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We Are The Ants

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Isis Molina (isismolina) | 77 comments Mod
I'm not entirely sure what to make of this book.

I loved the concept of it. It had me questioning my entire existence basically. But I liked that. I liked Henry a lot because I felt so much like him. I have been dealing with the loss of a loved one, in my case my mom, but I identified with him. Memories come out of nowhere, clouding your days. It's impossible not to grieve sometimes. And I liked his constant philosophy of the earth and humans. He had some interesting theories about human behavior. I liked that he didn't immediately want to save the world, especially, but that this kept changing throughout the novel.

I have asked myself the big question far too many times. Would I save the world from ending? Do I really think people are not so miserable that they want to keep on living? Because most days I don't think anyone wants to be alive, or deserve to be. And some days I think everyone should live but me. And other days I think I want to live and I want to be surrounded by everyone I love forever. So I liked being in Henry's changing mind. It made me feel less alone about these thoughts.

The characters were so easy to love. Henry's family felt so real to me. My issue came with Audrey and Diego. I loved them both so much, but I felt like they lacked something. They were both far far too nice, too good. And sometimes that irritated me. And they both loved Henry and fought for him, to stay in his life, but I didn't understand why. Since I felt like Henry, I couldn't understand why such good people like Audrey and Diego liked Henry. Why honestly? What was there to love?

I didn't love the vague ending. I had a theory for most of the book that the aliens were not real. I just couldn't buy it. Henry was messed up and it made sense for him to have blackouts rather than alien abductions. I think Diego and Audrey knew about it. I think Henry's mom knew about it. They knew about the blackouts. But they went along with it. I liked that the ending was vague enough to prove my theory right and to disprove it too. I liked that Henry and Diego and Audrey were together on what could have been the last day on earth.

I didn't like that I got no answers though. I don't know what's right in the world. I like thinking of civilization as ants though. It fits. But that makes all of our lives even more insignificant.

I didn't love the romance between Diego and Henry. Their friendship was perfect but their on and off again love thing was annoying. They caused too much drama over it and it gave me a headache. Henry was much nicer to Diego before they started randomly making out. But I still wanted Diego to be happy. I didn't appreciate the way Henry treated Diego sometimes. But I was so glad when Diego said he was getting help for his anger issues. And Henry was getting help for his depression.

I like to think that Henry made up the aliens during his blackouts and the world wouldn't end for them. I like to think that Henry didn't let go of Jesse, but he kept him somewhere safe where his memory wouldn't hurt him anymore. I like to think that the trio stayed friends for years to come, and that Henry's mom was happy and so were Charlie and Zooey. And that they all found good reasons to live.

I don't know what to make of this book. It was fascinating and frustrating all the same. It was good and it was bad. And maybe it was important, and I'll remember it years from now. But I don't know that now. I don't know anything.

message 2: by Nicole (last edited Sep 02, 2016 05:20PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nicole | 69 comments Mod
I didn't like this book at first. Partly because aliens. Partly because of Marcus and the bullying. It's so hard for me to read this explicit, cruel bullying where the whole school hates this one kid.

Toward the end I liked the book more. Maybe that's because Henry would notice more good in the world. I don't know. I can be sad and want my own world to end all the time, but I have a hard time reading other people going through it.

I didn't get some of Henry's drama. Especially with Diego. I just wanted him to check on Zooey and Charlie more. And it should have been obvious to the both of them that they shouldn't have gotten together in the first place.

I liked the vague ending. I think I would have had more of a problem if it would have confirmed aliens or confirmed (more of?) Henry's mental illness.

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