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message 1: by Klancy (new)

Klancy Would anyone be interested in buddy reading Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1) by Kristin Cashore with me? I haven't read it before, but I've heard it's good. I'm excited to read it! Let me know if you're interested and we can set up a starting date for our buddy read. :)

message 2: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments I would be happy to read it with you.

message 3: by Klancy (new)

Klancy Awesome! Do you have the book? If so, we could start reading it Sunday. We could also start reading at a later date - whatever works best for you!

message 4: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments I will pick it up on kindle today.

message 5: by Klancy (new)

Klancy Sounds good :) I've been thinking about how we can read/discuss the book...I feel like it would be easier if we set up a number of chapters to read every few days or so. That way we'll be on the same page and will be able to discuss more. What do you think?

message 6: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments Sounds good to me how many pages or chapters? How often?

message 7: by Abriggs (new)

Abriggs | 5 comments Such a good book! Have fun reading.

message 8: by Klancy (new)

Klancy How do you feel about reading 5 chapters every few days? We would start tomorrow and have chapters 1-5 read by Tuesday night. I'll make a list so we can both have a reference point:

June 12-June 14 = Chapters 1-5
June 15-June 17 = Chapters 6-10
June 18-June 20 = Chapters 11-15
June 21-June 23 = Chapters 16-20
June 24-June 26 = Chapters 21-25
June 27-June 29 = Chapters 26-30
June 30-July 2 = Chapters 31-35
July 3-July 5 = Chapters 36-39

Feel free to post about the book whenever you want while you read. Also feel free to read ahead! This way, though, we'll each have a basic idea of where the other person is in the book.

Thanks, Abriggs! I've heard great things about the book so I'm super excited to read it. :)

message 9: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments Sounds like a plan. I will do my best to keep up. I work full time and am raising 2 of my grandchildren, ages 7 and 2, some days it is hard to read.

message 10: by Klancy (new)

Klancy No worries. I'm working over the summer to save up for my school books so I might get behind as well. Aww, your grandchildren are so young. :) I have baby cousins so I understand how involved you have to be with children to some degree. Although, I'm not raising them so I don't have to entertain them that often. :P Don't worry about sticking to the list. I'll probably add what page I'm on when I post so I don't spoil anything for you or anyone else who might read our thread!

I wish you luck with reading. I'm looking forward to discussing the book with you!

message 11: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments

message 12: by Klancy (new)

Klancy Currently on page 52!

I really like the idea of Gracelings. I think it's fascinating, especially since Katsa is such a fascinating character herself. Her compassion balances her violent Grace, making her a more complex character that I greatly admire.

I'm also curious to find out why the Murgon court imprisoned Tealiff and how his imprisonment will play out in the storyline in the future. Katsa seems to spend a lot of time pondering Tealiff's capture, so it must be important!

Side note: After I finished reading this morning I spent some time deciding what my Grace would be if I had one. I think I would want to be Graced with the ability to tell if someone is telling the truth! What would you want to be Graced with, Marjorie?

message 13: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments I am very interested to find out how the Lienid prince figures in. Will a romance develop?

I am predicting that Katsa's uncle will some how be involved in the kidnaping. What do you think?

I am not sure what grace I would want. There are so many things that I would like to be good at. However, I do like the idea of being able to tell when someone is lying, but being better at numbers would be good also.

message 14: by Klancy (new)

Klancy I think a romance will develop! That fight scene between Katsa and the Lienid prince starting on page 78 was quite entertaining! I wonder if they will have to fight each other in the future? Since they are so closely matched in hand-to-hand combat, I would be interested to see who would out-best the other. I have a question, though. Okay. Is the Lienid prince's name Greening or Po? I guess that Po might be a nickname, but I wasn't quite sure.

Oh, true! Randa probably was involved in the kidnapping. Hopefully he won't find out Katsa rescued Tealiff, but he probably will somehow. I haven't seen much of Randa...The only time I actually met his character was during the dinner Katsa attended and he wasn't very pleasant. I think it's awful that he puts Katsa on display in front of everyone like that for his own amusement. What did you think of the dinner scene?

I also really like Prince Raffin. He's quirky and nerdy and great. I wouldn't be opposed if Katsa developed a relationship with him insead. :P

Being able to work with numbers would be a great asset. You would never have to use a calculator again.

message 15: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments I don't see a relationship happening between Raffin and Katsa they are too close. They are more like brother and sister.

The dinner was a disaster. The king only has Katsa there for intimidation. He he like a school yard bully. He has to intimidate friends and foes alike. Without the power he has though Katsa, he really has nothing.

Grandpa look like he may turn out to be a really fun character.

message 16: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments I definitely see Katsa falling for Po and running away to the sea.

message 17: by Klancy (new)

Klancy Katsa definitely gives Randa his power - you can feel it in the story. Even when Katsa is mentioning something about the king without him being present in the actual scene, you can feel his power and intimidation. To that end, I feel like Cashore does an incredible job at prompting the audience to feel Katsa's anger through the way she chooses to present Randa in the story. He's only shown up a couple times since I started the book, but whenever he weasels his way into a scene I internally groan. Why do you think Katsa feels likes she has to do what Randa tells her?

So far I really like the development of Katsa and Po's friendship. The scene where Katsa asks Po numerous questions was, I thought, a great way to learn more about Po's character. I don't know about you, but I definitely feel more connected to him after that scene. I would love to visit Po's castle sometime.

I can also see Katsa falling for Po and running away to the sea (I would), but I don't think she will. She has such a strong sense of duty that I don't think she would be able to pull herself away from the council. Also, I feel like Giddon wouldn't let her leave that easily. :P

message 18: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments Sorry, I have been off for a few days. We took the kiddos camping.

message 19: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments How far along are you, so I know what I can talk about?

message 20: by Klancy (new)

Klancy No, don't worry about it! :) How was camping? I hope the weather was nice...I know that there's a heat wave going on right now.

I'm on page 346. I saw that you're on page 307? I think that's around the time where Katsa and Po encounter King Leck, but I'm not sure.

message 21: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments Yes, Po has been injured and Leak is alive.

I am anxious to see how Katsa will handle this turn of events. I am sure she will blame herself for his injuries. Will she get Po and Bitterblue to safety and then go after Leck? Bitterblue and her mother have some defense against Leck's grace because of the horrors they witnessed. Will Seeing Po, the man she loves, be enough to keep Leak from using his grace against her, to keep her mind clear?

message 22: by Klancy (new)

Klancy I was wondering the same thing - whether or not Po would be able to keep Katsa's mind clear. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if Po could. When they came across Leck while he was chasing his wife on horseback, Katsa was overcome by Leck's Grace even though Po was present. Eventually, Po was able to help guide Katsa to recover her senses, but I think Katsa needs another strategy to protect herself. Maybe she can guard her mind from the king? She's guarded her mind from Po, but I'm not sure if she would be able to do the same thing with the king. It would definitely be more intense.

What do you think of Bitterblue and her experiences with Leck? Do you think her company will sway Katsa to consider having children of her own?

message 23: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments I do not think Po can protect Katsa from Leaks power, but i do think that seeing what Leak did to Po will help her shield herself.

I believe that there is much more to little Bitterblue than we have seen so far. I think the is a grace hiding below the surface.

message 24: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments I think Katsa's fear stems from her belief that she is a monster. I think through Po's love and The time caring for Bitterblue will soften her stance on having a child.

On the opposite side of the coin, would the responsibility of a child's dependence by to confining. Katsa's first impluse when feeling confined or trapped is to fight. She flees when she needs space to feel or think. However, as a wife and mother and grandmother I can tell you space a freedom and even the ability to think are in very short supply and this is 2016 when men take more responsibility for child rearing.

message 25: by Klancy (new)

Klancy That's true. Po definitely has an incredible connection to Katsa, so I could see his injured state triggering her memory.

Ohh, Bitterblue having a Grace would definitely be a turn of events, especially since I think that she and Katsa are somewhat similar. They've both been under the rule of kings who have fed off of their fear (Katsa's fear of losing control and Bitterblue's fear of being harmed) and they have also escaped the hold the kings had over them. So I definitely think Bitterblue will surprise us as well as Katsa!

I'm a little surprised we haven't heard anything about Randa. He was a prominent, looming figure earlier in the story and I know we suspected that he was involved in Grandfather Tealiff's kidnapping. Perhaps he will show up later in the story in support of Leck? If he does make an appearance, will he cause Katsa to lose her focus?

message 26: by Klancy (new)

Klancy Marjorie wrote: "I think Katsa's fear stems from her belief that she is a monster. I think through Po's love and The time caring for Bitterblue will soften her stance on having a child.

On the opposite side of the..."

Po is very understanding of Katsa's position, though, a quality that some men in 2016 do not possess. :P His understanding paired with Katsa's softening stance could lead her to consider starting a family in her own time.

However, I agree that Katsa has a tendency to fight against situations that trap her. Having a child would definitely cause her to sacrifice parts of herself to provide for and care for the child, a fact that might be too much of a change for her to consider. It'll be interesting to see where her heart leads her.

message 27: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments I finished the book this morning.

Po's blindness was not something I considered as a possibility. So sad, to have to hide that from everyone so they don't find out about his other secret. I spent some time trying to imaging what it would be like to keep a major part of my life and my being. I do not think I could do it. I would have to tell the truth even if it meant losing everyone I care about. I think most of them would come around eventually.

message 28: by Klancy (new)

Klancy He hides his Grace really well in the face of great loss on Po's part. It would be tremendously hard to hide his blindness when those around him, particularly Katsa, expect him to look at them. I'm glad he was able to work it out with Katsa, though. Her support of Po at the end was a true testament of her love and compassion for him.

I have to say, I was disappointed by how fast Leck was defeated at the end. I was expecting a bigger, longer fight that would tie up the suspense Cashore built up throughout the story with Katsa's concern about the king, but that's alright. The book was fun to read. I enjoyed it!

Thanks for buddy reading it with me :)

message 29: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments Thank you too.

I was disappointed also. It was very anticlimactic.

message 30: by Klancy (new)

Klancy I saw that you added the second book in the series to your list! You'll have to let me know if it's good

message 31: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie (marjorielest) | 34 comments I can't stop in the middle. I need resolution.
So far Katsa has not made an appearance.

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