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message 1: by Kaye (new)

Kaye Bewley (kayebewley) | 4 comments Harry Dennison

Hi, If this is off-topic for the group, please do let me know/delete it.
It's a query to everyone to ask if they could offer some valuable comments on a book trailer I've just put together to help promote Steve Kemp's debut novel which hasn't been published in paperback yet.
The video is a rough draft and the cover of his book will be changing soon. But if you would be kind enough to offer me help in the form of a critique on it, I'd be grateful. Let me know if it captures your imagination and if/how it needs to be improved.
If you'd like to know the link, send me a private message and I'll send you the link.
With very many thanks.
Kaye Bewley

message 2: by Danny (new)

Danny Johnson | 41 comments be glad to check it out...working on one myself at the moment...

message 3: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Reinhardt | 1 comments Would be glad to provide feedback.

message 4: by Danny (new)

Danny Johnson | 41 comments as it turns out, I am looking for a bit of help on the trailer for my upcoming novel: The Last Road is the story of an African American girl and White farm boy who get into a relationship in the 50s and 60s south...I would love to have a photo of the two I could use in the and white is great, old is great, just something to represent the 2 characters...Thank you so much if you can help..

message 5: by Kaye (new)

Kaye Bewley (kayebewley) | 4 comments Thanks Danny and Timothy, here's the link to Steve's book trailer. It does need working on and I have had some great feedback from other groups, so your's would be very much appreciated.
Scroll down the page and the video is there.

message 6: by Danny (new)

Danny Johnson | 41 comments Kaye..I think the trailer is good, and I like it much better than the book

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