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Name: Scarlet Overkill

Nickname: Scar

Gender: Female:

Age: 14

Personality: Scarlet has two different sides to her. She can either be sweet and kind, or wicked and cruel.

Appearance: Scarlet has raven black hair, that goes all the way down her back. She also has a scar on her left cheek, from a fight at her old school.

History: Scarlet is an only child, abandoned by her mother since she was a day old. Growing up with her father was hard, as he never had a secure job so they were quite poor. The only way she could go to school was to work. She would spend hours doing odd jobs for her neighbors, just earning enough for the most basic school, no electricity, no desks, and no school books, just a chalk board. She eventually decided that she didn't want to continue that way of life, so she secretly left home taking her few belongings with her. She walked all the way to a really big city where she learned to play the flute. Once she got a scholarship to this school, she excepted right away, it was what she had always dreamed of!

Ensemble: Big Band

Other: She plays the flute.

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Name: Phoebe Lightworth

Nickname: None

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Personality: Phoebe is a very kind and caring person, and she can't stand fighting. She is also very shy.


History: Phoebe was raised in a very diverse home. Her dad was from Spain and her mom from the Philippines. As any only child, her parents always tried to give her what she wanted. Both her parents had good jobs and never had a problem with not having enough money. She tried doing lots of things, sports, dance and music. None of them interested her much until she started playing the violin.
At fist she just took lessons and did recitals, but soon she started doing concerts and earring her own money. She finally saved enough to go to music school, this music school! It was her dream come true!!!

Instrument: Violin

Group: Philharmonic Orchestra

Other: She loves the outdoors, and can't stay inside too long. She can also talk with the birds!

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