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message 1: by The Book (new)

The Book Gremlins (thebookgremlins) | 36 comments Hey everyone

My sister and I have been around on Goodreads for some time. We have decided to team up and offer a beta reading service to authors/writers. Feel free to check out our website on


message 2: by Toni (new)

Toni Allen (listansus) | 1 comments Hi,

I've checked out your website and am keen on using your service. In a couple of weeks time I'll be starting to work with my editor on the 3rd book in my Jake Talbot Investigates mystery series.
So, questions:
This is a mystery thriller - do you read this genre?
It's the 3rd book in a series but a stand-alone book - would you take this on?
At the moment the MS is raw and needs editing and tightening up - At what stage would you suggest sending you the mansucript?



message 3: by The Book (new)

The Book Gremlins (thebookgremlins) | 36 comments Hey Toni

Thank you for contacting us. We have sent you a PM.

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