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message 1: by dalia (new)

dalia | 4 comments can someone recommend a book where hero trapped heroine in a terrible situation and really humiliated her

message 2: by Nardinragab (new)

Nardinragab | 25 comments there s a book that's recently released Seduction and Humiliation: Forced book 2 seduction and humiliation features a really villainous hero who humiliate heroine on all levels

message 3: by Jiha (new)

Jiha | 116 comments Hope there are more recommendatios for this theme .

message 4: by DelilahW (new)

DelilahW (delilahwilson) | 5 comments I'd recommend Shadows and Lace. The hero forces the heroine into servitude and at one point, leads her around on a leash. Still a beautifully written book. But yeah, dark stuff.

message 5: by Jiha (new)

Jiha | 116 comments Lemonade by Nina penacchi. hero made heroine beg though threatening her of selling the house of her family I think.

message 6: by Nardinragab (new)

Nardinragab | 25 comments would like something more with the theme.

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