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Joanne | 130 comments Okay, I'm not seeing much interest in this book. I guess you all don't have much of an interest in manga and I should try to find other book clubs that would like this. Anyway, I read this series up to volume 6. I really identified with the character of the deaf girl who gets bullied. I was bullied in school also. However, I think the whole idea of the bully never quite being able to redeem himself and all the drama between classmates becomes a bit too extreme. I would be curious to see what any of you think if you decide to read this.

Cindy III | 1 comments I think you're right about the drama between the classmates. Shoya has been making ammends and has changed. The others have just shrugged off their part in bullying Shoko. It gets me worked up. Considering what happened in volume 6 I'd say Shoya has more than redeemed himself. I love that Shoko's mom defended her from Naoka. I was surprised that Yuzuru didn't, but I guess she was disappointed in Shoko's choice that landed Shoya in the hospital.

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