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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sure. ^•^ Because I'm kind of stuck on ideas lol

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Ooh I do like that idea! Sorry this didn't show up on my notifications for some reason! >.<

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sure! ^•^ What age range were you thinking?

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments No I don't mind that, mine will probably just be a regular person if you don't care. Name, age, appearance is all I do normally and let the personality come out as the RP goes on. ^•^

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sounds good. May take me a minute since I'm mobile. ^^

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Name: Sabrina Palmero
Age: 17

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Do you care to?

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sabrina had put her earbuds in as she started walking to meet her friends at their favorite clothing store. She knew she looked young for her age and them wanting to sneak into a club was going to be harder for her, so she had agreed to let them make her over. She cringed even thinking of it. She was used to being in jeans and a t-shirt since her dad raised her and because of the fact of him always making her have a gun on her. She sighed a little remembering the conversation she had at too young of an age about life and death and because of what Daddy does there were a lot of people out there that would kill her without thinking twice and she needed to be ready to defend herself if the need ever came. So she was ready, always.

She looked up to see where she was and almost ran into a man with his jacket draped across his shoulders. She tried skid to a stop, but was too late and collided with him.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sabrina's face flushed brightly, "I am so sorry, I suppose I am in a bit of a hurry though I wish I was going the opposite direction." She bit her lip hearing him call her doll made the blush continue if not worsen.

His face looked familiar, but she wasn't sure why. His voice was too inviting that she didn't worry for very long. "I'm Sabrina and truly again I'm sorry for running in to you like that...?" Her voice trailed off for a moment, "I feel like I should know your name for some reason, but I know I don't know it." She took a step back cautiously. She always got nervous when she shared her name even if Sabrina was a common name where they lived.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments "That could very well be." She smiled a little looking at the other people passing them as if they didn't exist. "Yes, Sabrina a long with the other five thousand Sabrinas," she smiled. "You are intimidating, but it is also the fact of being a girl alone in the city. My father always taught me to be cautious when I am alone." She didn't bother adding that her father wanted for to be cautious at all times. "And I still don't know your name. Am I not going to be graced with that knowledge?"

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments She smirked a little, "Nice to meet you Beau," she reached her hand out for him to take. She smiled when he shook her hand. Her eyes widened when he asked where she was hurrying to. "Oh shoot!" She pulled her phone out to look at the time. Groaning, "I was actually going to meet some friends so they can make me over because they want to go to a rave tonight and unfortunately the rave IDs unless you are very lucky so they are determined to make me lucky." She shook her head at her answer not sure why she revealed so much to him. She looked up into his dark eyes, "I suppose you're not the rave type huh?"

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments She smiled seeing his fame ID, "You could get me a fake ID by tonight?" She raised an eyebrow skeptical, but curious what his plan was. She laughed a little seeing the look he was giving her, "I know I don't look like your typical raver, but I like the music and dancing and lights." She hoped he would come and want to stick around depending on what her friends dressed her in maybe convincing him would be easy.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments "Maybe you could make an exception tonight?" She smiled at him. "The store clothes at 9 though and they will surely make me try on several things before finding just the right one, so I do need to go." She held her phone up, "Care to give me your number so I can get that fake ID and maybe have a dance partner tonight?" She was horrible at flirting, but was attempting it for once and not blushing.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments She smiled sweetly, but looks can be deceiving as she knew. "I hope you will make an exception. And thanks, I will send one as soon as I get one of my girl friends to take one at the store." She blew a kiss at him and waved as she started off to meet her friends. She was blushing profusely and felt nervous. She hoped Beau would come and stay tonight, but she wasn't going to hold her breath.

She hurried into the store where her friend took the oicture quickly and followed her directions on who to send it to. They handed her several clothes to try on 98% of which made Sabrina blush at how revealing they were. Once they decided on a short rainbow skirt that was a glorified belt in Sabrina's mind and a black cropped hoody that covered only her chest and arms her friends said she was ready. "You realize every single one of you are dead if my father sees this outfit right?" She teased as she paid for her new outfit.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments She was in the back of her friends car changing back into her outfit. Sabrina looked over when she heard her phone and saw Beau's name. A smile tugged at her lips as she texted him the address.

A few minutes later the girls were at the rave waiting for Beau. She leaned against her friend's car. She felt uncomfortable in the short skirt and crop top, but if the ID wasn't option this would have been her only way in. She was laughing as her friend played with some of the lights they brought. "You dip that isn't how you do them!" She laughed as her friend tossed them to her telling her to do better. Thankfully the music was loud and she could hear it as she began to spin the lights and dance with the music.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments When Sabrina heard Beau's voice she got distracted and hit her leg with the light, "Ouch!" She yelped and started rubbing her leg. She partially didn't expect him to show up. She smiled taking the ID from him, "Summer Fallings?" She giggled, "Perfect name, thank you!" She almost hugged him, but stopped herself since she was covered in glitter. "How much do I owe you?"

She motioned for her girl friends to start moving towards the entrance, "I'll be there in a minute," she said softly when once of the girls protested. She turned back to Beau, "So what do you think of a few dances before you take off?"

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments She blushed, "Are you sure? Money isn't an object for me." She laid the lights she was holding on to the car, "Dancing is easy you just have to feel the music or your partner if you rather." She smiled, "Come on, I'll show you." She put the ID he gave her into her bra then took his hands in her's. "It's simple really," she looked up into his eyes and put his hands on her hips then moved her's to his. When she heard the new rhythm she smiled since it was a little slower, she used her hands to make his hips move in time with her's and the music. "See?" She grinned, "Simple."

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments She giggled as she stepped a little closer to him while she helped him dance. "Well then let's get inside. I need something myself." She took her ID out and grabbed the lights from the hood of the car. "I have to admit I'm kind of surprised you showed up."

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sabrina smiled and bit her lip. Sabrina started to show the guy her ID, but he waved her inside as he looked her body up and down. Sabrina smiled once inside thrilled to hear the loud music, see the lights, and people dancing. She glanced around for her girlfriends, but knew she would meet up with them later at the moment she was more interested in Beau.

Once she got his attention she nodded towards the bar and started leading him over. She saw a lot of stares and whispers as she walked by, she assumed they knew her father not knowing that everyone actually knew both of their fathers along with who they were.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments "Oh come on I'm not that bad of company am I?" She pouted playfully. She glanced around at all the stares wishing she could go some where without people knowing who she was. She then realized it may be the outfit and looked down at it blushing again.

((I was thinking her dad knows that she goes to raves even though he hates it and he always has someone follow her to them. That guy takes a picture of Sabrina and Beau when he realizes who Beau is, sends it to her father who tells the guy to get Sabrina and get home when she is away from Beau then has other "muscle" waiting out in the parking lot when Beau starts to look for Sabrina?))

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sabrina smiled. Looking over his shoulder she saw her father's guy that always follows her to raves making her sigh in frustration. She took Beau's hand, "Come on, I know some where secluded in here." Leading him down the hallway beside the bar she she saw the normal person back there that sold the drugs and he beamed a smile seeing Sabrina asking if she needed anything, "Just a bit of privacy back here, is that okay? My girls have my money if you want to find them they'll pay you." He nodded and headed out. The back room was open and she smiled at Beau, "That was easy enough. Still want to dance or is that liquor not quite hitting yet?"

((Okay yay! ^•^))

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sabrina smiled when his hands found her waist. She put her hands up on his shoulders, "I promise to try." Her hand caressed his cheek gently before she turned in his arms and she leaned back against his chest, "This might be better with how you are swaying on your feet." She took his hands and wrapped them tighter around her waist. She looked up over her shoulder into Beau's eyes. The music was still so loud she hadn't noticed her father's guy followed them and was taking several pictures.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sabrina laughed and reached up laying her hand against his cheek again, "I better be, my father has had me in lessons since I was in diapers." Her eyes twinkled as she looked up into his dark eyes. "You're a mystery you know that?" She asked as she slowly had them both stop dancing keeping her body pressed against his.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments "Well I don't normally go dancing with strange guys I just met on the street a few hours before, but with you I wanted to. That isn't exactly sane for someone." She leaned her head back against his shoulder. She looked at her phone quickly and saw several missed calls and texts from her father, but she ignored them. "I need to go do something quickly, wait here for me?"

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sabrina laughed, "I'll be back." She headed back into the crowd looking for her girlfriends. She screamed when her father's man grabbed her and picked her up pulling her out of the club, "What are you doing?! Let me go!"

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments When he dropped her in the back seat and told the driver to go she screamed at him, "What the hell do you think you are doing?!" He ignored her until she got angry and pulled the gun out of her bra holster and aimed it between his eyes, "Tell me what is going on or I will kill just like Daddy would." She said in a sickly sweet tone. He spoke quickly and informed Sabrina Beau was the son of her father's rival. Her eyebrows knitted together knowing now why he looked familiar, "No that can't be." He shook his head and informed her their muscle were now waiting for him outside the club making Sabrina's face fall. She felt around "Where's my phone?"

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments She heard her phone going off it had bounced under the seat. She dove for it before her guard could get to it. Beau go back inside please! It sounds crazy but there are people there that will try to kill you just please go back inside she hit send just before he used a pressure point to make her black out.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments When Beau approached the car Sabrina wasn't inside he was confronted with two men stepping out of the car with smirks on their faces. "You Beau?" One asked him.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments They laughed, the one who spoke taking out his own gun. "Sabrina isn't any of your concern. She's safe now that she is away from you." The man that continues to do the talking nodded at the other man to grab Beau.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments The first man looked at Beau like he grew two extra heads then began laughing, "Hey Demitri this guy doesn't realize who Sabrina is." Demitri smirked and answered, "Doubt you can pay as much as our boss. Sabrina's father, Valentin Palmero ring any bells in your head kid?"

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Demitri pulled his gun aiming it at Beau's head, "Now why would he lie about that? How do you think Sabrina disappeared so quickly? Her guard told her who you were and she ran kid." The other man glared at Demitri. "Now stay away from Sabrina and we'll let you live."

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments "Son of a bitch!" They both fired towards Beau missing him. "Screw it the kid isn't going to be able to get near her any more either way." They got in the car and sped out of the parking lot heading back to Sabrina's home.

Sabrina woke a few hours later. Her brain felt foggy like she had been slipped something though she was sure she hadn't been. Her father was in her room waiting for her to wake up. Informing her that her phone had been going off and she should answer it. Sabrina looked at him skeptically, but grabbed her phone off the nightstand. "It isn't true is it?" Her father just looked at her and she looked down reading the messages from Beau. Does it matter who my father is? hesitantly she hit send afraid what the answer would be and scared to know if he really was from the Coonings family.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments ((Same here. I have to leave early tomorrow morning.))

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments ((Same time zone and same time I need to be up lol. I'm not tired too excited. >.<))

Sabrina flinched reading his text. No one ever wanted to know that badly unless they were close to Coonings. Her heart sank and her eyes were clouded. My last name is Palmero. Valentin Palmero is my father... She didn't need to ask who his family was. She already knew. Sabrina looked at her father, he looked back at her and shook his head saying he was disappointed in her reaction as he got up he snapped for her to change in to decent clothes and left.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments ((I'm playing solo for the first time tomorrow and testing out new music I have written. ^•^))

Sabrina had gotten up to change as her father had snapped at her to do. After pulling on yoga pants and a t-shirt she heard her phone go off. Her heart stopped briefly as she looked at it. She took a deep breath and read the text. I do now. I didn't want to believe my guard. You're Coonings son.

She sat in the middle of her bed. She was thankful to have the curtains around her bed that could block out light because she figured this may be a late night.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments ((Thanks! I have never been so nervous and excited in my life! xD))

Sabrina didn't want to open the message. She wanted to be wrong. Swallowing hard she opened it and her heart felt like it had been ripped from her chest in that instant. She felt a sob starting in her chest, but she swallowed it down. What do we do now? I enjoyed being with you. Do we part ways or keep going?

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments ((Aww thanks! I sure hope so. I doubt there will be anyone important in the music industry there, but I always want to do my best. ^•^))

Sabrina had laid back in her bed and just let herself cry. She felt so confused. She knew she was suppose to hate him just because of a name and she couldn't do that. Her heart jumped in her throat when she heard her ringtone. "Beau? Are you okay? Did they hurt you?" She blurted out questions quickly before he could even speak.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments ((Very true! xD I wish my friend could play with me like normal, but he's gone for the week. D:))

"I'm fine. My dad's basically guard for me followed me to the rave like always. I hate the tracking on my phone." Sabrina's eyes teared up again. "I don't know," she whispered. "I want to see you again, but I know they will try to hurt you if I do."

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments ((I slept late lol. Oh well. xD))

Sabrina wasn't surprised by the last part of his statement she was just glad he wanted to meet up again. "I'll be there. Please be careful is all I ask."

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments ((It was only by ten minutes don't be too jealous lol. And I got yelled at for it so there is that a fun bit too. xD))

"From what I know about you yes." She smiled a little and looked at her clock when he mentioned sleep. "Once I do sleep I don't know what is going to happen. Daddy may have one of his creeps sneak in and steal my phone, so from now on unless you miss a call from me first I won't be texting you." She got up and locked her door even though she knew that was pointless. "Hmm a shower probably would have been smart to get the glitter off myself. Oh well. Tomorrow morning I guess because it is to late now."

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments She smiled and was about to answer when he said his father was coming. Sabrina sat on her bed looking at the phone in her hand. She couldn't believe she just agreed to meet Beau tomorrow knowing how their fathers felt about each other. Unlocking her phone she went into the contacts and wrote Beau's number in the book she had on her night stand then deleted him as a contact along with his text messages and call. She hated doing things this way, but maybe if they thought she hated the idea everything would end up fine.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sabrina released the curtains around her bed on one side when she heard a knock on her bedroom door. "Who is it?" When she heard her father's voice she went and unlocked the door, "Hi Daddy, I was just going to bed is everyth.." Her father came in cutting her off, "How did you meet that boy?" She looked at him confused briefly, "Oh I met him when I went to meet with Angela and the girls. I accidentally ran in to him while walking." Her father shook his head, "Sabrina, you have to be careful. I don't know why he let you live, but I'm glad he did." She scoffed, "Daddy, he never even threatened me! He isn't like that." She had no idea why the last part came out, but it did and she believed it. At least when it came to her she didn't feel like he would kill her. Her father just shook his head stating he was Coonings son and he was like that. "Get some sleep, Princess." Sabrina nodded and shut the door as he left. She sighed and got in bed closing the other curtains for her bed and laid down closing her eyes.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sabrina woke up the next morning to shouting in the hallway. She heard her father and Demitri fighting. Her father was angry Demitri gave Beau the option of just staying away from her or being killed instead of just killing him. She jumped when she heard the gun shot and covered her ears. "Goodbye Demitri." She muttered to herself as she got up to go shower.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments ((Not sure where the idea came from for that scene. xD))

After her shower Sabrina took her time getting dressed. She first dressed in a pink and black dress, but deciding her father would think something was going on she changed into a pair of dark skinny jeans and a red t-shirt. She slipped on a pair of her ballet flats and stuck her head out the door. Even if her father had given her the mind set she needed for killing people at any time she still didn't like blood and was glad to see everything was cleaned up. She went down to the kitchen to get something to eat and luckily saw no one except the cook who insisted he make her a better breakfast than the granola bar she originally grabbed. "Is Daddy in there?" The cook shook his head, "He left not long ago." She sighed in relief, "Alright, I have to leave soon though so nothing complicated please?" She smiled appreciatively at the cook and went to sit at the table in the kitchen.

After the morning passed slowly Sabrina almost fled the house when it was time to meet Beau. Once near where she ran into him her heart started pounding worried she had someone following her. Or worse he wouldn't show up.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments ((That sounds good! ^•^))

Sabrina couldn't help herself and she threw her arms around him hugging him, "You came," she whispered holding tight to him. She looked up into his eyes and smiled feeling relieved.

Her relief didn't last long when she saw her guard behind him. "Beau!" She screamed as she tugged him towards the wall making the guard only gets Beau's side with his knife.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sabrina's left hand pressed against Beau's side fear making her not worry about the blood. She grabbed the gun in the waist band of her jeans and aimed it at the guard when he tried to grab her, "Touch me and I swear to God you're dead." She aimed the gun at his hand and shot it making him scream and back away from the two.

Sabrina turned back to Beau as people scattered from hearing the gun shot. "Beau, I'm so sorry." She cried holding her hand over his feeling the warm blood between her fingers.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments The guard gripped at his stomach when Beau shot him and he collapsed to his knees. Sabrina looked around knowing they needed help. "Come on, we have to go." She put Beau's free arm around her shoulders bracing herself for his weight. She started towards her friend's shop knowing they would have a first aid kit.

Sabrina opened the door helping Beau in then yelled for Melissa to help her. Grabbing the first aid kit Melissa came over to Sabrina and Beau asking what happened. Sabrina explained quickly then looked at Beau. "I'm so sorry, I didn't think he followed me."

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments Sabrina swallowed hard focusing on his eyes to not think about all the blood as Melissa started putting stitches in his side. "It's hard not to," Sabrina said softly. She moved her hand away from his side when she felt Melissa nudge it away. "I can't believe they hate each other this much that my father would have my guard try to kill you."

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments She smiled a little looking in his eyes. She just shook her head, "I'll try not to." Melissa had finished the stitches and out gauze over it to protect it. She told Sabrina to bring him to the apartment at the back of the store. Once they helped him up Sabrina wrapped her arm around his waist leading him to the stairs that led to the small apartment Melissa had put in to the shop.

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~Nightingale~ | 704 comments "For what?" She asked as she helped him on to the bed. Sabrina sat beside him unsure what to do any more. All she knew in the moment was she wanted to touch Beau still so she reached her hand over and held his gently. "Do you want or need anything?"

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