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message 1: by John (new)

John Seymour 8. At the end of the novel, Pym hints at changes in Mildred’s life while being ambiguous about what exactly those changes might be. What do you predict for her? What do you think would make her happiest or most fulfilled? What would be the traditional happy ending?

Book Wormy | 1815 comments Mod
I think she will marry Everard and end up like the wife of the president doing her knitting and falling asleep when he gives talks.

Personally I think Mildred wants to be married and to look after a man and that will make her if not happy at least fulfilled.

The traditional happy ending would be for her to marry a man who appreciates her for herself and not for what she can do for him.

Anna Fennell | 107 comments I feel like the ending was pretty ambiguous and it gave her two option either Everard or Father Malory. However, in both, she remained unattached. I am hoping Mildred joins the archaeology society and goes on a dig where she meets a passionate archaeologists, discovers a new hobby, and has an adventure.

Kristel (kristelh) | 3798 comments Mod
I am with Anna. That would be the ending I would want for Mildred.

message 5: by Pip (new) - rated it 4 stars

Pip | 1303 comments I think she would be most fulfilled by taking on the job of indexing for Everard and developing new skills, which would lead to a job in publishing where she would become a successful editor, discovering new writers. She would remain platonic fri nods with all three men but later find the love of her life. The conventional ending would be for her to choose one of the suitors and live happy ever after. The congregation would be happy if she married Julian!

Tracy (tstan) | 555 comments I like Anna's idea!

Lynn L | 152 comments Looking forward it looks like Mildred has seen the way others take her for granted. I think she is shifting and becoming more willing to say no.

I like Anna's idea too.

message 8: by Patrick (new) - added it

Patrick Robitaille | 891 comments Anna's idea is interesting, but I believe that Book Worm is closer to the mark.

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