but they couldn't always be around. So, he'd sit at his drumset, idly tapping the sticks as the what ifs went on like a chorus in his head.

When he'd gotten the news that he'd be part of the Selection, he was confused. How exactly would this help him? Just trying to walk through the front door was a hassle, and the last time he'd done so he'd punched a hole through the wall on his way back in. Then they introduced him to his therapist, who said something about exposure therapy and how this would be good for him. So they prepped him as best they could, but he was not quite so optimistic.

He's still waiting for that repeat to bring him right back to the start.
[ biological ]
  ▽ mother -- Nina Giagos
  ▽ father -- Carlos Giagos
[ external ]
  ▽ allies -- open
  ▽ friends -- open
  ▽ enemies -- open
  ▽ competition -- other selected
  ▽ lover -- open

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[name]: Sébastien Noé Devereaux
[age]: 20
[birthday]: November 5th
[country/province]: France
[caste]: -
[occupation]: Prince

Sébastien has moppy brown hair, constantly falling onto his forehead, and light green eyes, slightly faded almost as if it were from having been pushed into the background for so long. He has a medium build, and is slightly taller than average for boys his age. He has highly defined cheekbones and a strong jaw. Getting his lips to form a genuine smile, or even better, a laugh, is an impressive feat. He often dresses in a formal attire, and can rarely be seen in casual clothing.


[face claim]: -
One's first impression of Sébastien Deveraux is, more often than not, false. He comes off as a cold, distant and dull boy, who seems to have no passions in life, even for life itself. However, after a few talks with him, his mask slips off, and he becomes the innocent and humorous boy he is inside. Unfortunately, not many people stick around him long enough to find this out, including himself. He always finds faults with himself, even if they're the smallest flaws and manages to bring his self-esteem levels down.

Despite how quiet he may seem at first, Seb is actually a great listener and observer. Due to his perceptiveness, he knows people better than they know him. He knows how to catch on to small details, but never comments upon them, unless necessary. One of his faults is that he can occasionally abuse of his perceptiveness, and start becoming manipulative, even if there is no reason to.

However, Seb is a kind and selfless person in general, who hides behind a wall he's put up to hide himself from the outside world. So far, the only person who's managed to break through this concrete wall has been his one and only best friend, Eloise.


- Archery
- Piano
- Technology
- Astronomy

Having had lived under his elder brother's shadow for almost the entirety of his life, Sébastien was and had always been the outcast of the royal family. His brother, respected and honoured by everyone, was the soon to be crowned king of France, his beautiful sister was the famous sweetheart of the entire country, and Sébastien had always been cast aside, less valued by the French people than his three year old trouble-making cousins.

In the beginning, everything was as typical as it got for a royal family. The two royal brothers got along well, and did almost everything together. Their parents were equally proud of the two, and spent a lot of time with them. However, soon came the day when their little sister Elise was born. Their mother, who had always wanted a daughter, but given up hope after 10 years, was filled with joy and spent every single second she could clear up with Elise. By this time, Antoine was 9, and his father had found it fit to start training him to be a king. At first, Seb participated in the lessons and activities that his father provided for Antoine's training, but gradually, he got phased out. By the time Sébastian was 13, his family no longer spent much time with him. He had thought this would be a temporary thing, and had found himself some hobbies to pass time along. He had tried many sports, but his favourite had been archery, and he continued doing that in his free time. He also read a lot of books, and self taught himself the piano.

When his 17th birthday arrived, he finally accepted the fact that he would not be reintegrated into the royal family again. He pursued his interests, becoming a professional at piano and archery, and having read almost all the books in the palace's library. 17 was also the age he picked up a new hobby, astronomy. He would watch the stars every night, and at 17, he started charting them down, observing them, analyzing them. Because of all the time he spent along with books, he became a highly intellectual individual, though not possessing much social skill other than what he had learnt in Antoine's training classes.

At 20, he heard about a Selection in Illéa, and seized the opportunity, glad to have a few weeks or months break from life at the French palace and a fresh start at a new life.


Renée Deveraux, mother, 50
Jacques Deveraux, father, 52
Antoine Deveraux, brother, 23
Elise Deveraux, sister, 14

[friends & rivals]:
A childhood friend named Eloise, who stuck with him through all the years, and was the one of the few reasons he never lost hope.

[selection suit]:

Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) (codenameagentmcmuffin) | 272 comments First Name: Thanaton

Middle Name:

Last Name: Tremblay

Age: 20

Birthday: 12/30

Country/Province: Hudson

Caste(if from Illea): 2

Occupation: Amateur hockey player


Face Claim:

Personality: Highly competitive and seeks to win at everything, but plays by the rules. He's very polite and friendly however, and reserves his fierce side for actual competitions such as sports.

Hobbies: Playing sports and reading

History: The son of a retired hockey superstar, Thanaton was taught how to play the game at a very early age, quickly becoming skilled. Knowing that with all of his privileges and money without proper discipline he would become spoiled, Thanaton's mother instructed him in etiquette and manners. She had always anticipated he would simply use these skills when dealing with family and strangers, until he was picked for the Selection of Princess Leila. His parents are very supportive of him in any path he may take, be it a Prince of Illea or a hockey legend like his father.

Parents: Baras Tremblay (Father), Megan Tremblay (Mother)

Siblings: Mira (10 years old), Mathew (16 years old) and his mother is expecting.

Additional Family:

Friends: A friend named Alex who used to play hockey with him

Rivals: TBD

Selection Suit (?)

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alma (bookworm_alma) | 4 comments

i've learned so much from my mistakes

i'm thinking of making a few more.

~Jayson Warrington~

nickname is Jay
18 years old
born May 29
from Angeles
caste 5
worked as a pianist


Jay's defined jawline, green eyes and light dusting of freckles have known to make girls swoon; and he has realised how in the performing arts, any way to make himself superior to the masses of other pianists is an advantage. As a result, he tries his best to make his appearance as appealing as possible, by spending time working out, dressing well and making his posture and the way he holds himself appear confident, easygoing and relaxed - especially when he's performing. He secretly suspects that, sometimes, one of the reasons he is booked for a performance is solely for his looks, and, though the thought bothers him, he knows that any gig, no matter the reason for it, is better than nothing.(faceclaim: sam way)


Jay dresses surprisingly well for a guy, as his experience on stage and during performances taught him how people will judge you based on your appearance; and dressing well is key to tweaking people's mental image of him. He usually wears plain t-shirts or flannels with a leather jacket and either blue or black jeans - but he often wears casual white shirts when he wants to be a little more formal.
His selection suit is to-the-point and yet elegant and flattering; Jay knows from his time in the spotlight the importance of dressing well to make a good first impression.

music is what feelings sound like.


Jay is ambitious and strives to always know more and have more. This part of his eternal quest to bring order to chaos. He has a very active mind that is always thinking and can never be silenced. He wants to be of use; he needs to be important and essential to everyone in their lives and in everything they do, or he’ll feel unaccomplished. When Jay is faced with a problem, he needs to analyse all the facts and know all the details before he plunges in and makes a decision. This can make him seem indecisive and slow, but his perception enables him to almost always make the right decision. Deep inside, Jay is very sensitive and he feels the need to be appreciated for all the things he does. When he is offended or hurt, he may never show it. Jay has yet to get in touch with his feelings; this is why he usually seems cold or detached.

he appeared to be very calm, relaxed, unemotional, unremorseful...

He is very prone to living in denial. He will say he feels okay, or that everything is alright, even when it's not. This is an easy way out for him, he hates analysing his feelings, and pretending everything is okay is a good defence mechanism for not having to take a closer look at his emotions.

art enabled him to find himself and lose himself at the same time...

Art is his life. Born a five, he feels like he is completely correct in his caste, as music and all other art forms are what he lives for. He is an extremely talented pianist, and he loves playing the piano more than anything else. He also likes singing, the guitar and the violin, and he appreciates looking at art and theatre, though he has little talent for either drawing or acting. In his heart, he has the soul of an artist, and music is the only way he gets in touch with his emotions - the piano in particular serves as an outlet for him. He can express and deal with his feelings by pouring them into an emotional piece that he plays.

➺ analytical
➺ observant
➺ helpful
➺ reliable
➺ precise
➺ artistic

➺ sceptical
➺ cynical
➺ inflexible
➺ unemotional
➺ interfering

✢ being part of a team
✢ being helpful
✢ doing things in an orderly and systematic way
✢ working towards defined goals

⌁ crowds
⌁ vulgar and careless behaviour
⌁ being unprepared
⌁ disorganisation
⌁ revealing secrets
⌁ discussing his feelings


Aside from playing the piano (and, less frequently, the guitar and the violin) - which arguably doesn't count as a hobby, as it is his profession - Jay has no time or need for other hobbies. In all his free time, when he's not out with friends or with his brothers, he practices and he enjoys it completely, and doesn't feel like doing anything else. He, on occasion, likes to read, and enjoys looking at paintings or plays, or other art forms.

dreams don't work unless you do.


Being the second youngest of six boys, Jay was often pushed into the background when growing up - it was easy to be overlooked when he had four older brothers and a younger one. Despite this, his parents maintained a positive relationship with all of their sons, and Jay never felt like he the others were favoured over him - as a result, his childhood was happy and he grew up in a positive environment. Nonetheless, it wasn't easy to contantly live in the shadow of his brothers... until he discovered his talent for the piano. He had a natural instinct for it, and the feeling of making music was incomparable to anything else, in his eyes. Being a five, his passion was perfectly suited to his caste, and he soon became a skilled musician and the most famous member of his family.

i t ' s . m y . t u r n . t o . s h i n e

By the age of thirteen, he was performing in the homes of celebrities and politicians, and his skill for the instrument enabled his entire family to thrive in their line of work. He was no longer one of six brothers, he was now known for his own merit - in fact, he was better known than any of his other feelings. Despite being a five, he was the object of the affection of many girls from a variety of castes, as his handsome face and talented piano skills made him very attractive to them. He never really felt particularly close to any of his girlfriends, because he has trouble dealing with his emotions, and so became closed off towards any potential love-interests.
He decided to spontaneously enter himself in the selection - an unusually impulsive move, as he usually thinks about decisions very carefully. He was extremely surprised when he was drawn, and doesn't know how he feels about being part of the selection.


Jay is fairly close to all of his five brothers, though he is the closest to Jakson, who is a mere eleven months older than him. The two of them are often together, and enjoy talking and spending time together. Sometimes, they will ask to perform together, with Jakson playing his violin and Jay playing the piano. Jay also loves his younger brother, Jeremi, who is by far the youngest of their clan, at only eleven years old. He is very protective of his 'baby brother', and makes sure that Jeremy never feels excluded, despite being so much younger than everyone else. Jay's oldest brother, Julien is already twenty-nine, but is still close to all his younger brothers, and Jay often turns to him for advice. Jay's main competition in terms of musical fame and prowess is twenty-one-year-old Jonn, who is a skilled clarinettist - but, when not competing for gigs and trying to best the other, they get along very well.
Jay's parents, Mary-Mae and Clement, are well-to-do musicians, and they try their best to bring up their children in an happy and balanced environment, and are - for the most part - successful.


Being quite a social and outgoing person, Jay has many friends and is fairly popular, especially with girls (thanks to his piano-skills and looks). He has a group of close friends that he usually spends time with, but he is always up for making new friends.

be so good they can't ignore you

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Hunter (Totally NOT a communist ☭) (codenameagentmcmuffin) | 272 comments First Name: Jordan
Middle Name:
Last Name: Adams
Age: 19
Birthday: 12/5
Country/Province: Midston
Caste(if from Illea): 3
Occupation: Movie director
Face Claim: Matt Lanter
Personality: He'll look for alternative solutions if things don't work, and he won't lose perseverance if things keep going wrong. He also takes on an "if it ain't broke don't fix it" attitude, but seek to improve what he knows can be. He gets excited when working on a project or talking about one and is known to be bossy if in charge as he thinks his methods almost always work. He's extremely creative and he finds it difficult to hold grudges and hate others, but he still gets mad. He also stands up for others when they're in trouble or have been wronged.
Hobbies: Making films, writing scripts for films and working on cars
History: Diagnosed with a rare illness from an early age, Jordan obtained frequent medical care to help combat the illness. His parents never had issues paying the expenses with his mother being a famous author, but the treatments kept him from going outside and playing with other kids. Often being stuck in the house all by himself, Jordan was given many toys to play with and keep him company. He grew attached to his companions and often filmed them acting out scenarios, sparking his interest in directing movies.
Parents: Darbin, a history teacher at a high school (Father), Meena (Mother), a famous fantasy/horror writer.
Siblings: None
Additional Family:
Selection Suit:
Other: His mom constantly tries to get her son to adapt her books into movies, but he refuses every time, thinking book to movie adaptions are almost always terrible and should be left alone.

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 60 comments FIRST NAME: Daniel

AGE: 18
DATE OF BIRTH: December 17th
PLACE OF BIRTH: Fennley, Illea

CASTE: If you really must know, it's 4
OCCUPATION: Scholar & Business Protegee; Northern Rebel; Selected (bachelor)




FACE CLAIM: Grant Gustin

With his bright eyes, daring smile and awesome hair, Daniel thinks he can get away with almost anything. He's fit and tan, and has enough muscles for his line of work. He stands tall with the height at 6'2, and could be called slim. Behind his 'pretty' face, Daniel is all brains. Being raised by businessmen, he always has an opinion, and he finds it easy to use his young looks to get away with things.

Although Daniel was raised in higher caste, he prefers to wear the work clothes of the 5's. He finds them very comfortable, and likes to dress for practicality rather than show. He usually wears button up shirts, and doesn't bother to tuck them in like he's supposed to. Daniel likes to let his hair go a little crazy, but he might put some things in his hair to style it.

Despite his tendency to wear almost anything, Daniel actually has a sense of style. Whenever he deems it fit, he can come up with a decent outfit. Daniel loves to wear unique and classic clothing, and often comes up with his own thing.

Daniel is pretty laid back. He likes to go with what he's got, and make the best out of a situation. He likes to think that smooth talk and a smile can fix anything. When he was younger, he often thought the castes system was logical and fair based from his parents teachings, but now he thinks it should be thrown away. Daniel can be lethal when necessary, and his personality and actions can turn acid when he's mad or agitated.

* Running
* Hunting
* Teasing others
* Making people feel uncomfortable
* Flirting
* Sketching (What? He has a lot of free time these days...)

* The caste system
* Chocolate (*gasp*)
* Fighting
* Death

* Archery
* Running
* Freaking people out
* Art
* Music (Not the best, but why not?)

* People (hello, ladies...)
* Diplomatic issues
* Talking
* Lock picking (don't ask...)

* Helping others
* Accepting help
* Caramel....
* Listening to orders

Growing up the son of two business owners, Daniel had a moderately comfortable childhood. When the businesses were booming, he would get new toys every week, and private tutors. Even when it slowed down, Daniel barely had to want for anything. His family had managed to save enough money to 'hire' a maid before he was born, so Daniel never had to do chores. He participated in sports for fun, went hunting with his father, and eventually started learning about the family business. While he was educated in the necessary subjects such as mathematics and language arts, Daniel was also tutored in other activities such as art, music, sports, and debating. (Why anyone would want to know or learn that escapes me, but hey. If it works for you...)

Daniel never questioned the caste system as a young boy. To him, it seemed like a logical course of action. Every family could only do a certain type of work, so there would never be a problem with not having enough jobs of one sort. But when Daniel's father took him to one of the factories they owned, Daniel finally saw what the caste system did to people. People had worn down clothes on, and didn't look the least bit comfortable. While his father and everyone walked past the broke down people, Daniel couldn't help but stare. How could such a great kingdom let this happen to it's people?

When Daniel was 15, he was approached by the Northern Rebels. They had learned of his opinions of the caste system, and thought he'd be a valuable asset. He joined without hesitating, and worked his best on making the cause stronger. Daniel would give the important information, resources, and spread the word of the cause. Since then, Daniel has been doing everything to end the caste system. When they announced the Selection, he thought that it would be a great way to get the nation's attention.

When Princess Leila's Selection was announced, Daniel saw an amazing opportunity. So he entered himself, hoping he could get in and supply the Rebels with information that could help them. When he was announced as one of the bachelors, he was overjoyed. Now he has the chance to prove himself to the Rebels, and gets to meet Princess Lelia. Not that he would tell anyone that second part... Ever...

David Kaz (Father)
May Kaz (Mother)

People in general? I mean, who wouldn't want to be friends with this pretty face? *wink*

Anyone against the cause, anyone who doesn't like him...



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Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) First Name: Tyler

Middle Name: Alfred

Last Name: Jackson

Age: 18

Birthday: October 4th

Country/Province: Zuni

Caste: 3

Occupation: Librarian, Selected

Appearance: He's quite tall, 5'8, with peach skin, dark brown wavy hair that's short, and vibrant green eyes. He doesn't have very many muscles, but he's tall, so he can make it look like he's buff with the right kinds of clothes. He usually wears jerseys, baseball caps, and jeans despite his family's wealth since he wants to blend in.

Face Claim: Unknown

Personality: Tyler is laid-back and quiet, despite his status. He doesn't want to be in the spotlight or do what his family does, but he's not really sure what he wants instead. He loves cleaning and hates seeing things out of their place. If even a chair is moved ever so slightly to the left, Tyler will notice and flip until it's put back. He's also softspoken, and has trouble truly speaking his mind. However, he does hate how a lot of people in his caste and higher are snobby and stuck-up, and has heard that the royal family are stuck-up and snobby, so he's not very eager to meet them despite being Selected.

Hobbies: Reading and writing, obviously. Organization, if that counts, and cleaning.

History: You're blessed when your parents are both Threes, due to being best-selling authors. As expected, Tyler and his siblings all lived in luxury, all expected to pick up the same craft when they got older. His older brother certainly did, and soon married some palace maid when he stayed who was a massive fan of his work. His older sister married another Three, this time a chemistry professor.

Tyler, on the other hand, despite dabbling in the craft never considered himself to be author material. He liked cleaning and being left to his own devices, so his parents got him a job working in the library in town, so he did, organizing books and whatnot. It was fine to him, it's not like he had any pressing ambitions.

Then, he was Selected to be a possible contender for the princess' heart, which came as a surprise to nobody. After all, he was rich and handsome, and that's all a princess needs, right? Tyler accepted his invitation, hoping he would be left alone and that the princess wasn't horribly snobby. He's not sure if princehood is a viable career path for him, but don't know until you try, right?

Parents: Mom and Dad

Siblings: A younger brother, older brother and sister, both married.

Additional Family: He loves visiting his grandparents!

Friends: None yet

Rivals: None yet

Selection Suit:

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 60 comments first name: Greyson
first middle name: Antony
second middle name: Philip
last name: Allerton

age: 19
birthday: January 12th
country: Italy

occupation: Prince of Italy; Scholar, Musician; Selected bachelor



written description
Although his light brown hair is a bit of an anomaly in Italy, Greyson's golden skin and striking looks are classic traits from this region. From his slightly muscular build to his dazzling smile, Greyson is one of those prince's that the pubic adores. Standing tall at 5'9, you can usually find him in any crowd back at home. When in public, Greyson will always have the best posture, manners, and strongest personality. However, when alone or surrounded by friends, Greyson will become very laid back and open.

face claim:
Um... Let's call him... Bob?

Grey is cool and collected... most of the time. He has a tendency to make a joke out of everything, and although that can help him in the social realm, it's not the same story for the diplomatic... Grey enjoys making people smile, even though he doesn't smile much himself. When he really believes in something, he could go on for hours and hours and hours. Once someone earns his trust, grey will probably one of the most loyal friends you could wish for.

- Archery
- Painting/ Sketching
- Reading
- Walking/jogging/running
- Fencing

Greyson doesn't have much of a history; his childhood was what you would expect an Italian royal-born, 1st boy's childhood to be. He was always being watched... That's what he hated most. As a young child, Grey was terrified of strangers. They were everywhere, always, touching him, staring, watching. Greyson eventually got over it, but he's still a bit of a introvert.

Greyson was taught the ways of being a royal from the moment he could talk. He was always being tutored, put on display for others; anything that could show the country of Italy how great their next king would be (shpt). However, Greyson was never into that, and usually ran away. He would always make light of serious situations, and this infuriated his father. Eventually, they grew sick and tired of his antics, and sent him off to the Selection, hoping for an alliance with Illea. Not exactly what Grey had in mind...

King of Italy
Queen of Italy
(Yeah, I have no idea what their names should be because... yeah.)
Sister - Angelina - 21
Brother - Alexander- 15
Brother - Antony - 11
Sister - Carina - 11

additional family:
Nope. WAYYY too many.

Well, heh, funny story... Most of his friends are now in jail. Don't ask. Seriously.

Another funny story... maybe for another time... please...

selection suit:


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Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches  (evelinwitchleader) | 141 comments Mod
⚫Basic information⚫
First Name: Rafael
Last Name: California
Age: 19
Birthday: November 2

Province: St. George
Caste: 6
Occupation: Cook

⚫Face Claim:⚫Drew Roy

Selection suit:

⚫Gender:⚫ Male
⚫Sexual Orientation:⚫Heterosexual

⚫Personality:⚫ Hes shy mainly because he never did get the opportunity to interact with other kids his own age. He's really hard working, yet doesn't like being praised by it because of the attention he gets. Since he's a cook, he has to deal with a lot of Snotty People even if he strongly Dislikes them. When he gets out of his comfort zone, he can be really chatty and might even crack a few jokes every now and then. He likes reading as much as he can, but can't do it really fluently since he didn't go to school.
¤Learning to read when he can
¤Riding a horse
¤Watching movies

¤Seing the Stars

¤Crowded Places
¤Doesn't like being put as center of attention.
¤Snotty People

¤ Hes good at fixing things
¤Amazing Cook
¤Knows a few songs
¤Knows how to speak French and English.

¤Shy until he gets to really know someone. Usually for more than a month or week.
¤He can't read fluently
¤His family being in danger
¤Can't take affection well

When he was younger, his father died and left his mother to care for two kids on her own. His sister had been going to school for a few years before she had to drop out and help out in the family. Years later, she married a five and now they live happy together.
Rafael joined the Selection so he could get medication for his mom's illness, but he sometimes  can't complete what he needs. He never really thought he'd make it in, but was very thankful when he did.

¤Father: Daniel California, Deceased
¤Mother: Alice California, 39.
¤Sister: Lucia California, 21.

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⚫Basic information⚫
First Name: Zachary
Last Name: Sherman
Age: 20
Birthday: August 25

Province: Calgary
Caste: 3
Occupation: Veterinarian

⚫Face Claim:⚫Dylan O'Brien

Selection Suit:

⚫Gender:⚫ Male
⚫Sexual Orientation:⚫Heterosexual

Hes, outgoing yet not to the point that he seems obnoxious.
He doesn't like having people around him angry, which makes him uneasy being in the selection. When he hears something is wrong, he would immediately do his best to make it right again. He loves animals, especially helping them get better. He's not as Snotty as people would think, not as much as his sister anyways. A tad inexperienced when interacting with a girl.
¤Taking care of animals

¤ Talking. A Lot.
¤ Being around animals
¤ Drawing house designs
¤ Reading

¤ Punks
¤ Being discriminated against for being a 3
¤ Cats
¤ Being told what to do

¤ Good at listening to others
¤ Good at making strategies
¤ keeps well control of his emotions
¤ Always the optimistic

¤ He tends to overthink
¤ Puts others before himself
¤ Can't take depression well (No self harm though)
¤ His family being hurt.

       He was the second and last kid in the family, his parents only having two children. His older sister was exactly like their father, so he didn't really have many common interest as her. His mother was probably the only to understand how he felt about his art.
 As a kid, he was often picked at because of how he sometimes acted like a five-an artist even if he was a 3. His parents were fine with it until his dad thought of it being really immature that he acted that way. Her mom didn't mind, being a former five and all. It came to a point where he had to stop daydreaming of ever becoming an artist and settling down as a vegetarian. 
That was until the Selection came around and he was chosen to get into it. He had always found the Princess beautiful, if not perfect. He joined in hope to win her heart over, and he isn't sure if he'd be totally okay with having to fight for her with the others.

¤Father: Alexander Sherman, 44.
¤Mother: Teresa Sherman, 43.
¤Sister: Lucinda Sherman, 25.

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⚫Basic information⚫
First Name: Enzo Jr
Last Name: Marston
Age: 19
Birthday: March 16

Province: Carolina
Caste: 2
Occupation: Model

⚫Face Claim:⚫
Cole Sprouse

Description: Blonde hair he dyes black to make him look more mysterious. Blue eyes and 6'2.
Selection Suit:

⚫Gender:⚫ Male
⚫Sexual Orientation:⚫Heterosexual


Hes a but of a loner, only liking small groups rather than big ones. He doesn't like being the center of attention, really unheard of for people like him (a 2). He has a journal his mother's mother had gotten him when they realized how into music he was. He was often teased about it, but nothing so severe that it was considered bullying. Even though he's a bit of a loner, he is never really angry unless provoked. He likes joking and teasing a lot.
¤Writing Songs
¤Any kind of sport
¤Playing instruments

¤Playing any instrument
¤He likes to sometimes write his own music
¤Playing sports

¤His cousins
¤Caste System
¤Disappointing his family
¤White Cheese

¤He can make anyone smile
¤Keeps good control of his emotion.
¤He's well liked by people
¤Knows French, Russian and Spanish.
¤Can talk his way out of things.

¤Tends to be really nice that it makes him somewhat gullible
¤A bit insecure of himself
¤His family in danger
¤Since he's keeps his emotions intact until it gets to some point, it's not pretty.

    His mom had participated in the selection for the King, later getting out at a really high rank. But like many other selected girls, she had been proposed to by High ranking Caste people, like Enzo's father who was a politician. His mother was okay with him liking music, being a former five herself, but knew it would be a bad idea when it came to his father. Like most parents, he wanted his both son to be a politician like him. Or at least part of the royal family. His brother was practically a natural, like his dad. Enzo though...
All his life, he tried getting his dad to warm up to the idea of letting him pursue his dream of becoming a song/music writer. But after an argument where he told him about not wanting to be live a life where he didn't enjoy his job, there was only one thing that could maybe convince him. So a few days later, he was officially part of the selection.
    The princess was a tempting reason to stay, but doubted the princess would choose him above anyone else, but hopefully at least consider him if only for a small moment.

¤Father: Enzo Marston, 40.
¤Mother: Matilde Marston, 39. Formally a 5.
¤Twin Brother: Apollo Marston, 19.

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