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MixItUp! *Name*Brightstream

*Age*24 Moons



*Personality*Brightstream is more of a kill first ask questions later. She prefers to be alone but sometimes lures cats into a trap, killing them in Leaf-bare for food. So technically, no she seriously is a canibale. She is very intelligent and often tricks her foes into killing each other for her.

*History*A moon after she was born her parents abandoned her by the border of TornadoClan where she was found and taken in. Brightstream was a very loyal member, not very kind and she was very secretive but trained very hard to become a warrior. One leafbare when the lake had frozen over she was invited to see what the clan should do. Driven a bit mad by hunger she suggested that they kill the weak in the Clan and eat them. Brightstream was sent straight back to her den, leaving the others to whisper about her. One night she snuck out of camp, hoping to find some food. When she heard a MountainClan apprentice wondering near the border she struck quickly, killing him before dragging his body back to camp, of course after taking a few bites... When she got back she expected to be cheered on, probably going to made deputy but instead she was kicked out of the clan, threatened that if she stepped foot into their territory she would be ripped to shreds. Of course Brightstream never listened and she often killed wondering warriors and apprentices that were alone.





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Approved, she should eventually join the dark forest.

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MixItUp! Of course she should XD, I am taking characters from meh advanced and putting them here, gotta change their history a bit though

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MixItUp! All right reserved to~NOW this is the Law of the Jungle — as old and as true as the sky;
And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die.

As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back —
For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.~





*Personality*Glass is unforgiving and cold. She kills any cat that gets in her way of doing just about anything She is very hard working and it's hard to get her to trust you. She is offended easily which is why cats stay away from her, you screw up and offend her, penalty is tortue and death

*History*Glass used to be a kittypet named Katy but when she killed her twolegs friend's cat her drunk owner threw a glass bottle at her, causing her to have a huge scar on her stomach that could make a kit run to it's mother. Nothing else is known about her history.




*Other*She's related to Scourge

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Approved, why is she trying to destroy the clans?

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MixItUp! She isn't trying to destroy the Clans. She is just a cold hearted shecat

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Featherflight  (featherflight) | 194 comments Mod
But then why does it say She kills any cat that gets in her way of trying to destroy the Clans.

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MixItUp! Oh crap, I forgot to go through her history and personality and change it

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MixItUp! Fixed

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) *Name* Nightfrost

*Age* 23 moons

*Gender* Female

*Rank* Rouge (former TornadoClan apprentice)

*Appearance* https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...

*Personality* Nightfrost is a very flirty cat, but she's also very mean. She's a little twisted in the head, as she thinks it's more merciful to just torture her victims, rather than just kill them. She's extremely flexible, which makes her a little overconfident. But where her overconfidence is a downside in her personality, her crazy amazing fighting skills make up for it. She has very sharp claws, due to her history. She's a little demented and will often burst into random fits of hysterical laughter for no apparent reason.

*History* Nightfrost was abandoned by her mother just outside of TornadoClan's camp when she was a kit. The Clan took her in and cared for her, not telling her she had been adopted into the clan. She eventually figured it out though, as her foster mother was pure white and her foster father was light brown. She had a bit of an identity crisis as an apprentice, always getting distracted by thoughts of where she'd come from. When rouges attacked her Clan, her leader lost three of her lives, leaving her with two left, and the deputy and medicine cat and their apprentices were all killed, as well as a few warriors and Nightfrost's foster mother. In shock and very terrified, Nightfrost, then Nightpaw, fled into the forest. She took shelter in a tree for a few days, only coming down to get food once the birds realized the tree was sheltering a predator. When she finally went back to TornadoClan, they kicked her out on her head, saying that she'd betrayed them and fled like a coward. Even her foster siblings shunned her. The second abandonment cause Nightfrost to lose her mind a little. She prowled around the forest, immediately killing any TornadoClan cat she found. Since she was just an apprentice, she was quite small, so to make up for the lack of size, she would sharpen her claws on rocks and dip the tips in poisonous berry juice. Once she became about the age of a Clan warrior she renamed herself Nightfrost, due to her pure black pelt and icy blue eyes.

*Family* Unknown

*Crush* No

*Mate* No


Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) *Name* Noir

*Age* 25 moons

*Gender* Male

*Rank* Kittypet

*Appearance* Sleek and all black with pale green eyes. He's one of the more handsome toms in his area. https://www.goodreads.com/photo/user/... (Recently found from Pintrest XD)

*Personality* Noir is a little devil. He was born in the wild, so he's got that natural rouge-ish personality. He cares for his Twolegs, even if they drive him to the point of biting them. He's not very trusting, but if you do earn his trust he will be loyal forever. He's pretty hostile to new cats, but if they power through his attitude, he's actually pretty nice. He has a few kittypet friends that he's known for a few years that would do almost anything for him, so he's a very trustworthy cat.

*History* He was born in the forest and abandoned with his little sister. He was wandering off to find food for him and his sister, and when he came back with a big bug for them to share, his sister was gone. Assuming she had been taken back by their mother, he started calling out loudly. A friendly Twoleg took him in and brought him home to where three twoleg kits were. The family of twolegs have taken care of him ever since. He has no idea where his sister is.

*Family* Unknown other than his sister, Nightfrost. Neither of them know they're siblings.

*Crush* None

*Mate* none


Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) ^_^ I copied Leafys idea.

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MixItUp! Rawrz uz must be punished

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) *Name* Sunburn (goes by Sunny)

*Age* 20 moons

*Gender* Female

*Rank* Loner

*Appearance* http://cdn.petplace.com/images/defaul...

*Personality* Sunny is a nice, funny, sweet cat. She's also a lair. Sure, she can be sweet, and she can be funny, but she is a manipulative lair for the most part. She has traveled around a lot and met a lot of cats with a lot of different personalities. She can convincingly act however she chooses. Even the best judges of character are fooled by her. She can be a sweet little angel one moment, and a complete monster the next. She's an amazing fighter and it just comes naturally. She has fought many rouges and lived to tell the tale, but not unscathed. She has many scars, though they are hidden by her thick pale orange fur.

*History* She can't remember much of her history. All she can remember is a pure white she-cat slashing at her, her falling to the ground, then waking up with no clue of what had happened prior.

*Family* Unknown

*Crush* Noir (she's often around the Twoleg nests)

*Mate* None yet


Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Hm. Yes. This should be good for a while.

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MixItUp! Are Violet and Noir like mates in this group?

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Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Uuuuummmmmmmm I dunno. Have you even made Violet here yet?

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MixItUp! All rights reserved to Leafbreeze, use meh cat and you'll pay! xD or Horsey will get u either one.


*Age*4 Moons



*Personality*Horsey is jolly and playful, she always looks at the good side of things. She is quite skinny for a Ragdoll but she thinks she's just staying in shape. She loves to play with friends and her twolegs but when they start to torture her she knows how to get their attention

*History*Horsey's history is unknown, she came from Petsmart(a Twoleg shop here twolegs adopt kittens, birds, pretty much any pet) that the four Winter girls got for Christmas. Two of the girls wanted a horse and the other two wanted a cat so the parents named her Horsey



*Mate*Too young

*Other*She is my real kitten

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MixItUp! *Name*Violet

*Age*18 moons


Violet is a beautiful grey she-cat with kind amber eyes. She somehow smells like catmint and many toms call her the most beautiful she-cat in the forest.


*Personality*Violet is caring and kind. She would help anyone in need, rude and careless or not. She is extremely loyal to cats who she owes up to. Violet can be stubborn and hates it when the toms try to flirt with her, knowing they only loved her for her beauty instead of her personality.






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All aproved, we have a good dark forest coming along

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) XD Yeah.

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We should make some clan cats now

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) I was on my way to do that. ^_^

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Name; Timathy (also goes by Tim, Timmy, Muffin, Buzz, and Martin: mainly goes by Tim)

Age; 4 moons

Gender; Tom

Rank; kittypet

History; none really, he was adopted by his housefolk at the age of two moons and was only recently let outside

Eyes; ^^^^^

Personality; he is an adventures bouncy little kitten and always loves a good expedition around the yard or through the stables beside his twoleg nest.
- wild cats
- one of his twolegs, the rest are fine
- jumping
- cuddling
- agility
- being alone
- being held
Mother; unknown
Father; unknown
Brother(s); none
Sister(s); his neighbour, witches
Mate/Crush; a loner kit named liccorice
Kits; none

Other ;

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FantomTiger2 | 17 comments Name-Stone
Age-13 moons
Gender- she-cat
History-her kits and mate were killed by one of her clanmates. She decided to become a rogue and try to kill that cat
Appearance-Gray fur, black paws, green eyes, torn ear, lots of scratches and scars
Personality- was once a nice cat until a clan cat killed her kits and mate.She is know a deadly killer and some even think her heart is made of stone (get it?) she's dark and sneaky and can pounce at any moment.
She has no fears
-clan cats

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Looks good!

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FantomTiger2 | 17 comments Thank you

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Featherflight  (featherflight) | 194 comments Mod
Nevermind, one thing, then approved. Every cat has a fear

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