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message 1: by Maddie, Co-Creator (new) - rated it 3 stars

Maddie (maddie_heartfullofbooks) | 66 comments Mod
Continuing on with the running commentary style of things, it's Maddie here to talk about what goes down next for the intrepid Tessa and her boys.

1.) If we're meant to be learning about English Shadowhunters, doesn't it defeat the purpose if Tessa's American? Why are her powers only coming out now? Is it like Clary, and she had her mind blocked? Give me answers, please!

2.) She's crying about her letters being read, but not about the fact she almost died the previous night. Priorities, lady. Sort them.

3.) OK, so Tessa's a warlock, but assumed human. That explains the powers. Wow, I'm glad she's asking so many questions, and things are getting cleared up quickly, but this feels like a refresher course after reading TMI in April!

4.) Corsets and carriages are basically all that's significant about the 19th century, right?

5.) Tessa's throwing about the banter with Jessamine, but I definitely got the impression she was more the shy-I-don't-like-to-be-seen type. I like how she's defying my expectations of her!

6.) I like Jessamine a lot. She seems haughty, but I bet there's a lot more to her than her low-cut dresses.

7.) Now for the obligatory, expositional tour around the Institute and all it's servants. I thought it was cute that two of them were called Sophie and Agatha. Once names belonging to the epitome of Good and Evil are now servant names!

8.) Thank goodness for Will Herondale and his progressive, feminist ways.

9.) One lingering gaze and they're in love. Oh, brother.

10.) Will needs to learn that everyone has different learning styles. It's perfectly OK that Tessa learns by reading and he learns by doing.

11.) When I first heard about TID, I thought Jem and Tessa loved Will, and he was the centre of the love triangle. Now, that would have been interesting!

12.) Tessa meets Jem, then unveils her tragic backstory. Maybe you don't have to be a level four friend to unlock.

13.) Will and Jem have the exact same sense of humour as Jace and Simon. Coincidence???

14.) Of course Jessamine's interested in fashion. I need to see fan art of all the clothes she just got for Tessa. It sounds like she'll look like different types of ice cream.

15.) Mortmain's Shadowhunter senses were tingling. But, now we must ask: what happened to great ol' Nathaniel?

message 2: by Sarah, Co-Creator (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sarah (stacksofsarah) | 52 comments Mod
I like your version of the love triangle much better! Also, is it just me or are you finding this first book to be much better than the first book of TMI? Maybe its because of the saturation of City of Bones adaptations in recent years.

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