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Rachel | 11144 comments Hey ^.^

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Rachel | 11144 comments Hey sorry. I was asleep. I should still be asleep because it's 4.30 am but I'm currently wide awake.

So do you have an idea for what you want to do here?

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Rachel | 11144 comments well it's a little later now but yeah.

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Rachel | 11144 comments Well I prefer to have some sort of a plot first, then make characters.

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Rachel | 11144 comments Yeah okay that works. :)

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Rachel | 11144 comments Haha. Okay. Sure. So are we making characters or...?

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Rachel | 11144 comments I usually would just do name, age, and a picture for appearance. :3

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Rachel | 11144 comments Sorry. I've been out all day and haven't had the chance to make my charrie.

Uh are you up for doing doubles?

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Rachel | 11144 comments I mean that we both have a guy and a girl character. They can have the same plot or they can be different but it just makes it more fair really :3

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Rachel | 11144 comments Okay cool. I'll just get mine up. Are you okay with them both having the same plot? :3

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Rachel | 11144 comments That's kinda what I was thinking. So what would you like for the second plot? :3

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Rachel | 11144 comments Sorry. My laptop decided to update >.<
Uh... I don't know. I prefer to do romance plots really. So we could do like an enemies falling in love thing, or forbidden love, or something like that maybe? :3

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Rachel | 11144 comments Actually for the second plot would you want to do a teacher x parent thing? So a single parent with a child and the child's teacher?

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Rachel | 11144 comments Eek. Sorry. I was sure I had replied.

Sure that works. So are you wanting to keep it mortal instruments themed for both? :3

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Rachel | 11144 comments Yeah that's cool.
So what are we doing for the plots again? :3

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Rachel | 11144 comments Right. And the first plot is just a basic romance one?

Any preference as to where the RPs are set?

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Rachel | 11144 comments Sure. Just let me get my characters posted ^.^

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Rachel | 11144 comments ~Name~ Demetria Lauren Collins
~Nickname~ Demi
~Age~ 17
~Appearance~ http://data.whicdn.com/images/2370613...

~Name~ Andrew Jackson
~Nickname~ Drew
~Age~ 17
~Appearance~ http://data.whicdn.com/images/1739416...

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Rachel | 11144 comments I just meant commented basically. So put in the topic here. If that makes sense.

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Rachel | 11144 comments Okay great :D

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Rachel | 11144 comments Yes please ^.^

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((So do Drew and Jade know each other already or not? :3
Also can you start for the other two as well please? :3))

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((Okay. ^.^

Well we could do it like this:

Jade/Drew comment

~~~ (I usually use this as a divider sort of thing)

Sean/Demi comment

Does that work? :3))

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Rachel | 11144 comments Andrew sat in the institute office feeling more awkward than he ever had done before. He had just moved here from Idris and this was the first time he had been without his family but he was confident he could become a great Shadowhunter. He listened as the head of the institute spoke to him before she moved to open the door and let someone in. Drew watched and then admired the girl on the other side of the door. He had to admit that she was pretty.
The head of the institute opened the door to Jade and let her into the office. "Take a seat Jade." She said and gestured to one next to Drew. "This is Andrew Jackson. He's a new Shadowhunter in the institute. You are to look after him until he gets used to his new home." She instructed.


Demi was wandering the streets when she heard a loud yelp. With a frown crossing her features she walked in the direction of the sound, tying her hair up and moving her hands to the blades at her sides. She turned a corner and then saw as clear as day the situation. Hellhounds. She looked to see what they were attacking and suppressed the urge to groan. Sean. Why was it always him she managed to run into? She knew he could easily handle the hell hounds but the little girl at his feet was making that more difficult than it needed to be. Making as little noise as possible she climbed up onto one of the buildings that towered above the demons. She knew Sean probably wouldn't thank her for interfering but she couldn't walk away now. When the beast was distracted by Sean and the little girl Demi launched herself on to its back and then drove her blade down into it, cringing at the squelching sound her action made.

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Rachel | 11144 comments The institute head rolled her eyes at Jade's reaction. "I want you to make sure Andrew is comfortable in his new home. Be welcoming. Show him around and make sure he doesn't get lost. Train with him for a bit. Be nice to him." She said the last sentence in a firmer tone of voice because she could easily sense the young shadowhunter's reluctance to do this job. "It's not a difficult thing to do Jade, you don't even have to change your daily schedule that much other than to include Andrew."
Andrew sat there awkwardly, staying completely silent while the two discussed this. He looked over at Jade and instantly saw that she wanted nothing to do with him. He looked away again and sighed quietly. He thought about speaking up and saying he would be fine himself but he didn't think arguing with the person in charge was such a good idea on his first day.


Demi was just giving the hellhound the killing blow when she heard the howls of the other one. Her blade sunk deep into the chest of the beast and she twisted it as the thing died in front of her. She pulled her blade out and wiped it off on her sleeve as she turned around to face the other two. She didn't want to interfere with anything involving Sean but she couldn't leave them to fight off the demons alone. Not when the little girl was so desperate to help despite being so incapable at the moment. Did she say something or just leave quietly? She put extra effort into cleaning her blade as she thought about it. Sean hated her and she understood why though she had never agreed with what her parents had done. She didn't even know why they had done it. One time she had tried explaining that to Sean so that she could apologise but he hadn't cared enough to listen to her, so the apology had never been said.

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((Sorry. I've been a little busy for long replies. I'll just get on it now tho :3))

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Rachel | 11144 comments "Just do it Jade." The institute head told her and then walked to the door, an obvious sign that they were both being dismissed. She opened the door and looked at the two teenagers. "Andrew, if you have any problems with anything and Jade can't help you, please don't hesitate to come to my office any time." She said politely and gave the boy a smile as he stood up.
Andrew watched the conversation between the two of them, feeling more and more of a burden as Jade's reluctance became more obvious. He stood up and nodded in response to what the older woman said as he made his way out of the office. "Thank you." He said politely before walking out of the room and standing in the corridor. He awkwardly waited for Jade there, knowing that if he even thought about attempting to go off on his own he would instantly get lost.


Demi stood in silence as Sean brushed past her. She let her face fall blank as he sneered at her, appearing indifferent to how he felt about her. Honestly she just wished he would try to understand her, or at the very least listen to what she had to say. She couldn't stand being hated for something that wasn't her fault. She sheathed her blade with a violent jerk and then turned on her heel to go home. She walked in silence, absently twirling her stele between her fingers as she got lost in her thoughts. She was still worked up over the encounter with Sean so instead of going home she changed her direction and went to train. It was the only thing she could do to clear her head in moments like these.

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((I was sleeping. Uh no not really. I can't get the link right now because I'm on the app so :/))

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Rachel | 11144 comments Andrew quickly caught up to Jade as she rushed ahead. He didn't like the idea of having a babysitter either but he would like to not get lost each time he wanted something to eat. "Jade. I know you don't want anything to do with me but can you at least show me where my room is and then the training room? Please?" He asked her, having no problem keeping up with her brisk walking pace. "I'll stop bothering you after that but I kind of need somewhere to go." He pointed out, trying to reason with her that helping him like this was a good idea.


Demi changed into something more comfortable to train in. She wasn't going to practice any demon fighting today, she just wanted to build up her strength - and maybe she just wanted to punch something. She tied her hair up as she walked into the training arena, ignoring anyone else that was in there too. She had fresh runes on her body but that was purely so that she could train for longer. She didn't like to give herself extra strength or whatever when she was only practicing her fighting. She liked to know that she could live without her stele, though she hoped she never had to. She did some warm ups to loosen up her body before she went straight to a punching bag. She just needed to hit something to get her anger out. Once she had calmed down she would be able to train properly.

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((I can't reply right now because I want to get them as long as possible and I don't have time this morning. But I'll get it done after school as soon as I can.
Also I'm always asleep at that time because of the timezone so I won't be replying then :3))

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((It's cool. I just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you or anything but when you replied it was about 3am ish here. I'm pretty much always asleep then XD okay I'm going reply ASAP but it might take me a while because they're long :3))

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((This is what Andrew looks like btw :

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Rachel | 11144 comments Andrew had no option but to follow Jade around the Institute. She was clearly in a hurry, whether to go somewhere or to get rid of him he didn't know, but he had no problem keeping up with her. He had lived in Idris his whole life until this moment and he had trained from the moment he could walk. She, however, must have thought he was a complete imbecile who had no idea what he was doing. He let her think that - mainly because he couldn't be bothered to correct someone who clearly had no interest in him. A smirk found its way to his face as he watched her nearly walk into the wall. He considered warning her but he knew he would get too much satisfaction of watching her slam straight into the wall. Unfortunately that didn't happen and they carried on. When they got outside and she dragged him down to her height his smirk returned along with a roll of his blue eyes. "I have no interest in your personal life. Trust me I have a millions things I'd rather learn about." He told her and then stood straight, pushing her hand from his shirt with a firm movement. "Like I said before, show me where the training room is and then the room I'm staying is then I'll get out of your hair." He crossed his arms over his chest. The last thing he wanted was to have a babysitter but his sense of direction sucked and he didn't fancy getting lost and giving her an actual reason to think he was stupid. He looked Jade over as he stood there, waiting for her reply. She was shorter than him but with his height most people were. The way her hair cascaded down her back and over her shoulders was attractive and in fact he couldn't deny that she really was beautiful. That didn't change any of this situation though. He had met many beautiful girls before, Jade was no different than any of them at that point.

((So it's no where near as long as your post but I tried >.< Sorry I'm just not that used to writing that much, but I'm trying :3))

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Rachel | 11144 comments Demi was still working with the large punching bag that was hanging from the ceiling right in front of her. She continued to ignore everything and everyone else in the training arena. Unless the building was on fire and they were all going to die she had no intention of stopping before she was close to passing out. Anger boiled inside of her the longer she thought of Sean and what had happened out in the city with the hellhounds. She had only been trying to help out, he didn't need to be rude about it. She hadn't expected a thank you of course but she also hadn't expected the sneer from him as he left. She clenched her fists tightly and then narrowed her eyes before she swung at the punching bag. She knew how to punch without hurting herself but right then she was so full of so many different emotions that she wasn't thinking straight and was just lashing out without thought. Before long her knuckles were split and bloody and she was almost certain she had sprained her wrists. Minor injuries that were easily fixed but they only succeeded in upsetting her more. She lashed out at the poor punching bag once more only to be greeted with a loud crack followed by searing pain in her wrist. Pain she could deal with but the shock of it caused her to scream out and then curse in agony. She clutched her wrist to her chest and blinked back tears. While taking deep breaths she turned around and started to walk out, needing to find her stele so she could try heal herself.

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((Uh not really >.< Google says that the faceclaim is Nathan Saignes (I got the picture from WeHeartIt soo xD) if that helps.
https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=nat... from that link it's the last picture on the second row :3))

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Rachel | 11144 comments Andrew couldn't help but notice how dazzling the sun shining on her eyes was. The colour, from which she clearly got her name, was unlike anything he had ever seen before but he didn't let that distract him for more than a second. He couldn't stand there and get all doey-eyed around her, not when he was trying to get her to treat him with more respect than she wanted to. At her words he rolled his eyes. He considered suggesting that she show him the training room now so that when he woke up the next morning he could get started straight away but he didn't feel like pushing his luck any further at that point. He nodded and walked back into the institute with her. "Thanks." He said politely when she held the door open. She may be frustrating but that didn't mean he had to be rude to her. He ran his hand through his dark hair and then nodded again at her offer to show him around the next day. "Okay. I guess that works." He said as he started to walk with her again. At her smirk a smile crossed his face and he thought of pointing out that the institute head wouldn't be likely to kill him - just her, but like before he just stayed quiet and said nothing upon the subject.

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Rachel | 11144 comments Demi was shaking from head to toe as she walked from the training room. She was trying her best to draw a healing rune on her arm but she was using her weak hand. Usually she could get a semi-decent rune from it but with her bloodied knuckles and her trembling fingers it wasn't working. Due to this extra concentration she wasn't looking where she was going and then yelped when she walked smack into Sean. She groaned aloud, not bothering to hide her pain or frustration. He was the last person she wanted to see right then. She was in obvious need of help and he certainly would be in no hurry to give her any. Normally she might have just turned and ignored him, knowing that shouting at him wouldn't do her any good but she was in a crappy mood now and he was only making it worse. "You're the one who walked straight into me. Believe it or not, not everything is my fault." She snapped back, her voice filled with a venom that sounded foreign to even her own ears. She regretted the harshness of her tone as soon as she shut her mouth but she made sure to show nothing on her face but the glare she had fixed him since the moment she first realised who he was.

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((Oh it's okay. Don't worry about it. Life happens ^.^
And again don't worry about it. I know it isn't always easy to have really long paras (I mean have you seen my posts? xD) so seriously as long as it isn't one line that's difficult to reply to I'm totally fine with it :D))

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Rachel | 11144 comments Andrew waited inside the institute entrance for Jade to catch up with him again. He couldn't help but wonder what was taking her so long to catch up with him again but he knew better than to ask what was going on with her. When she finally did join him he started to walk with her, following her round the corridors that just seemed to never end. It probably wasn't that complicated but to someone who had never spent that much time living in an institute everything was all so new and confusing. He gave her his attention when she spoke and then nodded in understanding when she apologised about the training room thing. Then at the sight of mischief of on her face he raised his eyebrows. "Look, unless it's something seriously bad that means people are getting hurt I have no intention on telling anyone about anything you do." He told her, figuring that he should probably establish that he wasn't the type to go tattle on her as she seemed to think. He was similar to her in that sense. He was often doing things that would get him into some sort of trouble and then relying on those around him to not say anything to his parents or teachers. "So," he started to say after giving her a moment to process what he had first said. "What's with the smirk?" His eyebrows were still raised as they walked together to wherever it was she was taking him now.


Demi rolled her eyes. "No shit." She muttered but he pointed out that she was injured. She was so not in the mood for his taunting. She was just going to go find a friend - or anybody who wasn't her parents really - and get them to help her out. Then she was gonna go home and relax while her healing rune went to work. She got distracted by her fantasy of relaxation and was shocked out of it by Sean's voice. Her glare quickly changed to a look of confusion. Was he actually offering to help her? She didn't argue and moved to sit on the bench before her broken wrist could get any worse. Initially she thought it was sprained but the pain was far too intense for something as simple as that. "I never said you were gonna poison me." She muttered stubbornly, still cradling her injured hand to her chest as she looked up at him. She was actually more shocked that he was being nice to her instead of sneering at her for being dumb enough to hurt herself in the first place.

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Rachel | 11144 comments Andrew decided not to push the subject any further. If he wanted to try gain Jade as a friend or at the very least a person on his side then he couldn't push her away by insisting she tell him all about her or her intentions. Instead he just nodded and then followed her as she dragged him down yet another corridor before stopping in front of the large ivory door. This place was almost as fancy as the whole of Idris and it was unlike anywhere he had seen before. On his way from Idris he had stopped in numerous institutes, staying overnight before continuing his travels. Of course there were quicker ways to get from Idris but he had wanted to travel and see some of the world. He had only managed to convince his parents it was a good idea by claiming it was for educational purposes. The more he got to see of other countries the more he would learn about Shadowhunters from other cultures. He turned his attention to Jade again when she started to speak and simply nodded. A curfew. It was almost like he was still living with his parents. He watched Jade lean over and pick up the mat and then the key. He held his hand out and then wrapped his fingers around the piece of metal he now held. "Okay. So don't leave my room, don't lose my key, and don't let anyone else know you're sneaking out. Got it." He winked at her and then stepped around her. He unlocked his door and then opened it, stepping into the room and turned to Jade for the final time that day. "Well have a good night." He said with an overly sweet tone of voice before he stepped into his room and shut the door.


Demi reluctantly let him take her hands so he could draw the runes on her skin. She glared at him for his rude comment. "Well you tend to lose sight of rationality when you try to help out and some jackass decides to be an ass about it." She muttered, not bothering to pretend that his actions earlier hadn't upset her. What was the point? She had nothing left to lose now anyway. All her pride and dignity was gone. She had been stupid and injured herself in the first place and now she was accepting his help. She inhaled sharply as the runes started to glow and the healing process started. Broken bones were always the worst things to heal. As he put more pressure into his grip she couldn't help but gasp again. Like before she had nothing to lose so showing that she was vulnerable and in pain really didn't make any difference. She watched as he drew the runes up and down her arms and then as he put his stele away again. When he stood she leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes, trying to relax and hold her arms still so they could heal better. She didn't bother to open her eyes when he spoke again. His tone of voice told her all she needed to know. "Yeah I'm just peachy." She replied as the sarcasm dripped from her voice. Finally she did look at him, her eyes wide as she opened them again. "Thanks." She spoke quietly but her voice was genuine. She was pissed at him still but that didn't mean she wasn't grateful for his help.

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Rachel | 11144 comments Andrew went to his room and then had a look around. Someone had brought his bags in for him and laid them on the bed already. He dug out his pyjamas and then walked to the bathroom that was connected to his room. There he had a shower, washing away the day and all it had brought with it as he finally got to his new home. He had no idea how long he would be staying here but it was for at least a year. If he liked it then he might stay for longer if not he would probably end up back in Idris. He pulled a face at the thought and then turned off the shower. He wrapped the towel around his waist and then stepped out of the shower. He walked out of the steamy bathroom and then got himself ready for his bed. He wasn't tired enough to go to sleep yet so he decided to get started on unpacking since he couldn't go and explore the rest of the institute like he really wanted to do. While he was unpacking his clothes he heard a noise outside and frowned. He walked to his window and looked out of it. It took him a moment but he finally saw Jade shimmying her way down the tree. He glanced at where the branches led to and saw the open window along from his room. So Jade had the room right next to him. He turned his attention back to her now that she was standing on the ground and couldn't help but admire the way the dress she wore hugged her curves. She looked hot. He shook his head and turned away from the window, letting her get on with her sneaking out to wherever it was she was going.

((Okay. I'll wait until you finish it before replying ^.^))

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((Sorry. I thought I had replied >.< I need to leave in a few minutes but I'll reply tonight. :3))

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Rachel | 11144 comments Andrew had finished unpacking and then did everything he possibly could within the space of his room before he gave in to boredom and climbed into his bed. He closed his eyes and was asleep within minutes. He stayed asleep until the next morning, not waking at all throughout the night. When he woke up he instantly got out of bed and went for a shower. He didn't know how long it would be before Jade got up so he thought he would take his time getting ready. His shower was quick regardless and he got dressed fast too. He wore loose fitting clothes, planning on spending the entire day training. After he got bored of sitting around in his room he picked up his room key and then walked out. He was starving and he was determined to find the kitchen without any help. He took a good look at his door and everything surrounding it so he wouldn't accidentally walk into the wrong room later on. Then he started to walk along going in the opposite direction that Jade had brought him from the entrance the previous night.

((Sorry it's short. I was struggling with what to write >.<))

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Rachel | 11144 comments Demi rolled her eyes and then sat for another minute before attempting to stand up. She was tired and the shock of her injury had drained her of all energy. It didn't help that she had a low pain-tolerance and that her wrists hurt more than she could describe. As she stood she was shaky on her feet and she was getting paler by the second. She could fight or train for hours and hours without ever getting weak but the moment she got an injury that was more than just a cut or a scrape she was out. She couldn't cope with it and it took her a while to recover. Unfortunately Sean was right and she needed to get home before it was too late. Maybe she could call her mom and have her come to walk her home. The longer she stood there the more dizzy she got and she felt like she might faint. She sat back down and took a deep breath, hating that she was appearing so weak in front of Sean of all people.

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Rachel | 11144 comments Andrew stopped when Jade called out to him. He turned around and grinned when he saw her. "Someone's a little overdressed for going to bed don't you think?" He asked teasingly as he took in the dress she wore. He looked down at her once she caught up to him. "Did you have fun at your little party last night?" He asked her, his voice a little quieter so he was less likely to be overheard. He had no intention of ratting Jade out to anyone but he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to annoy the crap out of her over it. He leaned back against the wall and took her in. She didn't look hungover, just tired. Even though she was half asleep she still looked hot in that dress and he didn't make any effort to hide the fact that he was checking her out.

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((Do you mean that Demi passes out and so Sean carries her home or whatever? Yeah that's cool with me. ^.^))

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Rachel | 11144 comments Demi hated herself for every second that she couldn't bring herself to stand up and walk out of there. She was barely clinging to consciousness when Sean started to speak to her again. She didn't pick up most of it, a few random bits. Something about her parents being frantic, cameras and fans. She didn't know, she didn't care. She tried to stand up again, her vision going blurry, and was surprised to find her butt moved from the bench but nearly freaked over the fact that her feet had also left the floor. It took her a moment to notice the strong arms under her legs and back and then the warmth radiating from the chest she now found herself leaning against. Was Sean carrying her? She frowned and tried to protest but was too dizzy to do anything other than lie her head on his shoulder and then close her eyes. She wasn't in any state to argue and even if she was he wouldn't have listened to a word she said anyway.


Andrew chuckled and then waited for Jade to change out of the dress by leaning against the marble walls. He picked absently at a loose thread on his shirt and then smiled at her once she stood in front of him again. He pushed off of the wall so that he was standing properly. "Hey, if I'm going to be called a pervert I would rather it be for something I actually did or intended to do. I was only trying to find somewhere to get food. It's not my fault you neglected me so that I had to get my own breakfast before I ended up eating my own arm." He shrugged and then shoved his hands in his pockets before immediately following after Jade. He was starving and all he wanted was to get some breakfast so that he could start training. As he was catching up to Jade he had to look over her and smirked at the sight of the heeled boots. They looked great on her and he had no doubt that she could fight in them without issue. He didn't know if it was because his mom was the same or if it was just the aura that Jade gave off that he knew this but it didn't really matter.

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((Oh no it's okay. Honesty don't worry about it.
I do have to apologise though because I'm not going to be able to reply to this until Wednesday next week. I'm going away tomorrow morning and right now I'm just too tired to type out a reply of decent detail/length/quality. :3))

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Rachel | 11144 comments ((Hey sorry. I was trying to reply to everyone last night but by the time I did two or three I was too tired and didn't get around to it. It will happen today. I'm finally on summer holidays so I have nothing else to do that'll distract me. ^.^))

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Rachel | 11144 comments Demi had curled herself into Sean as she lay unconscious in his arms. She woke briefly when he passed the girl who was shouting and screaming but she soon fell asleep again once he had left the girl behind him. Soft snores sounded from her as she got comfortable within his arms as he carried her to her bedroom. Once there she stirred when he dropped her on the bed, a slight frown forming on her otherwise peaceful face. The frown faded again by the time Sean had left the room and she slept without waking until late the next morning. When she woke she pulled on a hoodie and stumbled down to get some breakfast. She rubbed her eyes, smudging her makeup some more and then ran her hand through her messy hair in an attempt to tame it as she made herself a cup of hot chocolate while deciding on what she felt like eating that morning.

((Just a small thing I had it in my head that Demi was a very organised person so her room wouldn't be messy as you described it to be. Not to be picky but yeah :3))

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