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message 1: by Chad (new)

Chad Descoteaux I just found a site where someone has been pirating my Kindle book. Has this happened to anyone else? Who should I report this to? Would Amazon help? I just found out about this, so i am exploring my options.

I am so pissed. I'm only posting this so people know why im mad.

message 2: by C.B., Beach Body Moderator (new)

C.B. Archer | 1090 comments Mod
Just so you know, it probably isn't even available free there.
They are identity thieves.

Here is the kicker. They are not targeting your readers. They are targeting you. They want you to see if it is actually free there and click their link, and after that. Bang. You are theirs.

I am sure if I looked for my book it is also there, or anyone else's in this group.

The moral though? They want you to investigate. They know you google yourself. They generate pages for every book they can see. They are scum.

But they are scum that wants you! Kind of heartwarming when you think about it!

message 3: by Chad (new)

Chad Descoteaux That is why i didn't bother clicking on it. Figured it was malware.

message 4: by Christina (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) Hi Chad. This has been discussed at length on this thread:

Amazon can't really do anything since they don't own the copyright. You'll have to send your own takedown notice if you're inclined.

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