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britt. | 114 comments hi there! ^-^ Anything specific you're interested in doing? I'm up for realistic or supernatural. Anything really, as I said, I'm pretty flexible. Also, would you prefer doubles or singles?

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britt. | 114 comments I'd definitely love to do something with werewolves. I haven't done anything with werewolves in forever .-. I haven't done a roleplay in a long time either, so just be aware if my writing seriously sucks for a little while once we start xD. I like the idea of having a male werewolf that imprints on the human female after moving towns, but at the same time I kind of want to do something involving packs and have both female and male be werewolf. I'm really not sure though, I have a really hard time making decisions. Which would you prefer to do?

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britt. | 114 comments I'd love to do doubles and sort of band the two together, I love having doubles that are all a part of the same plots and the characters know each other and such. Ooh maybe the rival packs could be fighting over who lays claim to the new lone wolf? So the loner would be after the human girl, and then the rivals fighting over the loner, and they could all be involved with each other. c: It's totally cool if you want them to be more separate than that though. If we do do this, I'd love to have the lone male and the female wolf, if you don't mind. Also, maybe the lone wolf could be against the idea of having imprinted on the girl so he tries to stay away from her and act cold, but he really struggles with it? Just an idea. So the two rivals could be fighting over him, and maybe it's sort of whoever can win him over to their side will get some kind of reward from their pack, and whoever doesn't will get punished or something like that? So when the two end up liking each other they are stuck with the problem of figuring out what to do, and sneaking around together like you said. With the human, we could make her more involved by maybe having the werewolf female befriend her with the purpose of getting close to her in order to get close to the lone wolf, and eventually really wanting to be friends with her and feeling guilty about it. Just some thoughts, feel free to want to do something different. ^-^

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britt. | 114 comments Alright, great! (: Glad we were able to come up with such a great plot together! For the rival wolves, where should they rank up in their packs? What ages are we thinking for all of the characters? When the lone wolf lost control and had to move towns, maybe it was because he lost control and killed a girl he loved or something, and that's why even though he imprints on the human he's super cold to her and tries really hard to stay away?

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britt. | 114 comments hmm okay, I'm thinking my female is fairly rebellious, so maybe she could be the alpha's daughter, and he doesn't trust her so this is like her chance to finally prove that she deserves more freedom which is why she is serious about it. The same could totally go with having the son of the alpha too, so it's up to you c:. That'll be so cute! I can't wait to see how it works out. Also, how comfortable are you as far as cussing/sex goes?

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britt. | 114 comments yep that makes sense! c: I'm definitely cool with that, just wanted to ask before we got into it, if I ever use swears it won't be anywhere near excessive ^-^. Are we ready to make characters now? Simple or detailed?

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britt. | 114 comments me too c: Just name, age, appearance, and a few traits? or no traits? xD Also just a quick question regarding the wolves I keep asking so many questions >.<. Will they have the ability to shift at will? At least with the rival wolves, but not with the lone one since he has no control?

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britt. | 114 comments That's good with me! And yep, that's what I was thinking with shifting into actual wolves. I should have mine up within the next twenty minutes or so!

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( Name ) Elodie Lockheart
( Age ) 17

( Name ) Callan Ford
( Age ) 18

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britt. | 114 comments I'll try! It's past 10 where I am, and I'll be going to bed soon. Where do you want to start with this?

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Elodie had a mission. A first. As rare as it was that her father instilled his trust in her, he was dangling it in front of her face. Elodie wasn't one to miss the opportunity to grab a bone, particularly when it was right in her reach. There was a new wolf in town, and her father was adamant on the fact that the new wolf had to be a part of their pack. Personally, Elodie didn't see what the big fuss was, but a chance to please her father was too good to pass up. Her father made his best attempts to keep her under his lock and key, but the achievement that came with winning over the rogue could change that. Callan Ford. He'd be her focus until he was just a badge on her arm. It couldn't be that hard.

Headphones in, music up. Elodie strolled leisurely through the halls of her high school, seemingly having no care in the world. Despite this, she was focused. Breathing deeply, always catching whiffs of the air. Even when she was human, she took advantage of her keen senses. She needed to find Callan as soon as possible. Without anyone else noticing, as she was assuming that her father didn't want their rival pack to discover the prize--if they hadn't already. In addition, she did not want her other pack members to know about him. Her opportunity to prove herself was for her and her alone.

Elodie liked to think that she blended in with the crowd of "normal" high school students. She considered herself attractive and intelligent, and certainly would use those traits to her advantage if need be, in any situation. The majority of the time, she made an effort to associate with no one and immediately let down anyone attempting to associate with her. Friendships, or relationships of any kind were a big no-no in her book. In a way, Elodie's personality was that of a lone wolf. Funny how things worked out.

Elodie always tried to avoid members of her rival pack in the halls, and in her classes. They instilled an immediate feeling of disgust, almost like a natural repulsion. The rival pack members made her feel like letting go and losing control. Speak of the devil. The hair on her arms stood up immediately, and Elodie was tensed and prepared to strike. Just an instinct, of course, as she would never dream of starting a fight in school. "Lane." She growled quietly, recognizing his powerful scent. She turned quickly, coming face to face with the man himself. "How are you today? Did you need something or did you just want to bother me?"

First days sucked. Callan was accustomed to moving around a lot, but he had never moved due to an event that he caused. The guilt had continued to eat him alive from the inside out, tearing apart his skin, much like the feeling he fought with his wolf. Callan's guise this time? He had flunked out of his previous high school, and had no other options but to move. It fit with his age, it wasn't common for a senior to be eighteen at the start of their year. The façade was much easier to come to grips with than the reality. Just the thought managed to send shivers down Callan's spine, the kind of cold he felt before the change.

Control would be the new constant in Callan's life. Starting with his outfit, he wore the standard dark jeans and light V-neck. His dark hair rested haphazard on his head, he wasn't going to touch it. Out the door and into his truck. No one to say good bye to or look out for, no one to watch over him. Callan had been in the foster system his entire life, he had zero memories of his parents. He'd been alone throughout his changes into a wolf, confused, scared, and alone. He'd done some research of course--but nothing could explain the feelings and changes he'd been experiencing. Due to the fact that Callan was eighteen, he was no longer in the system and was free to do as he wished, for the most part. He could have chosen to not finish high school, but had decided that if he ever wanted to have normalcy in his crazy life, the first thing to do would be to attend college. By that wish, it was necessary that he finished high school first.

Callan's rusty pick-up sputtered and groaned the whole five minutes to school, he'd chosen an inconspicuous apartment close to the woods as his home. He'd been working nights ever since he was sixteen, and would continue to in order to afford his apartment. It wasn't too shabby of a place, but certainly wasn't the home of choice for any person. Hence why it was cheap enough for him to afford. Pulling into the parking lot, Callan climbed from his truck and scanned the school grounds. Almost immediately, his eyes were pulled to a small brunette. The most wonderful of feelings coursed through Callan's body, it felt like his blood was being heated under his skin.

She was all he could see--he couldn't bear to take his eyes off of her. It felt as though the ground had been pulled out from under his feet, and he was floating on a high of love and passion. He struggled to describe it, or grasp what he was experiencing. Callan felt so lost, but as though she was the map. Finally, disappeared from his view. He wanted her--no, he needed her. His mind was racing, a thousand questions on a racetrack to fight for which got an answer first. Callan had no answers, or any words. He just knew, that no matter what, he had to stay away from that girl, or at least try his hardest too. Which, with what he had just experienced, he expected would be close to impossible. But he would try.

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If Lane hadn't been one of Elodie's sworn enemies, she might have been attracted to him. Key words? Might have. He was taller than her, but didn't tower over Elodie's small frame. Their similar personalities were enough to cause the two to clash, regardless of their pack affiliations. She was sarcastic and rude, and that was also the only way Lane had ever behaved towards her. While the two had never been in a physical fight, it was always a possibility, though never at school or in a different public place. Elodie would prefer to fight in her wolf form, as her human form was weak in comparison. Lane could easily take her in their human forms, but their wolf forms were a completely seperate matter. Elodie had the feeling that there would be a lot of confrontation between the two throughout her quest to gain the new wolf.

"Oh, I'm doing so much better now that you're here," Elodie purred seductively, but anyone could see that she was being sarcastic. She had to admit that it was occasionally fun to initiate little spats with Lane. It added some more excitement to her life, which considering how much excitement her father allowed her to have, made her life incredibly exciting. Any exciting news? Elodie arched a brow. "Why do you ask? Do you have any exciting news that you'd like to share with me?" She leaned back against a locker, the tiniest of smirks tugging at her lips. If they weren't aware of the new wolf, it was all the more power to her pack. However, if they were aware, it would mean more intense competition.

In a way, Elodie wanted Lane to be conscious of the new wolf's presence. It would make winning the wolf over to her side more difficult, and she loved competition. There was something about knowing that she could have power over someone, and someone could hold a strength over her, that sent a rush of adrenaline through her body. Elodie decided that she would test him; bring up the new kid and gauge his reaction. "What do you think of the new kid? Callan? Have you talked to him?" The crowds of students swarming through the halls were irrelevant, the only matter which was necessary was the new wolf, as well as her competition for him. "I heard he's smoking hot, you might have some competition for all the crazed girls." Talking about something as casual as appearance was something she hoped would encourage Lane to let his guard down, even the smallest bit.

"You know I'd love to stay and chat with you, Lane, but I really have to get to class," Elodie stated plainly, having spotted the new guy passing by. She could have cared less about getting to class. The new wolf's scent hung in the air, even after he had disappeared from her line of sight. "Look, I'm just going to be frank with you," She murmured, shifting to different tactics. "I think we're both a aware of the new guy in town, and I'm going to let you in on a little secret." Elodie smirked defiantly, crossing her arms flush over her chest. "I'm going to enjoy making him mine, and not allowing him to think for a second about ever cosbdiering you." She spat the word as if it was filthy, and in her mind, it was.

Breathing was a struggle. Air expelled from his mouth in quick, hot puffs. His body felt as though it's just run a marathon. Though, Callan had never tired too much from physical activity in the past. He made his best attempt to push the girl from his mind, but it was like his brain and his heart were battling on whether or not to follow after her. He followed his heart. Heaving his light Vans backpack over his shoulder, Callan made his way through the front doors of the school building. She hadn't gone far, he could feel it. While he was so tempted to hunt her down like a small creature of prey, he knew that it could not possibly go well. He didn't know everything about what he was, not to mention how to control himself. Callan didn't want to see anyone else get hurt. Especially that girl.

"Stalker" didn't fit him nicely. But that was what Callan felt like as he lagged behind the girl, never losing her from his sight. She was with a gaggle of other girls, who he assumed were her friends. Friends. Callan had long forgotten what those felt like. She seperated from her friends, and she was alone. If he'd felt brave enough, it would have been the perfect opportunity to approach her. She was so beautiful. Her dress fit her figure like a glove. Part of him wanted to wrap her in his arms and ask her to tame the big bad wolf. Callan was tall, standing at just over six feet. If his stature wasn't intimidating enough, his appearance was rugged, and he his posture was threatening. Callan was always prepared for conflict, always just on the edge of losing control.

A brief glance at the wadded up schedule from his pocket informed him of the pre-planned day of hell ahead of him. Calculus was up first. Callan wasn't great with schoolwork. Not so much because he wasn't intelligent, but more so because he just didn't care. At all. Hopefully, he'd still manage to pull through with decent grades. College was his goal, if it was even possible to have such a normal wish. The stares which he endured were normal. He felt eyes on him constantly--he had the kind of powerful presence that demanded the attention of others. Callan hated attention, it was too much attention which has resulted in the loss of life.

Instinct took over. Callan strode over to the girl's locker, before leaning against her locker door, slamming it shut. It was an obnoxiously rude move, but he felt the need to be close to her, and didn't care if it meant she hated him. "Hey," He smiled, flashing her his signature look of charming white teeth. "I'm Callan, I noticed you're going to Calculus?" It was more of an assumption, based on the Calculus book she had clutched in her arms. "I'm new here, and I was wondering if you could show me where it is?" Up close, it was more difficult to maintain his control. She was so gorgeous, from the smooth tan skin and the flowing ombré locks. The school year was going to be much more difficult than he could have possibly imagined.

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A battle between Elodie's brain and her wolf was ensuing. Lane was driving her insane. His smooth arrogance gave her the strongest urge to snap one of his bones. A scream of pain would have eased her stress. His body's close proximity to hers was so incredibly frustrating; his presence was overpowering. It wasn't natural for them to be so close to each other, they were enemies. The instinct of her wolf caused her to want to fight, and any more time spent with Lane would have most likely resulted in such. Flight was a more plausible solution, as much as the thought pained her. The bell would eventually leave flight as the only option, which calmed Elodie slightly. She hated looking weak, it took all her resolve to face Lane with a blank and unamused expression.

Gritting her teeth, Elodie shot Lane a dangerous smile. His flirtatious talk was aggravating and embarrassing. Although she could understand the two appearing to others as a couple, it was utterly disgusting. Her and him? It simply wasn't possible, She loathed being associated with Lane in any type of friendly--not to mention romantic--way. "Oh Lane, you do know that I feel the same way. I care so much about you," She cooed, grinning and baring how much it bothered her to speak intimate words to someone as vile as Lane. In all actuality, it bothered Elodie to say the words at all. She had had only a couple short-term boyfriends, mostly just for her own amusement. She assumed that when it came to a real relationship, her father would be the one in charge of that. The man would probably set her up with whomever he deemed most fit, despite Elodie's opposition to the idea. Elodie didn't have a lot of say in matters that involved her father.

The sudden touch of Lane's lips to her cheek immediately caused a low growl from her chest. What the hell? Sure, they'd been sarcastically flirty before, as they had been moments ago, but he'd never tried anything like that. The movement was unexpected, leaving her momentarily shocked. It took her a few seconds to recover from the nasty act, but she finally yelled after him angrily, "This isn't over!" To anyone else, the whole incident would have looked like the innocent spat of a couple. It was far from that though. The kiss from Lane had put Elodie on edge. Next time, she would one up him. She wasn't quite sure how yet, but she hated him getting to her. She'd just have to give him her own little surprise in the future. Fortunately, or rather, unfortunately, Elodie had the feeling they'd being seeing a lot of each other.

Her name was Ashlynn. A beautiful name to fit a beautiful girl. Callan yearned to hear the name roll of his tongue, or better yet, ot hear his own name on hers. She was so sweet, so naïve. Ashlynn had chosen to ignore his blatant rudeness, and had also accepted his request to show him to class. A sliver of him wished she would say no--stand up for herself. The poor girl didn't know there was any reason to fight back. Any second and he could lose control and all too quickly crush her thin bones between his jaws. He was dangerous, and as much as he felt the strange attachment of imprinting, he didn't want her to get hurt. It was a strange situation. He loved her, he didn't want to see her get hurt. At the same time, he didn't think he could stay away from her. That notion was proven by their conversation, and the reality of Callan approaching her.

The girl's friends--Ashlynn's friends--were obsessive. Their voices filled his mind, bursting as they overlapped each other, rushing to speak about the new guy and how he was talking to Ashlynn. A couple snippets about how attractive he was, which wasn't much of a shock. His ears stayed tuned in on them, but his eyes were on Ashlynn. She said something about the walk compared to other classes, but Callan was entirely focused on the conversation of her friends. Anything to discover more information about the girl he had suddenly fallen for. He was her type, at least that was what her friends said. It made sense to. For Callan, he could feel that they were made for each other. They were the perfect couple. So of course he was her type. The glowing of Ashlynn's cheeks confirmed her attraction to him, if there had been any doubt in his mind

She was touchy, already prying into Callan's life. He couldn't blame her, however. Her questions weren't meant to be offensive, but why Callan had moved was a dangerous subject. "I'm from California." The large and populated state was the first to pop into his head. He hadn't planned on talking to many people, so he hadn't thought ahead of time about where he was from. Callan would not be telling the truth on any subjects. It just felt too risky. What if someone tried to do research on his hometown? It wasn't a big town. Recent news articles would come up, and there weren't many. It was a small town. "I flunked out, and figured I'd want to get away and start my senior year fresh," Callan explained, his pre-rehearsed cover story flowing from his lips with ease. Ashlynn paused at a door which he assumed was Calculus, and he followed her in, taking a seat next to her. Her questions had officially put him on edge.

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Chemistry was terribly boring for Elodie. Her mind couldn't settle, there were too many thoughts of Lane and the wolf racing through her mind. The two guys were her only worries. Certainly not a pointless chemistry class, or any type of chemistry for that matter. The truth was, Elodie's success in school didn't matter much. Sure, her father would have liked to see her do well, but when it came down to it? She definitely wasn't going to college, it simply wasn't possible. Her future was already mapped out for her. Beyond high school, there was no use for college or any other type of further education. The idea was so human. Elodie was the Alpha's daughter. Her life wasn't going to get any more human than it currently was. There was no time for typical activities. Such was demonstrated by her plotting for Lane and Callan. Lane could not win Callan over. It would be extremely embarrassing for Elodie, and it would shatter any hopes she was hanging onto about freedom. He was going down.

Lane was sly. Elodie would give him that. She'd bet that he was perfectly capable of hunting Callan down, and leaving her in the dust. Both Lane and Callan being guys gave him a slight advantage, he was bound to lean more towards befriending another guy. Seduction may have worked for her, but she didn't even want to try it. Her sarcastic flirting with Lane was just about as intimate as she wanted to get with anyone. So, she formed her plan. After chemistry, rather than searching frantically for Callan, she'd go after Lane. He couldn't be that difficult to find. The guy stuck out like a sore thumb, or at least in Elodie's opinion. He had that oh so frustrating demeanor that instantly always pulled her attention to him. His scent was a pretty strong giveaway as well. She swore, someday the two would probably resort to a physical fight--she hoped so. The desire to snap her jaws at him, her body flush in her light fur, was exceptionally strong. She didn't want to severely injure him, per se, she wanted to taunt him.

The blaring of the bell tore Elodie away from her scheming. Now, to find Lane. Marching down the halls, she quickly spotted him exiting his class. There was no way in hell he was getting away from her, he was not getting to Callan without her. She wanted to make this as difficult as possible, but hopefully fun for her also. "Lane!" Elodie roared, ignoring the curious looks she got from some who noticed her outburst. "You can't really have expected me to let you get away with what you did?" she murmured as she rushed to his side, her expression playful with a hidden menace. Her plan was to continue what he had so rudely started. "Babe, the last hour was so painful without you." Elodie grabbed for his hand, taking it roughly in her own and intertwining their fingers. "Let's go find our guy," she beamed up at him, fighting the urge to grimace. The need to yank her hand from his was almost painful, despite the fact that she had been the one to initiate it. The situation was much more tough than it had been in her plans.

Throughout Calculus, Callan tried his best to focus. It was hard, to say the least. His thoughts were on this girl he'd just met, who he wanted to know every single thing about, from what she ate for breakfast this morning to her deepest darkest secrets. He wanted to make her his. Of course, he'd imprinted on her, so in a way, she was his. She was human though. It was impossible for her to grasp such a thing. The teacher droned on about some function or another. Callan had made a promise to himself to complete high school, in spite of his little mishap at his last high school. It was so strenuous on his mind though. He wanted so badly to turn to Ashlynn, ask her an infinite array of questions about herself. Just hearing her speak was a comfort to him. Even her presence right next to him was. It had a strange sort of calming effect on him that he wasn't accustomed to. She was like a siren to him. He only hoped that she wouldn't be leading to him to his doom.

Her doe-like brown eyes rarely strayed from him. They sent shivers up his spine, a sensation he hadn't experienced in a very long time. Her offer of tutoring had been sweet, but he was beginning to doubt that he would be able to control his desire for her if he were around her for much longer. Especially in a private setting. It would be too risky. He never turned his head to hers, though he could have, and he assumed she would have looked away. Callan was relishing in the feeling of Ashlynn watching him. He didn't want her to look away. Eventually she had to, as the bell signaled the end of the class period. "I have English," Callan cleared his throat, taking his Calculus book loosely in his arms. There was the need to spend as much time with Ashlynn as possible, but at the same time, he felt the ever present risk of putting her in danger.

Unfortunately, Callan had a special relationship with rash decisions. "I've got to go," he explained, "I'm sure I can find my way to my next class." It was a struggle to keep his tone rough and rude. He didn't bother asking her where her next class was. After much deliberation during Calculus, one of his torn sides had won out. He just needed to push her away, get some space. His desire for her was far too strong. It needed to be countered by some hostility from him. "Bye," he spat the word, storming from the class and down the hall. Great, he was behaving as though he had a split personality. Ashlynn would most likely assume there was something wrong with him. Which there was. There was something very wrong with Callan. It would've been safest for Ashlynn to stay away from him. He wasn't human.

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Originally, she had felt determined that two could play at this game. She wasn't anywhere close to giving up, but the strong disdain the two wolves had for each other made it difficult for Elodie to be so incredibly close to Lane. Elodie duly noted the initial surprise that flashed across his face, which was satisfactory. She hoped that she'd be able to continue surprising him in such a way, the instant he dropped his guard would put her at an advantage in the future. She knew what she was playing at, and Lane might have thought he have. Currently though, Elodie felt as though she had the power. It was a good feeling. His hand in hers was large, but she couldn't deny that it was slightly comforting. While Elodie loved to act all big and tough, it was occasionally nice to have someone around who she knew was just as strong and capable as her, if not more so.

"Pumpkin? Seriously?" She hissed, "You couldn't have come up with a better pet name?" Elodie pictured a mother calling her child pumpkin, not a boyfriend calling a girl such a childish name. In all honesty, she didn't know why it made her so upset. It wasn't like they were actually dating, they weren't any close to an intimate relationship. Although, her relationship with Lane was about as intimate as any of her other relationships. "Mmm, I could spend an eternity by your side," Elodie murmured softly, her body tensing. Her proximity to Lane allowed her to feel the muscles rippling under his shirt, and the strength in his arms. She was on edge, but tried her best to appear relaxed and pleased.

One of her arms had been pressed up against his side when he'd pulled her under his arm, successfully causing her to feel restrained and cramped. Elodie made the best of the situation though, slipping the hand quietly under his shirt, and tracing a gentle pattern with the tips of her fingers, following the curve of his spine. Any way she could distract him, any way she could make him just as uncomfortable as he made her, that was something she felt required to do. "You know you're the only guy for me Lane," She whispered seductively, shocking herself with her tone. Slowly, she realized that while she may have managed to distract Lane, she had also distracted herself. Her eyes met briefly with his, before rapidly scanning the hall.

There was something peculiar about the school. Now that Callan was away from Ashlynn, his thoughts were no longer so clouded. A powerful scent hung in the air, drifting aimlessly through the halls. Callan bristled, his dark eyes darting every which way as he tried to determine the source of the scent. Wolves. This he was certain of. He wasn't alone here, at least not in the sense of being the only wolf. Callan had never encountered other wolves before, and while the opportunity to interact with others who were going through the same changes as him was intriguing, it was also very frightening. What if they were dangerous? What if there were so many of them, enough to overpower him? Not that Callan was thinking of doing anything rash, but if he could recognize their scent, he was sure that they could find him.

For the first time, Callan felt like prey. He felt as if he being watched, possibly hunted by these other wolves. It was difficult for him to distinguish between human and wolf as other students passed by him in the halls. There were so many scents, and Callan barely had control over any of his abilities. Sure he could pick out a scent as a whole, but narrowing it down was a struggle. The only scent he was positive he could pick out in a sea of thousands, was Ashlynn's. The thought of Ashlynn sent a shiver up his spine. Callan pulled over to the side of the hall, leaning stock-still against the lockers and glancing from student to student. Maybe it hadn't been such a good idea to move to this town. Maybe it hadn't been such a good idea to try finish high school. Callan's life was full of maybe's.

Some of the eyes that followed him were those of fairly pretty girls. Callan didn't even look at them for longer than a second, and the second he used was to try to determine their species. Callan didn't care about any of the girls whispering about him, he only cared about Ashlynn. Thinking of Ashlynn, he felt awful and guilty. He had seen the confusion in her eyes, potentially the hurt as well. Callan didn't like hurting people, in fact, he hated it. It was for her own good though, so that he didn't get any more hurt by him in the long run.

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