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2016 - ARCHIVED > Royal Assassin - Chapters 21-25

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message 1: by William (new)

William Holden (bookenthusiast3) | 19 comments still say regal is a bastard I really hate his character and the fact that he is willing to kill his father in order to reign

message 2: by Anita Reads (new)

Anita Reads | 22 comments Urgh Regal. I really, really hope that they're all wrong and Verity isn't dead. Poor Kettricken. I really feel for her. That was horrible what Regal did!

message 3: by Alicia (new)

Alicia | 26 comments The Fool putting prospective on Regal's motive was really good. Fitz talking to Sara the cook and realizing that Regal's influence is deeply seeded. It's going to be near impossible to get rid of Regal cleanly...

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily (midwinternightingale) | 23 comments Totally agree, Regal is turning out to be the most unpleasant type of villain - the vindictive, vengeful kind. I'm glad Hobb reminded us of the backstory about his mother because I had completely forgotten that was a factor, but it suddenly makes the cold-bloodedness of poisoning his own father seem a lot more credible.

I really like the way that Hobb seems to plant questions in your mind and then give you just about the right amount of time to mull it over before coming back to them - so for example just as I'm scratching my head over why Regal seems to be wilfully depleting the wealth of Buckeep, we get that conversation with Chade where Fitz suggests that maybe Regal wants to justify leaving the coastal areas to rot and consolidate his favourite inland duchies instead.

On a side note, if access to the coast is important to trade with (presumably) overseas kingdoms, then why do there seem to be so few Outislanders in Buck? Maybe I am thinking too literally with my medievalist hat on here but you would sort of expect that in a trading port there would be quite a transient population, trading ships coming in and out all the time and lots of rumours flying around about the Red Ship Raiders whereas it all seems to come totally out of the blue. I wish we knew a little more about the world outside the Six Duchies and their immediate neighbours.

My heart completely broke for Burrich when he came back to find his stables decimated. I can only imagine what it must be like to dedicate yourself to doing something so painstakingly for so long and then find it trampled over when you turn your back for a moment. Like the ransacking of the Fool's room, this felt like an almost sacred violation that cut really deep.

"You need not have troubled yourself Regal. I will discover the truth or the lie here."...Queen Kettricken pointed out quietly what everyone in the room already knew. "A Prince does not forbid the Queen in Waiting. I ride tonight."

This is the Kettricken I wanted to see more of, and these chapters definitely delivered! First dealing with the party from Bearns, and then with the siege - She definitely seems to rise to the moment and be able to capture the imagination of the people immediately around her at times of need, but can she extend that and make a bid for the country's allegiance and accompanying power she needs to protect herself and her child now Verity is (at least for the moment) out of the picture?

Really enjoyed how action packed these chapters were - it was all getting a little bit bogged down before in the Fitz/Molly storyline and Fitz' helplessness to really further his aims in any part of his life - now the wheels are definitely turning (although not in his favour!) and there is a palpable sense of imminent danger to keep things exciting!

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah  | 6 comments Emily wrote: "Totally agree, Regal is turning out to be the most unpleasant type of villain - the vindictive, vengeful kind. I'm glad Hobb reminded us of the backstory about his mother because I had completely f..."

Thanks Emily, I am really enjoying your comments. I too am glad that the story is starting to roll. The Fitz/Molly can be a little bit to draining sometimes when so much else is going on. I really am enjoying the hints to the Elderlings knowing that future books are going to be indulging in this story line shortly.

message 6: by Emily (new)

Emily (midwinternightingale) | 23 comments Sarah wrote: "Emily wrote: "Totally agree, Regal is turning out to be the most unpleasant type of villain - the vindictive, vengeful kind. I'm glad Hobb reminded us of the backstory about his mother because I ha..."

Thank you! :) Yes, so curious to know more about the Elderlings...

message 7: by Abner (new)

Abner | 90 comments Burrich is back from his quest with Verity, we learn that the messages that Verity send for accommodations never made it and people weren't ready for him. They got attakced on the way back for help (most likely sellswords hired by Regal).
Fitz helped to load grain to be shipped to a location which is fishy.
Kettricken is pregnant AF and Burrick stands guard at her door knowing that she's in greater danger now.

So the biggest part here is the attack on Neatbay.
As to how Chade came to know of the attack is a mystery but since he didn't summon
Fitz for a while I assumed he was traveling so he might have been close to Neatbay when the
red-ships where sighted, again Fitz sees the WHITE SHIP among the fog bank, he notices that there are far more Outislanders than 5 ships can carry and wonders if they came aboard the white ship and also some of the people captured seem to get taken to the white ship. I'm so INTRIGUED by this white ship!!

Kettricken is a bad ass warrior princess in this battle but I suspect she will become annoing again. That scene where she shows up at the door with her skirts folded and her sword dripping blood I can just imagine it.
After they win the battle Fitz gets to see Grace is doing much better, they learn that the coterie member there
had been pulled back for some important duties inland and they sent messages everywhere but only one duke
made it there.

My theory: Regal it's been cutting communication and using intimidation tactics on Fitz by roughing molly, he
wants to send all supplies inland where he can get rid of Buckeep and the Farseers left and make
the new seat of the throne in Farrow where he has family, remember that he blames Shrewd for his mothers death,
at the hands of Lady Thyme. Hes def conspiring with the red ships and he can Skill that's why he is moving the coterie member around and inland. He's brother was the Skill master, that he couldn't skill it's surprising, I think they kept it quiet and he was Trained by Galen or the coterie is totally loyal to Regal which it's Galen doing anyways.

When they come back they get the news that verity is dead, or so says regal, not a chance you slimy SOB but now Fitz has to prove it.

message 8: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 52 comments I am so scared about what's going to happen next.
I love Kettricken but I am also so scared for her I hope nothing is going to happen to her.

message 9: by [deleted user] (last edited Jun 19, 2016 06:24AM) (new)

I came here to rail against Regal, but I don't think anything I would say hasn't already been said. I am so tense reading these chapters as my concern for Kettricken, Molly, Burrich, Hands, Fitz, and The Fool continues to grow.

I am glad to see Fitz growing stronger and connecting with more people through the Skill. I just cannot fathom how all of these loose strings are going to tie together: the Red Ship raiders, Regal's machinations, Molly & Fitz's relationship, Kettricken & Verity, Verity's journey to find the Elderlings, and King Shrewds health.

Although Molly generally annoys me, I think she's right about not giving in to Regal's bullying. I feel like this is similar to the moment in the Harry Potter series where Potter had to learn that allowing himself to be cut off from his support system (friends/family) was the enemy's plan.

Individuals who are alone and scared are easier to pick off than a group of people standing together. It just feels like none of these characters can get out of their own heads long enough to really solve these problems. Everyone is secretive, noble, and loyal to a fault. Molly and Cub seem to be the only ones who are willing to use common sense when facing down their problems. Sometimes the simple answer is the best answer. (Although I still feel like Molly can be a bit obtuse at times.)

My mind boggles at the imagination of Hobb as she wove this story. It feels like a retelling of true historical events rather than an entirely made up tale.

message 10: by John (new)

John | 219 comments Yes, Molly and the wolf are able to see with more clarity than everyone else, but they also know the least, Nighteyes knows little of human affairs and Molly is not privy to the secrets that Fitz and the others possess. If she knew what they knew, neurotic as she is, her judgment and common sense might become as confused and muddled as everybody else's.

message 11: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (diary-of-a-part-time-writer) | 6 comments So basically, Regal's treachery just went from conspiracy theory to confirmed, Burrich is now separated from Verity due to an injury, Verity is possibly dead, and Kettricken is pregnant. Bearns has been pretty much left to fend for themselves, because Regal's trying to discredit Kettricken and claim the throne for himself. The Neatbay victory is going to be spun to be a victory for Regal, not a victory for Kettricken, who is being relegated to weak, pregnant woman status and doesn't have the knowledge of how court works to fight it. Fitz still hasn't figured out that he and Molly just aren't going to work out right now, especially not with Shrewd and Brawndy pushing Celerity at him (and what is so wrong with Celerity anyway? I know we haven't seen much of her, but she seems like she'd be a really solid choice of partner for an assassin, even if she never finds out what Fitz does for a living, she remembers things he's interested in and can clearly be trusted in tense political situations). Also, he's not being honest with Molly, which means she's always going to feel left out of his life. I don't think she even knows he can Skill, which would be a safe-enough thing to tell her, would let her in a little on how close he is to Shrewd and Verity and why he's afraid for her. But no. It's fine, don't actually communicate with anyone, Fitz.

Also, Burrich has remembered that Fitz uses the Wit and is suddenly angry about that again, but we also get teased with the idea that Burrich not only has the Wit (something that's been pretty much confirmed at this point, otherwise how would he know when Fitz is using his own Wit?) but has been using the Wit to further his animal husbandry--albeit apparently Burrich only allows this to go one-way, from the horses and dogs and whatever to him, and doesn't bond with them the way Fitz has. It's also interesting to me that Burrich seemed to hint that he knew Nighteyes had been in control of Fitz during a tryst with Molly, but clearly he can't know that, so to me that would be a big hint that Burrich used to use the Wit a lot more (biting his bed partners, anyone?). That would also explain why Burrich knows so much about a magic that's supposed to have been forbidden.

Anyway, it seems obvious to me that Fitz should be sent to find Verity, leaving Burrich to guard Kettricken from Regal. Possibly Fitz should take someone with him, but there really isn't anyone good for him to take. He can't take the Fool at this point, because the Fool will stay with Shrewd as long as possible, probably until Shrewd's death. He can't take Molly, for obvious reasons, and none of his other friends are suitable companions for a secret flight to find Verity. Chade is being shady (heh) and is old enough he'd find the journey difficult. I'd love to see someone like Foxglove the Captain of the Queen's Guard go with Fitz, but Foxglove has to stay and guard the Queen and the heir.

I'm actually wondering if this whole sneak away to find Verity plot is going to be the main thrust of Assassin's Quest, and I'm going to be sitting here frustrated with Fitz for another six or seven chapters before things pick up again in the next book? But I thought that about the last book, too, and Hobb surprised me. That's the trouble with being a writer as well as a reader--I sometimes get so focused on what I would do if I was writing the story that I don't see what the author is actually doing.

message 12: by John (new)

John | 219 comments Jennifer wrote: "So basically, Regal's treachery just went from conspiracy theory to confirmed, Burrich is now separated from Verity due to an injury, Verity is possibly dead, and Kettricken is pregnant. Bearns has..."
Oh, Regal's treachery has been known ever since the Mountain Kingdom wedding. Everybody without exception knows he's responsible for Rurisk's murder; Shrewd just made everybody swear not to try and kill him.

The other problem with killing Regal that really only occurred to me in the last few days is that the interior duchies of Tilth and Farrow see him as their representative in the court, and it well may trigger a civil war among the Six Duchies if he were assassinated.

If Celerity were to be married to Fitz, I believe Duke Brawndy would likely insist as a precondition of marriage that Fitz stop assassin's work, as that could predispose Celerity and their offspring to danger and retaliation for Fitz's actions.

This is a major reason Burrich and Chade, in their roles as King's men, have opted not to have families. This is also why Fitz doesn't tell Molly everything; If Regal finds out( through Skilling, spying or torture) that Molly knows secrets, it could get everybody killed.

What Fitz hopes for in the long run is that after the Regal/red ship raider's crises are averted, he can resign as assassin, and marry Molly, no strings attached!

Burrich definitely has Wit talents, but tends to use them more passively and with low intensity( as opposed to developing them to higher potential).

If Fitz and Nighteyes were to go looking for Verity, it's highly likely that Regal might arrange an ambush( which is probably what happened to Verity and his more strongly armed contingent). Moreover, removing Fitz from Buckkeep further weakens the little protection they have for the King and Kettricken; Fitz is better off staying home and confirming Verity's whereabouts and status through Skill communications.

message 13: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (diary-of-a-part-time-writer) | 6 comments John wrote: "Jennifer wrote: "So basically, Regal's treachery just went from conspiracy theory to confirmed, Burrich is now separated from Verity due to an injury, Verity is possibly dead, and Kettricken is pre..."

Clearly there is just no good solution for Fitz here. Any way he turns he has to sacrifice something, whether that's Molly, his country, or his loyalties to the King. However, the situation as it stands isn't tenable long-term. Something's gotta give.

message 14: by Gina (new)

Gina (bookishgina) I'm super far behind but gahhhhhh Regal! just like....uhhhh no words for they've all already been said in here. Loving this so much! Been listening to the audio at work and multiple times have had to stop and state at my phone in shock because of the things that have happened (or lack of happening or when someone isn't listening to Fitz) Glad all my coworkers also have headphone on and don't notice XD

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