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message 1: by Denise, Manufacturing Director (new)

Denise (destiny_chan) | 5838 comments Mod
Emma & K-Terror - Shimmer

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Yay! Excited to read this one!!

Emma (M) Me too!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Sunday it is!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I'm starting the book & am happy to say the first chapter is starting off with a recap. YAY!

message 6: by Emma (M) (last edited Jun 05, 2016 01:22PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Emma (M) I was so happy for the recap as I had forgotten what had happened previously :)

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Pg-44
Mya drives me crazy still...

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Pg-129
I'm really not sure what they are waiting on before they go for Rafa?

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Pg-163
What the heck?? (view spoiler)

Emma (M) Every time I start reading I fall asleep! I've only been able to make it 15% of the way through so far.

I am feeling a bit confused though, so even though the prologue helped there is still a lot I am having to remember as I go. Like who people are, what side they are on etc.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Emma wrote: "Every time I start reading I fall asleep! I've only been able to make it 15% of the way through so far.

I am feeling a bit confused though, so even though the prologue helped there is still a lot..."

I had the same issue at first too. They do more explaining as you go ~ even after the small refresh at the beginning. I thought she did a really good job getting me back to what I knew before.

I forget how tired you can be during the first & third trimesters! I just got a lot read yesterday because I had a mission on the treadmill and read while I was walking on it.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Pg-243

Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh - shit's about to get real!!!!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Pg-260
Malachi.... Awwwww......

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Pg-338.....

I'm waiting to find out what the big secret is between what happened with Gabe and Rafa.... Surely we are going to find out in this book!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Done! OMG! I would be pulling my hair out if I didn't know I was getting Burn tomorrow!!! It ended and I wanted to cry because I knew the next book hadn't been released yet so when I looked and saw it was coming out TOMORROW, I had to do the happy dance!!!

There is no way you can finish this book and NOT pick up the next one!

Emma (M) Wow, that was awesome timing for the new book then! I'm Hoi g to try band get done more read now. Currently at 20%

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments ???? Lol!

Emma (M) Wow, that post was really bad. I said I was going to try and read some more! Now at 30% and they are still just talking about the rescue, hopefully the storyline starts to speed up a bit.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Are you around page 139? I remember thing the same thing.. "When's it going to get started?!!"

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I've been dying to read today but work will have none of it! :)

I'm off now for a hair appt and hoping I can get some reading done there... fingers crossed!!!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments 20% into Burn (The Rephaim, #4) by Paula Weston

(view spoiler)

Catch up! No pressure! Yes pressure!! lol! I'm a mess! Sorry!!

message 22: by Emma (M) (last edited Jun 07, 2016 11:47PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Emma (M) Lol, you'll be finished Burn before I make it through Shimmer. I'm glad it obviously gets really good! I'm at 40% and (view spoiler)

Emma (M) K~Terror wrote: "Are you around page 139? I remember thing the same thing.. "When's it going to get started?!!""

The Kindle app doesn't give page numbers, just percentage read unfortunately.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I think I only got to 30% last night. I came home from hair apt last night thinking I'd get to read more but my hubby was chatty. Lol!

You're right about to where it starts to pick up. I thought it was a real slow start...

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments How's it going Miss Emma?!

I'm loving book 4 but haven't had much time to read... so you may catch up! :)

Emma (M) Nearly at 70%. It's starting to get more interesting now and we have Rafa back.. Yay! Waiting to find us what the deal is with Mya!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments Woo-Hoo! You are getting to the really good stuff!!!!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I'm back at it tonight.... YOWZA!

Emma (M) Holy crap, now I can see why you needed to get straight to Burn!

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments LOL!!! I know!! The last part of the book was totally crazy, right?!!!

Did you start Burn yet?

I just finished it today and loved it!!! Probably my favorite book in the series (because it was finally giving more answers than creating questions!!!) Ha!

Emma (M) I've started it but haven't got too far yet. It's great going back in time and finding out what happened though. I really like the writing style, she's just so easy to read while still being absorbing.

K~Terror (k-terror) | 4537 comments I agree! Love her books.... You will probably have time to enjoy & finish before the wee one arrives!

Emma (M) Finished!! The last book was certainly action packed and a lot of fun. It was great to finally figure out what had happened and see everyone's sorta happy ever after. Good end to the series :)

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