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message 1: by Ren (new)

Ren (lestatsoul) | 11 comments Why are they your favorite?

message 2: by Ella (new)

Ella Alaniz (warning--known--fangirl) | 26 comments The Jackal from Red Rising. He's so manipulative and clever.

message 3: by Sheena (new)

Sheena (biblioboppitybooks) Dornan from the Gypsy Brothers series

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

the darkling for the grisha series. HE WAS MY SHIP OVER ANYONE ELSE.

message 5: by Ashley Marie (new)

Ashley Marie Levana from the Lunar Chronicles, and Roberta from the Unwind series. Roberta reminds me of Dolores Umbridge, and Levana is such a classic villain.

message 6: by Danielle's Books (last edited Jun 03, 2016 03:14PM) (new)

Danielle's Books (daniellesbooks) | 6 comments The Darkling because even though he did bad things I still had hope for him!
Jonathan Morganstern because I could understand his motives, and I sorta pitied him.
Malcom Shade even though he was the villian his goal was noble even if the way he tried to achieve that goal was wrong...
Adelina Amouteru she's strong and is tired off people stabbing her in the back !

message 7: by Elyssa (new)

Elyssa (hotpinkunicorn) | 14 comments Levana from the Lunar Chronicles. When you read Fairest, one of the novellas, you get to understand her motives and you actually get to pity her. I just love her character so much (tbh I love villains the most)

message 8: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Huber (thorwantsanotherletter) Kronos from PJO.

message 9: by emi (new)

emi (emiareads) | 5 comments Either of the main characters from Vicious and Levana from the Lunar Chronicles and Holland from A Darker Shade of Magic

message 10: by Emma (new)

Emma Glokta from The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie

message 11: by Elena (new)

Elena (owlelk16) | 3 comments Sebastian from the Mortal Instruments

message 12: by lolo' (new)

lolo' (theravenbibliophile_) | 13 comments The Darkling.

message 13: by Lady (new)

Lady Flo | 23 comments Murtagh from Inheritance Cycle, ( but I'm not sure about him being a real villain since he is manipulated )

message 14: by Abz7_kaji (new)

Abz7_kaji | 5 comments Levana from Lunar Chronicles and Malcolm from Lady Midnight

message 15: by Vertika (new)

Vertika Singh | 6 comments Sebastian Morgenstern! His character was so full of potential. He had scopes of utter despicability to unexpected redemption. Although I felt Cassandra Clare's potrayal of him a bit wanting I still liked him plenty enough. Other one would be Aamarantha from ACOTAR...she was just so evil. Such a purely cunning and heartless villain, one who actually makes you fear their presence in the pages.

message 16: by SeraphIonna (last edited Jun 13, 2016 09:23PM) (new)

SeraphIonna | 3 comments I enjoyed the Darkling from the Grisha Trilogy. Currently, I am on the third and final book and kinda wish the Darkling will be redeemed. The conflict between the Darkling and Alina reminds me that life is not always black and white, sometimes it is varing shades of gray. I still haven't read all of book three though. A part of me wants Alina to chose herself instead of the Darkling, Mal, or Nicholai. Although I think they each understand different parts of who is Alina, I don't think Alina truly understands all of who she is and what she can become; and how it will impact her life if she chooses the Darkling, Mal, or Nicholai.

Back to reading ... with a box of kleenex. lol

message 17: by Zoë (new)

Zoë (thesnazzyhippo) | 21 comments Javert in Les Mis. This is relatively controversial, but he is my favorite character in the entire book. I wish Hugo had gone more in depth with his character (hopefully without changing the already hefty page number) as I found Javert to be the most interesting in the novel.

message 18: by Emma (new)

Emma (marvelruinedmyspirit) | 15 comments Maven in Red Queen. (Also, does the Gray Man from the Raven Cycle count as a villain?)

Zombieslayer⚡Alienhunter (theslayingisthunter) | 25 comments John Marcone from Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files.
The thing is that he's not always a villian, and when he is, there's always something deeper to it than just being evil.
His persona in White Night and Small Favor, books 9 and 10, respectively, especially convinced me he wasn't truly a bad guy.

message 20: by Tara (new)

Tara (taraleannstan) | 31 comments @Emma I think Ronan would say yes haha But if he does count then he's my pick! I love Mr. Gray.

message 21: by Alex (new)

Alex (cannedham) I love Mayor Prentiss from Chaos Walking. He's the best villain I've ever read. Such a complex character.

message 22: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (charlieridley) | 6 comments I agree with othere here, the Darkling from the Grisha trilogy has to be my favourite. I've never loved a villain as much as him.

message 23: by Yasmin (new)

Yasmin Halliwell Fraser Bower | 16 comments Mmm, Black Jack Randall (Outlander), Queen Levana (Lunar Chronicles), President Snow (THG), Bellatrix... There are a lot of good villains out there, I love the one who believe in the rightness of their sense of morality. Like Warner from Shatter me? He totally thinks that he is doing what he does for the greater good. But Black Jack Randall is just an evil monster. MY POOR JAMIE!

message 24: by Emma (new)

Emma (marvelruinedmyspirit) | 15 comments @Tara I know, right? Did you read TRK?

message 25: by Tara (new)

Tara (taraleannstan) | 31 comments Emma wrote: "@Tara I know, right? Did you read TRK?"

Yes I did! Twice xD

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Bellatrix or President Snow

Chesca (thecrownedpages) (thecrownedpages) | 7 comments Clancy Gray from The Darkest Minds!!

message 28: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Catalan (ncatalan) Mine has always been Luke Callestan from PJO and Sebastian Morgenstern from TMI. My heart is weak for beautiful villains brimming with character. Bonus points if they redeem themselves.

message 29: by Kät (new)

Kät (katherhildeb) | 11 comments Maven (Red Queen/Glass Sword)
Sebastian Morgenstern (TMI)
Queen Levana (Lunar Chronicles)

and Lord Voldemort for sure (do i even have to mention what book series he's from? ;D)

message 30: by Karen (new)

Karen (karen_stewart) The Darkling

message 31: by Soumya (new)

Soumya  (-crazyangelicvamp-) | 18 comments Kath (letterbyowl.inkonpaper) wrote: "Maven (Red Queen/Glass Sword)
Sebastian Morgenstern (TMI)
Queen Levana (Lunar Chronicles)

and Lord Voldemort for sure (do i even have to mention what book series he's from? ;D)"

XD no lol even I like him for some weird twisted reason but that's just me ;D

I like Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries series (even though technically he's not a villain but whatever I'm crazy that way) and then there's Julian from the Game series... both are LJ Smith lol and then... idk. I kinda liked Gaia from HOO though I never wanted her to win but whatever. Crazy me.

message 32: by Ashleigh (new)

Ashleigh (booksbyash) | 12 comments sebastian, aaron warner, prince maven,

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter. She is so insane and evil and twisted! I love her character.

Dr. Loudin. I don't like him but he is twisted in gruesome ways.

message 34: by Eve (new)

Eve Messenger (evemessenger) | 1 comments Victor from Vicious.

message 35: by Sage (new)

Sage (FantasyFray) | 1 comments Bellatrix ( Harry Potter )
Sebastian ( TMI )
The Darkling ( Shadow and Bone )

message 36: by ☆ Franzi ☆ (new)

☆ Franzi  ☆ (meowcifer) | 17 comments The Darkling and I will defend him to the end. He was just a misunderstood baby

Bluewaterstorm ~ Skeletons ~  Evil and Sassy Girl ~ For a reason ~ To be known as a Legend ~ I love Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort from Harry Potter.
Myrnin from The Morganville Vampires series
And Ambers parents from the Demon Road Trilogy


message 38: by Sail ♛ (new)

Sail ♛ A Wicked Reader (sailordowden) | 39 comments Jonathan Morgenstern from The Mortal Instruments is my favorite. Yes, he was terrible, but deep down he just wanted to be loved by his sister.
Even though Amy from Gone Girl wasn't entirely a villain, I loved her character. She was sick and twisted, but a genius.

message 39: by Tess (new)


Maven from the Red Queen series. He's just so evil!

message 40: by Rosita (new)

Rosita (rosreads) | 3 comments Holland from A Darker Shade of Magic. I think he's not entirely cruel because he has a reason why he does what he does, it's just to save his city he has to sacrifice others.
And then there's Sebastian. Both of them have good intentions but choose the wrong way to do it.

message 41: by Mary (new)

Mary (leafmary) | 10 comments Queen Levanna
Bellatrix Lestrange
The Darkling
Tigerstar (Warriors series)
Rhysand (from ACOTAR not from ACOMAF because plot reasons)

message 42: by Edacheeky (new)

Edacheeky | 7 comments Sailor wrote: "Jonathan Morgenstern from The Mortal Instruments is my favorite. Yes, he was terrible, but deep down he just wanted to be loved by his sister."

Jonathan for sure!

message 43: by Mina (new)

Mina (minaongoodreads) | 16 comments Adelina Amouteru (The Young Elites trilogy) and The Emperor (The Winner's trilogy)

message 44: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli | 124 comments King Haggard. From The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle

message 45: by Heather (new)

Heather | 1 comments Edacheeky wrote: "Sailor wrote: "Jonathan Morgenstern from The Mortal Instruments is my favorite. Yes, he was terrible, but deep down he just wanted to be loved by his sister."

Awe yes! I loved Jonathan too

message 46: by Sail ♛ (new)

Sail ♛ A Wicked Reader (sailordowden) | 39 comments Heather wrote:

Awe yes! I loved Jo..."

I know!! That line in City of Heavenly Fire about his eyes being green literally broke my heart

message 47: by Sierra (new)

Sierra Martin | 3 comments Jonathan Morganstern and Count Olaf

message 48: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Lucy (abbielucy) | 10 comments Agree with all of the above :)!
Love all the villans from Victoria Schwab books, love bellatrix, Jonathan morgenstern, coin from hunger games in a way, I also have this weird admiration for Ramsay Snow/Bolton lol

message 49: by Emaan (new)

Emaan Ali (heyitsemaan) | 4 comments Professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes He's amazing and he makes me want to become a criminal mastermind (a career my mother would never allow me to choose).

Ravenpaw/claw~Raise a Glass to Freedom (ravenpawclaw) | 39 comments Idk if Ashfur counts...I mean, he wasn't always seeming evil, so I don't know...was he really a villain? All he wanted was love....

Uhhhhh who else.....? Idk. I'll be back! When I think of one

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