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Rebecca Hawkins-Lee (beccainabook) | 102 comments Mod
For this book, I definitely needed tissues.. How was your experience?

Elisabetta (sirwatshon) | 26 comments I'll be honest, I didn't cry for this book, my initial reaction was more of anger because I couldn't believe it ended like that, I had to metabolize it before I could think clearly. Then, after a few hours, I decided I quite liked it :D But I really don't think I will be reading After You.

Jennifer (genoveffa) | 48 comments I didn't cry because I kind of knew from the start that he would continue down the path he'd chosen before he met Lou. Was I happy with that? The romantic in me wanted to be. But given the character of Will and how he was written, I think I would have been disappointed with him (and Moyes) if he had gone the romantic route. It just wasn't who he was. I am waiting on a copy of After You, but I have read so many negative reviews that I may just skip it. Part of me wants to see how Lou moves on; part of me just wants to avoid a book that seems to be reviewed as being almost counter the character we get in the first book. Going to see the movie though. Anyone else?

JaimeStarr | 1 comments Hi I'm new to the group, I'm Jaime. I just finished Me Before You and was in awe. I didn't know whether to cry, or be angry. I was sitting on the couch and after I finished it I just didn't know what to do with myself. My mind kept racing and thinking so many what ifs, and kept asking not myself" why "to many things from the book. When I get so involved in the story when I finish a book I feel temporarily distraught. Ha. I have now picked up After You, the second book and am considering seeing the movie. I know the movies are never as good as the books, and I did read online the parts of the book they did not put in the movie. But I will likely see it anyway. What did everyone else think?

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