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Karen Black (kareneblack) | 3 comments "Feeling for the Air," is the sequel to my novel "From the Chrysalis," about the Devereux cousins, Dace, a 25 year old convict and Liza, a young college student who have everything going for them except family and good luck. It is almost complete at 130,000 words, so I'd like to get some feedback. I don't think you have to have read the first book.

When the story opens on a picturesque but perilous parkway, Dace—an alleged member of the Wolfhounds biking gang, a notorious prison riot leader and maybe a murderer— has just escaped from a brand-new Canadian penitentiary built to house the “worst of the worst.”

For his pregnant cousin Liza, he heads to Mexico via Akwesasne to find out where the monarch butterflies really over-winter.

Isolated by her choices and hounded by Dace’s enemies, Liza keeps studying while she struggles to raise their baby alone and find out who’s really persecuting her cousin.

A bit of violence and sex.

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Karen Black (kareneblack) | 3 comments I'm interested. I'll check out your link.


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Karen Black (kareneblack) | 3 comments Hi, Melissa,

Did you get your computer fixed yet? I was hoping to hear from you by now re: "From the Chrysalis."

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