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message 1: by Jenni Elyse (new)

Jenni Elyse (jenni_elyse) | 1266 comments Sorry, I'm a bit late. It's been a busy day.

Today's prompt is your favorite female character. This one isn't quite as easy as yesterday's and requires some thought.

I'm choosing Katniss Everdeen because she always thinks of others before herself. She'd do anything for her family, even if it comes to giving her own life for them.

Yes, she's flawed, but that makes her more relatable in my opinion. Just like any other teenager, she doesn't always know what the answers are. Unlike others, however, she's willing to do hard things. While she's cynical of the world and the Capitol, she still maintains compassion and doesn't want to kill just to kill, especially when it comes to taking innocent lives. And, even though she didn't want a revolution because she was scared of what that could mean or who might get hurt, she was still willing to stand against the Capitol and fight for what she believed.

Who's your favorite female character?

message 2: by annapi (new)

annapi | 4914 comments This one is harder for me, but for symmetry's sake I'll say Eve Dallas.

message 3: by Tricia (last edited Jun 01, 2016 06:05PM) (new)

Tricia Nociti Lucy Pevensie - I've always loved her. I grew up wanting to be her.

Interestingly - when I was trying to figure out how to answer this question my top choices were Lucy, Scout Finch, Meg Murray, and Pippi Longstocking - so apparently I like young female characters. Maybe I just really connected to these characters as I read and reread their stories as I was growing into a reader.

message 4: by Cora (new)

Cora (corareading) | 1311 comments Meg Murray from A Wrinkle in Time.

message 5: by Jen (new)

Jen | 1545 comments Anne Shirley

message 6: by Jgrace (new)

Jgrace | 2761 comments Jane Eyre

message 7: by Susie (new)

Susie | 4488 comments Barbara Havers from the Inspector Lynley novels springs to mind for me.

message 8: by JoLene (new)

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments I'm not really sure that I have a favorite female character.

Back in the day, I would have said Elizabeth Bennett, but since I didn't enjoy my last reading of Pride and Prejudice, I'm not sure who to pick.

message 9: by Nicole R (new)

Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7716 comments Scarlett O'Hara. She may have her flaws but the woman has pluck and determination!

message 10: by Nicole R (new)

Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7716 comments annapi wrote: "This one is harder for me, but for symmetry's sake I'll say Eve Dallas."

While I love Eve, I considered saying Peabody! lol. I love Peabody.

message 11: by Hope (new)

Hope | 150 comments Tiffany Aching

message 12: by Nicole D. (new)

Nicole D. | 1476 comments so many ...

Morgaine from Mists of Avalon. Kudra from Jitterbug Perfume.

Princess Leah Cherie from Still Life with Woodpecker.

Esther Greenwood The Bell Jar

Phedre from the Kushiel series

message 13: by annapi (last edited Jun 02, 2016 11:18AM) (new)

annapi | 4914 comments So many is right... others on my list besides Eve (and Peabody of course!):

Paksenarrion Dorthansdotter (from The Deed of Paksenarrion)
Kerowyn (from By the Sword)
Princess Eilonwy (from the Chronicles of Prydain)
Bonnie (from Wolves of Willoughby Chase)
Meg Murry (from A Wrinkle in Time)
Lisbeth Salander

message 14: by Kimber (last edited Jun 02, 2016 11:53AM) (new)

Kimber (kimberwolf) | 824 comments Love Lisbeth Salander and many of the others already listed! I've been trying to keep to just one favorite, but today I'm listing my top few favorites:

Mattie Ross from True Grit

Fanny van de Grift Stevenson from Under the Wide and Starry Sky
(I know Fanny is a real person, but I really loved Nancy Horan's characterization of her in this fictionalized biography)

Sugar from The Crimson Petal and the White

Rachel Kalama from Moloka'i

message 15: by Blueberry (new)

Blueberry (blueberry1) Emily Pollifax

message 16: by Hope (new)

Hope | 150 comments Oh Nicole I forgot about Phedre! Her too!

message 17: by ScoLgo (new)

ScoLgo | 30 comments Jean Louise "Scout" Finch
Sayuri Nitta
Also really liked Lisbeth Salander.

message 18: by LibraryCin (new)

LibraryCin | 8128 comments Jen wrote: "Anne Shirley"

Ooooooh, good answer!

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