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message 1: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (__amanda__) | 25 comments Short sweet books with vamps. Preferably guy is vamp girl is human. Thanks!

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 34375 comments Mod
I moved your request to the Requests: for books in general folder, and removed all-caps from the topic title.

message 4: by Ann aka Iftcan (last edited Jun 06, 2016 11:53AM) (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Got Fangs? This starts as a YA series of 2 books, then the author ran into problems with the publisher and for the final book in the series had to write it as an adult PNR. Although it's still fairly light. Oh, and you can find the first 2 books in this one Confessions of a Vampire's Girlfriend if you don't want to have to pay for them separately.

Actually, try any of her Dark Ones series (which the books I previously recommended are) for kind of sweet books. They are funny and have some really interesting characters in them. These were published under another pen name Katie MacAlister

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