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John Seymour 6. Helena and Everard are anthropologists—students of human societies. How perceptive are they about their own lives and society? Compare their skills to Mildred’s own social acuity. What does Pym suggest about the gulf between science and lived reality? Do you think her depiction of anthropology is merely satirical, or does she suggest that there might be something to gain from such study? What does Mildred think?

Book Wormy | 1845 comments Mod
Helena and Everard are what I would class as socially inept they are not aware of the feelings of the people around them and instead seem more wrapped up in the science of living rather than living.

Mildred is very much aware of who she is but not so aware of the effect she also has on others.

I think Pym uses anthropology satirically however Mildred appears to think there is a benefit to it.

Anna Fennell | 107 comments I definitely agree with Book that they are socially inept and that Pym is using anthropology as satire.

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Pip | 1342 comments Muriel is an astute observer of everyday life around her. Everard and Helena are much less so. In her sly way Pym is satirising anthropologists for being unaware of their own social mores.

Lynn L | 152 comments I go with Pip's fabulous response.

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Patrick Robitaille | 900 comments Well-worded response, Pip

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