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John Seymour 4. Though Mildred professes that she is satisfied with her life, she is also tempted by the options she sees other women taking. Think of the women she envies and the women she pities. What possible futures do you think are available to her in her era? In ours? Return to places in the novel in which she contemplates her fate. What does she fear she might become?

Book Wormy | 1822 comments Mod
Mildred has the choice to marry Everhard and becomes his domestic assistant, she could pursue Julian and face the same choice or continue as a single women who is pitied by the married women in the parish.

In our era Mildred could choose to find a job she enjoys and make the most of the single life.

Mildred fears she is going to become a woman who lives only to support her husband.

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Pip | 1308 comments It is striking that there are no children in the novel. Muriel does not mention them as an option, either. She has three potential suitors: William, Everard and Julian and a potential lover in Rocky. She is not greatly attracted to any of them. She contemplates life with them all, but is not in love with any of them and prefers them as friends.However, she is quietly pleased that she can be useful to both Everard and Julian.

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Pip | 1308 comments To actually answer the question (which is obscured on my iPad when I answer the question) I think Muriel is worried she is going to become one of those excellent women who is taken for granted.

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