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Rose Sinclair | 148 comments Mod
Hello again! This week will not pull any of its spoiler-filled punches so run to cover if you haven't finished. Also, if you haven't please consider reviewing the book here and on Amazon because that really helps the authors out.

The main characters have several chances to part ways with Mab, but they stick together. Why do you think that is?

What do you think Becca will be like when she grows up, after everything she's been through?

Out of the various camps we see in this book, which do you think you'd fit the best in? If none, what sort would you aim to make?

message 2: by Acety (new)

Acety | 4 comments 1) I think they choose to stick with Mab for a couple of reasons. I think part of it was that she became a point of stability in their lives, and after all the crazy changes happening around them, it was nice to have something unchanging. I think their little traveling pack ended up being close by the end, and that familiarity was definitely a driving factor.

2) I think Becca will have a lot of opportunities to grow now that she's in a more stable place and branching out to make friends. I'm sure she'll end up great :)

3) I thought all of the settlements were nice enough. The one with the lake on one side of town seemed to be well established and set up to mimic the pre-apocalyptic world as best they could. Despite this, I get the feeling that NightsReach had that same warm sense of community. I liked the idea that everyone was able to contribute and improve their community. I would have liked to see more of NightsReach, but I suppose that's what the other novels are for :)

I loved this book. It did such a good job of being realistic without being pessimistic or angst. I always had this sense of hope for the future while reading :) that is something hard to do in post-apocalyptic settings!

message 3: by Bee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bee | 4 comments 1) I think they stick with Mab for a lot of reasons, a sense of camaraderie for one. She also provided them with a goal and hope for the future in Night's Reach.

2) Becca's pretty strong, I think she'll grow up just fine once everything settles down a bit.

3) While living in a treehouse does sound fun, I think I would rather live in actual buildings. I also know conversational French so I think the French Canadian settlement would be best for me, although I forget the name of it.

Tvproducer02 . | 1 comments 1)They knew they wouldn't survive if they did but mostly they also know she needed them as well. But she gave them the most important thing of all a purpose.

2) An Amazon.

3) Books, a library, A cabin made from old hardcover books.

Asher Blake Beckner (AsherBlake) | 12 comments Sorry for the lateness of my reply! I was computer-less for a while there.

1) I think it's because Mab is experienced, and staying with her is safer than going on their own. Also because they liked her, and she gave her a purpose (as Tvproducer02 said)

2) I think Becca's going to be alright, although she will be completely different than people who grow up in the Pre-Suck environment. She'll become very strong and very fierce, growing up in NightsReach.

3) I'd probably stick with NightsReach (because my French isn't quite that good yet :p). Plus, who doesn't love tree-houses??

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