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June Read: Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry

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message 1: by Lizy (new)

Lizy (lizismundane) | 12 comments So Yeats' Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry by W.B. Yeats is the randomized selection for the month of June!! Once you've read it - or as you're reading it - please leave your thoughts below! What do you like or dislike about the book? What catches your mind? Find any good quotes? Let's discuss!

message 2: by Lizy (new)

Lizy (lizismundane) | 12 comments So even though I'm only about 19% of the way through this book, I'm going to go ahead and kick off the discussion because I have this really cool thing to share.

Do you guys remember the tale about the singing faeries and the two men with humps on their backs? I was reading it and went 'hey, wait, that sounds like a Gaelic Storm song.' So I searched it, and although their dialect is a little off (the song by GS is Dia Luain Dia Mairt, vs the Yeats spelling of da luan da mort) IT REALLY IS the same fairy tale and it is the same story! I foundthis super cool lyric translation here: that basically shows that what the fairys are singing is "Monday, Tuesday." I wish the song had gone into the second hump-backed man to see what he'd blurted out, but it didn't, and I can't remember what it was now to google it. But either way, I thought it was cool and wanted to share it xD and if you want to listen to the song, just clickyclickyclicky over here:

message 3: by Izzy (new)

Izzy Lorjuste One of the tales--Munachar and Manachar--reminded me of several things I heard or read when I was little. At the end it references The English House that Jack Built, which was one of the stories. But I also was reminded of a dumb little song about planting trees from Barney?

When you get to it, it'd be interesting to see if any other stories or whatever are brought to mind?

message 4: by Lizy (new)

Lizy (lizismundane) | 12 comments About how far in is it? I don't think I've gotten there yet.

Unrelated, I love how in the witchcraft section all of the stories are just about women stealing milk. I want to know more about why this is all the Irish witches apparently do.

message 5: by Izzy (new)

Izzy Lorjuste It's waaay back. Like in the 80s percent.

Same :p

message 6: by Lizy (new)

Lizy (lizismundane) | 12 comments Finally read Munachar and Manuchar - it's at 90%, for reference - and it reminds me most of The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly. Haven't read the other stories you mentioned xD

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