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v.v | 442 comments *Please read the rules before signing up. If you would like to receive a free copy of Defective in exchange for an honest review please fill out this form and post it in this thread:

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Book Title: Defective
Link to Book: Defective
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Genre of Book: Dystopian
Reader Age Range: Young Adult


In a society where rebels are unwanted, the Outcasts have their own underground world beneath the streets of New York City.

What type of society applies the word Defective to healthy young humans?

IT IS ALMOST A PERFECT WORLD. One government rules earth—the Commonwealth and one people—the Commoners. The pure society of the Commonwealth has but one contamination, the 1%, the Outcasts—rebellious kids and young adults who for some puzzling reason cannot or will not conform.

When Dante’s girlfriend vanishes like thousands of other Outcasts before her, he enlists the aid of friends to find her. They discover the shocking secret of what extreme the Commonwealth of Earth will go to ensure that Outcasts reform and obey the rules!


- Reviews MUST be posted within 21 days of the book being sent.
- Reviews MUST be posted on Goodreads, but can also be posted on other book review sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.)
- A link to your review MUST be posted in the appropriate thread.
- Any books you receive for an RaR must NEVER be shared without the author's consent.
- Please write honest reviews, but be constructive. NO tolerance will be made for MEAN or HATEFUL comments.
- You MUST have already written and posted at least 5 reviews on Goodreads
- You can only sign up for ONE Read and Review at a time!

If any of these rules are broken in any way, that member will be BANNED and REPORTED. There will be no exceptions. Rules MUST be followed and that's that.

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1. Nancy (The Avid Reader): mobi: 6/24/16

Nancy (The Avid Reader) (magickofbooks) | 5 comments I would really love to read and review Defective.

Name: Nancy (The Avid Reader)

Email Address:

File Format: mobi

Date Signed Up: 6/24/16

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v.v | 442 comments Thank you for signing up! Let me know if you don't get the book.

Nancy (The Avid Reader) (magickofbooks) | 5 comments v.v wrote: "Thank you for signing up! Let me know if you don't get the book."

Hi V.V.

I have not received the book yet. I have searched and searched my email and it is not there. Can you please try and send it again. Please.

Thank you

Nancy (The Avid Reader) (magickofbooks) | 5 comments Got it. Thank you.

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v.v | 442 comments Nancy (The Avid Reader) wrote: "Got it. Thank you."

It's good you got it. For future reference, I'm not the one that sends out the books. That would be the author :)

Nancy (The Avid Reader) (magickofbooks) | 5 comments Here is the link to my review on Goodreads:

Thank you

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v.v | 442 comments Thank you so much!

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