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Any approved female characters post here.

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  ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ᵀ ᴴ ᴱ   ᴬ ᵀ ᴼ ᴺ ᴱ ᴿ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
            C o r i s a n d e   D e W i t t

▌Ⅰ ▌Born on the 23rd of September, the youngest child of two.
▌Ⅱ ▌Police; officer
▌Ⅲ ▌Cora appears to be a robot, an unwaveringly loyal member of the police force with a love for keeping to the rules. She is highly efficient and lacks emotion outside of passion for her job and squadrant, and is not one for running her mouth.
♘■■ Adrianne Ho
♘■■ Long dark hair, dark eyes, and light brown skin. 6'0, toned, but underweight.

▌Ⅳ ▌Personality;; (view spoiler)
▌Ⅴ ▌ Cora enjoys jogging, surfing, jigsaw puzzles, her job, and early 2000s kids cartoons.
▌Ⅵ ▌ She has a distaste for laziness, being the centre of attention, dishonesty, and being helpless.
▌Ⅶ ▌ Diligence and physical fitness are Cora's central strengths, supported by courage and loyalty. She is also a natural at any sport she tries.
▌Ⅷ ▌ She feels like she has something to prove and will go out of her way to please, and she isn't very good with guns.
▌Ⅸ ▌ Cora fears being looked down on or being worthless.

▌Ⅹ ▌Backstory;; (view spoiler)
▌Ⅺ ▌Infatuated; pandora's emeraude tobia
♘ Taste in Music
I Feel It Coming; The Weeknd
Human; Rag'n'Bone Man
Express Yourself; Labrinth
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ᵀ ᴴ ᴱ   ᴬ ᵀ ᴼ ᴺ ᴱ ᴿ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 

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On the Surface

Full Name: Wyetta Schmidt
Name Meaning: War Strength.
Nickname: V
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf-Born
Rank: Fighter
Country of Origin: Germany
Weight: 167lbs(75.7kg)
Height: 5'6"(170.7cm)
Age: 30 years old (Give or take a few years.)
D.O.B: Dec. 10th 1987 (Day she was found.)
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Father: unknown
Mother: unknown
Siblings- unknown

Face Claim: Pauline Nordin
Eye Color- Golden Brown
Hair Color- Dark Brown/Black
Tattoos and/or Markings-
Scars litter most of her body from the dog fights she was in as a child. Though she could get them fixed she wears them proudly now, as a metal that she survived her ordeal. There is a pretty nasty one that crosses her face, making a horizontal cross from her right cheek to over the middle of her nose. The scar was given to her by her old alpha as a reminder to control herself, and what she had done.
Wolf Form-
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)

Beneath the Surface

Wyetta was found as a baby after a fire broke out in an apartment building. Sadly she was not found by her own kind, and instead was placed in an orphanage with humans. This was one of the many events that she wished she could change in her life, knowing it would have taken her down a very different path.

At first it didn't seem so bad but at the age of four, something was obviously different about her compared to the other children in the orphanage. She was quick to anger and throw a fit, and even quicker to start a fight with the other kids that picked on her. On full moons she locked herself in her room and wouldn't let any one in, not even the owner of the orphanage. Not knowing what to do with her the people working there began to separate her from the other children. Sadly this only seemed to make the problem worse as she lashed out at the people separating her. It got to the point that she was kept in a confined room 24/7, with food brought to her every few hours. The orderlies began to fear her, thus beginning her slow descent from humanity as she began to have less and less contact with her outside world.

This didn't continue for long however as a month later after her confinement, all her instinct seemed to take over. Her wolf side, forced by the full moon, made her transform and pain enveloped her body. Hearing the loud noises coming from her room the orderlies rushed to the door to see what was happening, and what they saw would keep them awake for months.

Wyetta remembers nothing of the next few weeks, only knowing that when she woke she found herself in an iron prison with the sound of barking dogs all around her. (view spoiler) The sounds startled her at first as she fought to break her prison, not even realizing she no longer held her former human form. The weeks she didn't remember left her temporarily locked inside her wolf-ish form.

Unable to escape Wyetta's next seven years where spent fighting in dog fights all around Germany and every year she lost more and more of her human self. It was her eighth year in the dog fights when someone took interest in the animal everyone calling, Wolfshund. At the age of eleven she was already over the size of most of the dogs in the fight ring, and finally, one of her own had spotted her. Sadly, this was not the end of her torture.

Wyetta, having been locked in her wolf form for years, had grown to attached to her instincts. Even after her savior had taken her far from the dog fights she refused to change back. Yet, her savior never gave up on her, transforming himself into his wolf form everyday to give her companionship and build up her confidence. Slowly, over a span of two years, Wyetta seemed to be coming out of her shell and returning to humanity. That was until one snowy day in December the two where out playing in the snow and hunters happened upon them. Mistaking them for average wolves the hunters took their aim and fired.

After running miles from the shooting both where exhausted. Wyetta remarkable came out with no bullet holes, only a few scratches where some barely missed her. Her savior however wasn't so lucky. In an attempt to help him Wyetta tried desperately to turn into a human so she could find help, remarkably she was able to, but because she hadn't been in her human form for so long she didn't have any motor control...It took the rest of her savior's pack a month to find them, and by then Wyetta had used the body of her dead savior to sustain her.

Wyetta found herself growing up pretty much by herself for the rest of her life. Though she lived with her deceased savoir's pack and they taught her about herself, she was still shunned by the pack. When she turned eighteen and had her first heat she felt so vulnerable that she ran into the woods. Yet, this was not the smartest move on her part, as this triggered one of the worst experiences of her life. With her mind on auto pilot she lost herself and blacked out. When she woke Wyetta found herself surrounded by the torn bodies of an unlucky group of human hikers and the alpha of the pack she had currently been living with.

There was no mercy when Wyetta was punished, and to this day she will always have the scar that marks her as an outcast of her old pack. Unable to live there anymore Wyetta left, becoming a lone wolf for some time and scouring the world for others like her. It didn't take her long to be drawn to Royal, U.S.A. and what she found there was almost like a haven to her after all of her travels. Her first introduction to the Hellhounds was their fight rings, where she entered herself in order to make a living. It wasn't long before she got an in with the Hellhounds. Now she works for them as a heavy fighter in their ranks, and rather enjoys it. With her background who wouldn't want an outlet for their rage and pain?

Wyetta has always been a bit rough around the edges, and not just because of how she grew up. She's one of those dedicated people you'd see at the gym every day, always on time with her work outs. Though she's not very talkative, when she does it's usually very straight to the point, and so honest it's rude. Independent in her own right she has more than enough confidence in herself that she can hold her own in anything, she's usually right too. Along with her workouts and fighting addiction she also hates being held down by anything, that includes relationships such as mates. Her few friends like to point out that she probably just hasn't found the right one yet, but with her personality who would?

Despite this she does long for a mate and a family deep in her bones. It's something she never really has had the chance at, and something she's always wanted. Though she feels like the Hellhounds are her family and would protect those within their ranks with her life, she still doesn't feel like she quite belongs. Perhaps at some point she won't feel that way.


*working out
*cats(felines in general)
*having a family


*staying still


*straight forward


*over confident

Orientation: Pansexual
Past Relationships: no
Pet: Princess (Maine Coon)



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(view spoiler)
▷ M A R Í A   A L V A R E Z   A R E L L A N O

─── AGE.
 physically 23
 chronologically 562
 born 21 jul.

 female sex
 female gender
 prefers she/her

 identifies as bisexual
 currently in a relationship
 infatuated with [fiend's character]

 species: vampire
 affiliation: syndicate
 rank: concilia

 eiza gonzalez
 52 kg
 black eyes
 black hair
 + eyes turn yellow when angry
            ────── GOOD.
⊳ blood, other people's suffering, power
⊳ strategy, commanding respect, control

            ────── BAD.
⊳ weakness, unjustified pride, emotion
⊳ storge, lack of blood, gluten yes, she's allergic to gluten. it's embarrassing
⊳ total death, her weakness being used against her, failing the syndicate
PERSONA. ─────
María is deadly. That much is clear as soon as you even glance at her. The way she stands, ready to fight. María is far from patient, and she has little tolerance for those who get in her way. When she gets truly angry, a trail of bodies lies in her wake — the lesson? Don't keep pushing her, or you mightn't live to see the end of the day.
Beneath the typically quiet exterior when she isn't angry, María is almost always planning, whether someone's immediate downfall or the next great source of income for the gang. Despite the fact that none of that is really her job — she just does as she's told, and delegates to the lower ranks, as well as making sure they don't get themselves caught — she does it anyway, partially for enjoyment and partially to keep her mind occupied to prevent her from realising just how annoying these people are. Because honestly, she's capable of so much more than this. And it's getting a little dreary, the same old things day after day — she'd rather carry out assassinations than spend all day waiting for a late delivery of drugs.
i. [ sofia arellano × mother ]
ii. [ luis alvarez × father ]
HISTORY. ─────
Five hundred and fifty years ago, when María was twelve, she was nearly bitten by another vampire. She tore out their throat, and their head was found several metres from the body. The next time, she wasn't quite so lucky. Her family being an old, conservative one, they didn't take kindly to the Turning of their youngest member, knowing the disadvantages that came with it.
Her grandfather had always taught her, and now the lessons changed. Rather than teaching her about her heritage, there was more of a focus on fighting. He believed that a war was coming, against the insolent wretches that had dared to attack his granddaughter.
Within a hundred years, the rest of her family was dead, along with the isolated rebellion that had destroyed her resistance to sunlight and not helped her gluten allergy. Rather than being angry because of the fact that the Turned were perceived as lesser, María was mostly just salty because now she was unable to go outside during the day.
Eventually, she was approached by the Sovrano and asked to join the Syndicate, which she agreed to. Over the next two hundred years, she worked her way up to the rank of Concilia, and has proven her loyalty and skill time and time again.

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On the Surface

Full Name: Solis Fons
Name Meaning: The Sun
Nickname: Sol
Gender: Female
Species: Witch (Born)
Area of Practice: Mysticism
Rank: Coven
Country of Origin: U.S.A
Weight: 150lbs (68kg)
Height: 5'5" (165cm)
Age: 22 years old
D.O.B: December 12th.
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Father: Cordis Fons(deceased)
Mother: Ursa Fons(deceased)
Siblings- Luna Fons

Face Claim: Katheryn Winnick
Eye Color- Green
Hair Color- Dirty Blonde
Tattoo's or Markings-
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)

Beneath the Surface

Solis was born into a loving magical family. When she came into this life her sister was there right away for her, along with their father's familiar, a black jaguar named Lucifer. The three where basically inseparable and grew up together as close as close could be. Solis always had a gift for magic since she was born and started taking interest in her father's work on Mysticism. She use to watch him everyday when she was young, impressed with how well her father controlled his magic.

One day when the three where playing hide and seek in the gardens Lucifer heard what sounded like a fight coming from the house. Gathering his two charges he tried to get the two girls to safety, but both Solis and Luna where to worried about the sounds coming from the house. When the three got to the house it was in flames, there parents fighting for their lives within. Solis didn't see the finishing blow that landed on their parents as Luna had cover her eyes when it happened. The next thing Solis really remembers is having a blanket around her shoulders as her father's coven mates found them sitting in the remains of her house.

Her and her sister where put into a foster care facility for young witches as they grew into their magical abilities. They both started being tutored closely as they grew older and by the time Solis was 12 her tutor noticed she had a talent for Mysticism magics. Her sister however seemed to be turning to slightly darker path. As the two started down their own paths of magic Solis could tell Luna was loosing her control slowly. Solis notified their tutor who took Luna to the side to talk about her magic. Within a week Solis saw her 16 year old sister walking around with a large staff, which surprised her. When she asked about it Luna seemed very unresponsive. It wasn't until Solis herself turned 16 that she learned of her sisters gift with the slightly dark side of magic.

Now Solis has her own place within the coven, her magic growing with her as she grows. Though she doesn't spend as much time with her sorcerer sister she still holds her sister dear to her heart. Luna will sometimes visit her in between her projects with the Royal Circle's other sorcerers. Though honestly Solis never knew how Luna could get along with them. Despite this the girls still are almost as inseparable as they where when they where kids.

(view spoiler)

Solis is the bright eyed sister out of the two. She loves the work she does with her magic, proud that it's the same as her father's. Solis is very positive about magic and loves nature, usually if you find her anywhere its outside by a tree reading. Though because of her positive nature she does day dream a lot, becoming a bit of an airhead over the years. She's also extremely stubborn and hard headed when it comes to people trying to tell her what she can and can't do.

While she does have he quirks most of them are ones that don't impede her skills. Though, she is a bit clumsy so she sometimes drops a potion, which usually ends in an explosion of some sort. Solis can even be a bit careless at times when working with her magic, or with potions, leaving things close to each other that probably shouldn't be. Since she is so air-headed she has never really seen the dark side of magic as a threat. Even her sister leans towards the dark side of magic and she still feels highly protective over her.

One of her probably weirdest quirks is the fact she doesn't believe in sexual relations, or at least the bodies coming together to form babies part. Though this is probably due to seeing to much of her sister with other guys and girls over her lifetime. However, she still does believe in having that one special person to always be there for you and some one you can be affectionate with. For these two opposing reasons she has quiet a list of failed relationships, mostly cause she's pretty bad at judging a person's character. To careless.


*all animals(mostly snakes and cats)




*strong will
*great with people


*over-protective(mostly of her sister)

Orientation: Asexual
Past Relationships: Yes
Familiar(s): Ursa(6' or 182.9cm) (Reticulated Python: Titanium White Albino)
Lucifer (Black Jaguar, She shares him with her sister.)



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On the Surface

Full Name: Luna Fons
Name Meaning: The Moon
Nickname: Lu
Gender: Female
Species: Witch (Born)
Area of Practice: Voodo
Rank: Sorcerer
Country of Origin: U.S.A
Weight: 145lbs (65.8kg)
Height: 5'6"(170.7cm)
Age: 26 years old
D.O.B: December 12th.
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Father: Cordis Fons(deceased)
Mother: Ursa Fons(deceased)
Siblings- Solis Fons

Face Claim: Maria Amanda
Eye Color- Green
Hair Color- Blonde
Tattoo's or Markings-
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)

Beneath the Surface

Luna was born into a loving magical family. Her father's familiar, a black jaguar named Lucifer, had been her only playmate for years until her younger sister came into the picture. When was four was when her sister finally come into the family. As they grew the three where basically inseparable and grew up together as close as close could be. Luna, unlike her sister, had a bit of a hard time harnessing her magic potential. Even after taking advised classes with her mom she still had a hard time. Luna felt like the black sheep out of the family, but she didn't let that stop her. Her and Solis use to watch there father everyday when they where younger, impressed with how well her father controlled his magic.

One day when the three where playing hide and seek in the gardens Lucifer heard what sounded like a fight coming from the house. Gathering his two charges he tried to get the two girls to safety, but both Solis and Luna where to worried about the sounds coming from the house. When the three got to the house it was in flames, there parents fighting for their lives within. Luna, seeing her parents casting in the flames and fighting for their lives tried to help, but her magic wouldn't listen. In the end she saw her parents last stand, covering her sisters eyes to spare her from the gory sight. The fire consumed the house within minutes, leaving a smoldering pile of ash behind.

Luna, intent on possibly saving her family entered with her sister and father's familiar in tow. What they found was nothing but ash, no bodies, just mounds of ash. They sat in the remains of the house till her father's coven arrived on the scene. They tried to comfort her and her sister, but Luna just shrugged them off, asking them not to worry about her and focus on her sister. She vowed then that she would grow stronger so nothing like this could happen to her family again.

Her and her sister where put into a foster care facility for young witches as they grew into their magical abilities. They both started being tutored closely as they grew older and by the time Luna was 16 she stated to loose control of the magic she had started to study on her own. That plus the magic her tutors had already been teaching her started to take it's toll and Solis noticed it. Proud as she was about her sister she was mad at first when the tutor took her to the side and talked to her about her nightly studying. She was given a crimson staff by her mentor after the talk, and a new mentor started to teach her about the dark arts she had been studying. When Solis turned 16 she as approached by her sister, who confided in her about learning about her practices with dark magic. After making up the two girls grew close again.

Once Luna turned 21 she took her sister with her and moved into a home. Their father's familiar came with her, which the sisters where so happy about that they cried. Holding onto that part of their family hit both girls hard. Luna entered the coven as a full fledged Sorceress then, taking care of her litter sister as well as the two grew.

(view spoiler)

Luna is like any sorcerer or sorceress, she craves power, but unlike most she has a reason. Since her parents death Luna has vowed that she would become strong enough to always protect her family. Thus, spurring her to seek knowledge else where then just the "pure magics". Though she has never given fully over to the dark side, with help from her sister, she does from time to time wish she could. Especially when she feels like she knows exactly who killed her parents.

Always countered by her sister, Luna has always been the more logical thinking one of the sisters. She isn't pessimistic so to say, but she is definitely more grounded than her sister. She respects the laws of magic and is cautious about her limits and the limits of those around her. While practicing the darker arts she may become a bit irritated but for the most part she is very easy going. However if you ever interrupt her while shes working on one of her projects you better be ready for a reprimanding, especially if you screw up what she's trying to achieve.

For the sake of her sister, who she is fiercely protective of, she never goes anywhere without her staff. If anyone could say anything about it, its almost like her staff is glued to her hand. The only time she doesn't have it in her hand is if she is reading or sleeping. Things that obviously need two hands she will lay her staff to the side to do, but even then her familiar guards it greedily.


*her sister
*reading, books in general
*time by herself


*dogs and birds
*pretty much everyone
*tv, she thinks it rots your brain
*crowded areas


*her sister
*strong will


*her sister
*over-protective(mostly of her sister)

Orientation: Bisexual
Past Relationships: Yes(lots)
Pet: Cordis (6' or 182.9cm) (Reticulated Python: Black Golden Child)
Lucifer (Black Jaguar, She shares him with her sister.)



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"I have loved. I have lost and I have hated. This long life of mine has been a path of heartache and misery. I am not the same as I once was and I shall never be the same again. But I do not want to be that girl ever again."

Nᴀᴍᴇ │ Fedora (Федора) Cicada Fayre
Nᴀᴍᴇ ᴍᴇᴀɴɪɴɢ (view spoiler)
Aʟɪᴀsᴇs │ Crimson Lady
Nɪᴄᴋɴᴀᴍᴇ │ Feo

Aɢᴇ │24 (214)
Dᴀᴛᴇ ᴏғ Bɪʀᴛʜ │ March 28th, 1803
Pʟᴀᴄᴇ ᴏғ Bɪʀᴛʜ │ Britain
Zᴏᴅɪᴀᴄ │ Aries

Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ Rᴏʟᴇ │ Female
Bɪʀᴛʜ Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ │ Female
Sᴇxᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ │ Bisexual
Pʀᴇsᴇɴᴛ Sᴛᴀᴛᴜs │ Single (Widow)
Pᴀsᴛ Rᴇʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴsʜɪᴘs │ Married

Tʜᴇᴍᴇ Sᴏɴɢ: │ Your body
ᴍᴏDᴇ ᴏғ Tʀᴀɴsᴘᴏʀᴛɪᴏɴ: │

Name Ethel Fayre
Relation » Mother |◦ » ◦| Status » Deceased

Name Illarion Yefim (Илларион Ефим)
Relation » Father |◦ » ◦| Status » Deceased


Name Dmitry Yefim (Евгений Ефим)
Relation » Younger Brother |◦ » ◦| Status » Deceased

Name (Артём Вениамин) Artyom Veniamin
Relation » Ex-Husband/Enemy |◦ » ◦| Status » Deceased

"In this business, appearances are everything. Don’t fool yourself into thinking any different."


Hᴀɪʀ │ Long Brown
Eʏᴇs │ Grey Green swirled with blue (reflects red in the dark)

Cᴏᴍᴘʟᴇxɪᴏɴ │ Pale, flawless skin but almost lifeless.
Bᴜɪʟᴅ │ She's curvy, tall(long legs) 5’9”, lean, hourglass figure.
Fᴀᴄᴇ Cʟᴀɪᴍ │ Grace Hartzel
Dɪsɢᴜɪsɪɴɢ ᴍᴀʀᴋɪɴɢs│ She has tattoo on her leg.

|Clothing Style | She wears a locket around her neck that has a picture of Dmitry within it (view spoiler)

"I’ve become a monster, an immortal walking through the night preying on the people who were once me."

╠═ Social ═╣
┠ Species ┨l Vampire- Created
┠ Gang ┨ Syndicate
┠ Rank ┨ Sister

Aʟʟᴇɢɪᴀɴᴄᴇ﹕ │ Syndicate (Herself Above All Else)
Oᴄᴄᴜᴘᴀᴛɪᴏɴ﹕│ Model (but also is one of the rare assassins- usually is just an escort)

Fedora used to be a calm, sweet compliant woman, very generous with the best intentions...
That was shattered when Artyom murdered her family and turned her into a monster. She's now a cruel, stubborn, independent and a merciless killer. She thrives on the hunt, seductive and devilishly cunning. She rarely has second thoughts about killing and is driven by a fierce force. She's blunt and sharp, cool with a wicked tongue that's as sharp as her fangs. She can act the sweet innocent girl if the situation calls for it but it's rare since confident and seeming untouchable draws in many more people. She knows what she can do, the extent of her powers and are as deadly as her curves and she utilizes it with cunning precision. She often seduces her prey, whether male or female, getting them high on pheromones before she kills them.
Their blood always tastes the best after sex.
She doesn't believe in love, though she does fear the concept of it, she keeps everyone at a distance and basically seems like a bitch for most of the time. This is because she acts aloof, saying things bluntly yet she is vague, secretive and never shares anything personal about herself specifically her past. She enjoys pushing people’s buttons when her goal isn’t to sucker them into doing something. Teasing and taunting people to get them angry or any type of reaction tends to amuse her; an additional thing that makes people avoid her.
If she was told to kill herself to save a child being held as a hostage. She would do it without a second thought. A contradiction to everything she seems to be. She is a complex character whose mental state is unstable but hides it well.

☻ Blood
☻ Playing Games
☻ Children
☻ Deceiving/Trickery
☻ Reading

☹ Fire
☹ Humans
☹ Vampires (only tolerates a selective few)
☹ Dogs (especially werewolves)
☹ Drinking from Children
☹ Being Told What To Do

✮ Enhanced
✮ Healing
✮ Deceptions
✮ Manipulation/Persuasion
✮ Intelligence
✮ Indifference

☆ Blood (Werewolf is deadly though)
☆ Not Invincible
☆ Sunlight
☆ Driven By Emotion
☆ Children

✗ Death
✗ Being Played
✗ Fire
✗ Someone getting inside her head
✗ Falling in Love

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"You better run, you better hide. 'Cause I will hunt you down, use you, drain you dry and then when you’ve suffered all you could; only then you shall die."


She was born into the 18th century, her mother was a daughter of an important business man who was trying to expand into Russia. To do this, he promised the Russians he was doing business with, that his son would be joined with his daughter in marriage. So when Ethel was 14 she was married to Illarion and the deal was signed. When their parents died, they took over the business. Well, Illarion took over Ethel's father's business. Due to this, they needed to make sure their business to the company held strong.

The man who took over Illarion's father's business had a son and in the end, they promised their own daughter Fedora to him. She was one at this time when her arranged marriage became official. Fedore grew up being raised to become a wife. Fedora hated it, every minute of it but went along with it because she had no other choice. She loved her parents and wanted to help them even if it meant marrying someone she didn't know. Unluckily when she was 10 she finally met the man she was going to marry. He was in his late twenties and she just knew something was wrong with him. After this meeting, they didn't converse at all during the time but the look, the one he gave her said it all. You will be mine . A year later her brother came into the world and she instantly took to the big sister role and took him under her wing. Her parents were too busy to look after him anyway, so she took over the role of mothering him (besides nursing). Her mother was too knee deep in social meeting and parties while her father was all about business, always working. So she spent the rest of her years learning, tutoring herself to do a vast amount of what women weren’t supposed to know and looking after her brother who literally looked to her as his mother.
Unlike their actual mother, Feo was married when she was eighteen for extra preparation for living in Russia. When she had to leave, Dmitry was devastated, being only seven, he begged her to stay but Fedora knew she couldn't and was sent off, crying in fear for her brother. For what will come of her brother? She hoped he would be happy but knew it was wishing for the impossible from that cold household.
Artyom and Fedora were married within a few months and after that, she was basically locked up in his home like a possession he'd bought, had his fun with and left to collect dust. She was deep in depression for the next three years until she finally begged Artyom to visit home for a few days.
Their relationship was always... tense. Mostly on her part, he was intimidating, scary and rarely around, especially at night. Whenever he was around and didn’t act like she was simply a trophy on a shelf. When he wasn’t like that, he was possessive, controlling and overwhelming. He treated her like a prized pet that he treasured but controlled. What struck her as odd was the look of rage she'd gotten from him when she asked to go back home to visit.
A week later she was home, she immediately embraced her brother. But a few minutes after hugging him, things went to shit. Dmitry screamed upon seeing Artyom behind him, who's eyes turned to red and a pair of fangs had grown. Before Fedora could react, she and Dmitry were thrown across the room, hitting the wall and fell. Fedora fainted momentarily when her head hit the wall and woke up to have Dmitry's corpse laying onbeside her. He died on impact from the force of colliding against the wall only to be sandwiched by Feo a secnd later before falling to the ground. Grief and agony flooded Fedora as she looked around, body numb to see flames licking the house and Artyom drinking her mother's blood while her father was already dead at his feet.
Upon seeing Artyom releasing Fedora's mother, her limp body landing on top of Illarion and he stepped over their dead bodies over to her, she could do nothing but stare. He picked up her broken body, seeing Dmitry's dead body caused her to whimper. Tears pricked and all she wanted to do was die and she thought she was going to. She prayed to be killed and join her brother in a better place.
He bit her neck with those fangs, sucking her life essence into him and out of her. All she felt was immense agony. Fedora screamed until he finally released her throat. Black dots danced in her eyes and as she tumbled into unconsciousness, his voice hissed, "You have nothing."
When she awoke, she was in a forest, the one near her house, her dress was shredded and she felt the stiffness of dried blood on her. She got up, feeling strange, not someone who'd just gone through what she had, which she could faintly remember at the time. She looked over to see her house in ashes, burned to the ground and stood up when she remembered what had happened.
She was a monster, just like him. He made her into a monster.
Her whole world snapped, everything that used to make her, was gone in that moment. She changed, a change only caused by the fact she was not human anymore and she vowed to get revenge for what that bastard did.
She spent the next three years or so in isolation, well what it seemed like, she hunted, drank blood from humans without mercy but it wasn’t a consuming need. Unlike most newly turns, she was consumed by her need for revenge, knew what she was heading to do and was simply fueling up, training herself to be prepared. She drank what she needed and continued forward whenever she could.
On the fourth year, she finally integrated into society, not the same woman as before, she was now a woman on a mission. She never stuck in one place for long during the next two decades, traveling all over Britain. She worked, perfected the art of seducing and feeding without leaving barely a trace. It wasn't until she got to France hunting for Artyom when she was caught by a human who she let go because she couldn't stomach killing him and they all came after her, trying to kill her. She left immediately, going into hiding but any faith or liking to humans she had left was gone.
This continued on for years, traveling to Europe and Russia as well as Asian, hunting down the man that ruined her life. It wasn't until she returned to England when she discovered people had moved across the ocean to the new country that she went over there.
She lived within Canadian history for quite a while, experiencing the Homefront of both wars, and the in between, especially the horror of the depression though it never really fully hit her since she didn’t rely on human restrictions any longer. She yet had found any signs of Artyom.
Now a day, in the 2000s, she became a very popular model, exceptionally rich and a bad ass killer. She didn't join any sort of group though, it wasn't until 2010 that she joined one. This is because in 2008 with the help of her connections, she finally tracked down Artyom and killed him once and for all after all those years. For the next two years after the fight that nearly cost her, her own life (she only survived because she drank and killed two innocent boys in her bloodlust), she realized she'd fulfilled her wish, her mission and had nothing else to live for, to do. She was immortal with nothing or no one. She searched around as she did her job, looking for something but she wasn't too sure what.
Feo eventually wandered into Royal, USA when she was met with an overwhelming population of supernatural species inhabiting the city. Deciding to stay- out of curiosity- she soon discovered that they were sectioned off into gangs and the others which included civilians and the law enforcement. She wished to gain some more information but she’d tried to use a wolf with a burning hatred for vampires as a pawn that resulted in the pair fighting. She killed him of course but she nearly got herself killed since she’d never really interacted with wolves before so she didn’t know that werewolf blood was toxic.
However, this wasn’t the end of her troubles. His partner came hunting for her, a big mess began between the lower ranks of the Syndicate (just because she was a vampire) and Hell Hounds as a result and she was targeted with no protection in the slightest. She was about to leave when someone from the Syndicate approached her and offered their protection in exchange for her to work for them. Since she had nothing else to live for, she agreed despite knowing that she was only being used and officially fell under their protection thus eventually getting the wolves mostly off her back.
She’d been with the Syndicate ever since. She had not befriending many people (mainly just the one who invited her in) and making too many enemies (even with other vampires in the Syndicate) but she did exceptionally well at her job but otherwise keeps to herself. Seeing as she isn’t often needed, she also has taken a job as a model, locally this time so she doesn’t have to travel too far and can stay in the area or a drive away.

"Until Next Time."

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KT (queenlykt) | 1704 comments Mod
K A T H E R I N E    W A L K E R
More commonly known as Kat, Kit, or Kitty, she is a female, as obvious at a glance. She's a headless fairy known as a dullahan, and despite being pansexual she hasn't found her mate yet. Although she is a fae, she doesn't work with her species specifically. As a rogue mercenary, she will sell her services of anything from killer to fighter to the highest bidder. At around 120 years old, it is perhaps no surprise that she no longer knows the location of her head. Still, it is said she once looked like Pia Miller. Standing at a height of around 5'1 and almost constantly wearing a motorcycle helmet with cat ears, she doesn't seem very intimidating. Still, once she takes the helmet off the distinct lack of anything scares even the strongest willpowers. She's almost always wearing leathers, as she uses a more modern motorcycle instead of the horse typically associated with her species. Her main weapon is a sawed off pump action shotgun, modified to keep up with the times.
Although Kitty is a mercenary, she doesn't revel in bloodshed like many of the others. It's simply something that has to happen for her to get paid. She works for the highest bidder, only taking enough jobs to live in relative comfort. And many have learned the hard way not to push her otherwise. She is very open about when she needs a job and does not appreciate when others try and insist that she take one, only making her refuse all the more. Obviously she's incredibly stubborn, and she hates being told what to do. Even if there's something she wants as well, if she's told to do it it's likely she won't, given her propensity for rebellion. Still, for many it's worth it. Even if she isn't the best killer her stubbornness makes her good, since once she's assigned a task or job she will focus on it until it's done, no matter what. She doesn't care if she gets hurt getting it done, and this recklessness leads to more injuries than is probably necessary. It comes as no surprise that she's serious, and there are a few rumors about this. Many think it's simply because she lost her head, but in truth she's always been down to earth. She has no time for anyone's shit and it's very clear. However, she's a bit paranoid. Since she left the gang she's worried they'll come after her, and is always looking back over her shoulder just in case they do.
Although she's old, there hasn't been many remarkable events in Kitty's past. She stole what she needed back then, and as she grew older started using her skill set in different ways, killing when necessary and selling her abilities at other times. At one point she even used to be a part of the gang, but quickly found it wasn't her thing. It was all well and good for some people, but she found it difficult to just nod and follow orders. Especially given the way some of them treated her species. She has never really had any regrets about what she is, and with her willingness to fight the others when they said anything negative about it it wasn't a good combination. Besides, this way she gets all of the money from a job. Given that she was used to just stealing what she could, she doesn't need a ton of stuff and so is able to stretch out her money fairly well. She lives decently comfortably by herself away from the gang. After she left, she ran into another unaffiliated dullahan, a horse rider simply called Headless. With their species in common as well as their eared helmets, the two get along well.

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❛ ❛   f l a n n e r y   m a r e t   l a s k   ❜ ❜
semblance ; x, x( 24 ) - female ( heterosexual ) × human
nicknames ; [ neé ; flan ]works as a photo journalist

ᴡᴇ'ᴠᴇ ɴᴏ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ғᴏʀ ɢᴇᴛᴛɪɴɢ ᴏʟᴅ        (   · ♔ ·  )        ᴍᴏʀᴛᴀʟ ʙᴏᴅʏ & ᴛɪᴍᴇʟᴇss sᴏᴜʟs

❛ ❛ p e r s o n a ❜ ❜ Her warm smile and witty banter are her trademarks, excluding the camera plastered to her side. Flannery Lask is the sort of girl that you would imagine to be the epitome of the American dream. Although not married, nor with kids, she is brilliant in her own right. She is a successful woman who is happy with her life. She lives on her own and greets everyday as if it could be her last. Though that impending doom isn't something to fear, Flannery takes life as it is. For face value. As some would say; actions speak louder than words. Which is the reason Flannery prides herself in her ability to show her work for its face value. Specifically speaking Flannery is a reporter who deals heavily in exposing corruption that envelopes her beloved home. At face value Flannery is a headstrong optimist, looking to prosper in her talent. However, beneath that face value she is a woman not afraid to get her hands a bit dirty for the scoop of a lifetime. She looks like a soft rabbit, harmless and innocent, however, she has the heart of a fox. The girl is dexterous and when she finds her interests piqued, nothing with stop her until she either comes up on top, or someone stops her in a way less than appealing to most.
• ━━━ ━ ( pros ) × × × ━━━ ━ ; ; cunning, confident, driven
• ━ ━━━ ( cons ) × × × ━ ━━━ ; ; artful, stubborn, ignorant
          i'm going to find you

                 even if it kills me

❛ ❛ h i s t o r y ❜ ❜ Flannery was born in a life of luxury, she was a trust fund baby. Even from a young age, she was aware of her privilege and like any child in her position, she relished in that privilege. She was sent to the best of schools and was always told that she was important and worth more than the world could offer her. Flannery grew confident in who she was. She was able to explore not only her interests, but the world itself. Despite all of her extensive tutoring and learning, she was still so ignorant of the world outside of her bubble of entitlement. As she grew older, she began to see the resentment others had for her because of the fortune of her birth. It wasn't until her junior her in high school that she finally learned of her own family's corruption; namely her father's corruption. Who would have thought a boy with the same freedoms as her would be the one to really open her eyes.
They went to school together and had a lot of classes with each other. Flannery found herself infatuated with the boy, he was charming, cultured, and ha such an individualistic view on the world. He was the one who taught her to live like today was her last day. Though it was a love unrequited and Flannery wasn't dumb enough to keep pushing for a guy who didn't want her. So instead they became the best of friends and some would say the rest is history, but that wouldn't be entirely true. With her new friend came consequence. Flannery had learned that her father had lied and stolen and screwed over so many people she couldn't even imagine. It angered her and she was propelled forward to uncover others who are involved with this same corruption. She had figured out what to do with her life, but lost everything in the process. Flannery was excommunicated from her own family. Her father had given her a choice and she made it. As a fresh graduate from high school Flannery was suddenly thrown into a very cruel and unforgiving world. Luckily she still had a friend cling onto for support.
Flannery had somehow managed to get through college without accumulating too much debt, if that was even possible. She had finished her schooling early and immediately set to work. At the age of twenty-two she had a secure job and even though she wasn't a fan of what she was reporting, she knew that was what she had to do. Eventually she managed to get to a point to where she could report what she wanted. Soon enough she had contacts all throughout the city and all her eyes were seated of the gangs, trying to uncover all of their secrets. Then her dear friend who had helped through so much disappeared and she tracked him until she learned of his involvement with the gangs and immediately began her search to uncover all of the secrets the gangs hid, no matter the cost.
• ━━━ ━ ( other ) × × × ━━━ ━ ; ; her family is still alive, but she hasn't spoken with them in years.
• ━ ━━━ ( other ) × × × ━ ━━━ ; ; she is paranoid and desperate, which is not a good mix for a reporter.
• ━━━ ━ ( other ) × × × ━━━ ━ ; ; she lives in this apartment by herself.
• ━ ━━━ ( other ) × × × ━ ━━━ ; ; she has a dog named Echo.

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"I don’t really like you, so please just to what I tell you. Otherwise, I’ll get mad and we don’t want that to happen. Yes?"

╠═ General ═╣

╬═ Name ═╬
┠ First ┨ Cecelia
Last ┨ ~Unknown~
Nickname ┨ Cece, Lily(Davion’s nickname for her)
Alias ┨ Blize, Cyle (only a rare few know her name)

╬═ Age ═╬
┠ Chronological ┨ 20
Appearance ┨ 20
Date of Birth ┨ August 9th

╬═ Gender ═╬
┠ Sex ┨ Female
┠ Gender ┨ Female
Preferred Pronouns ┨She/her
┠ Sexual Orientation ┨ Pansexual
┠ Current Status ┨ Single
Infatuation ┨None

"My face changes. My body can become a man’s. I don’t always hear my own voice come out of my mouth. I will become anyone to achieve what I want."

╠═ Physical ═╣

╬═ Appearance ═╬

┠ Image ┨

(view spoiler)
┠ FaceClaim ┨ Anya Summers
Build ┨ 5’6”
Eyes ┨ Solid dark brown
Hair ┨ Brown, varies in length
Style ┨ Whatever works, tends to wear things easy to move in.
Other Appearance

"You never know who you can trust. So, trust no one."

╠═ Personal ═╣

╬═ Disposition ═╬
┠ Personality ┨
Cecelia isn’t a compassionate woman. She has a strict moral standard with an odd sense of justice but lives by a specific order. When she has an initiative to accomplish, it’s her main priority and if side missions fall apart during- she doesn’t give it much thought. Especially if it interferes with her original goal. She’s cut throat, merciless woman but oddly trustworthy. However, she is as loyal as people are to her but to gain that loyalty is near impossible due to her intense trust issues. She will stab someone mercilessly in the back upon discovery of any hint of betray or deception. Cecelia is the “shoot first and ask questions later” type of person who isn’t turned off or sickened by using torture as a means to get what she wants. She keeps everyone but family at a distance and tends to treat people coldly and without much emotion but has high expectations. She puts the Wildlings as her priority, even if Davion opposes or becomes an obstacle. However, besides the leader, she doesn’t listen to anyone else. She’s a stubborn girl, head strong and hates being told what to do. This often gets in the way during her missions but she overcomes it by using different means, usually violent means.
Cecelia is also shockingly temperamental. She is incredibly good at acting her part, becoming another person, and deceiving her foes but as soon as someone triggers her rage she tends to snap and become a killing machine. However, she usually can maintain control and has a usually calm, crisp demeanor and someone that if you cross, you won’t be living long to boast about it.
Witty, sassy, and spunky that likes to be vague and mess with people, Cecelia doesn’t show this side to many people other than her brother. It’s a side that is equally as humorous as it is deadly.
When someone gets on her bad side, she is cold, unrelenting, and probably constantly attempting to assassinate you without getting caught.

╬═ Highs ═╬
⇒ Success/Effectiveness
⇒ Weapons/Combat
⇒ Sweets

⇒ Strength and Speed
⇒Weapon Handling/ Combat Abilities
⇒ Deceit and Persuasion
⇒ Healing
⇒ Getting the Job Done(killing, infiltration, info collection, torture)

╬═ Lows ═╬
⇒ Incompetence
⇒ Vegetables
⇒ Unnecessary Actions

⇒ Temperamental
⇒ Unchanging Scent
⇒ Trust Issues/Paranoia
⇒ Insomniac (Since she can’t keep the transformation while unconscious, her paranoia caused her to allude sleep most of the time)
⇒ Silver

⇒ Helplessness
⇒ Clowns

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"Never trust a pretty face. Actually, don’t trust anyone because I could be any one of your friends, family, colleagues and I will get what I want from you."

╬═ Background ═╬
┠ History ┨

Cecelia and her brother were born to a complicated family. Their father being a shifter and hiding it from his wife. It was unfortunately when she gave birth to Davion, who was just like him. “Monster” was a word that was present at first until their mother had to accept him. The father still did not reveal himself to her, knowing she would leave him if she knew.
4 years later, Cecelia was born into this tense family. Not too soon after she was born, her father was murdered by another shape shifter who betrayed their father. He along with the wife he’d lied to, perished leaving Davion with the little baby he’d hid with him when he’d noticed something was wrong.

They were now officially orphans. Eventually, social services came around, picked them up and put into the system. Being kept in Royal meant that there were many sketchy people who came around, looking to adopt kids. Children had the most potential after all.
It wasn’t too long after being placed in the system, the pair got adopted by an assassin who saw them a few days prior and noticed they were shape changers. Cecilia was two when it happened, it took most years to be adopted, only two seemed like a miracle.

However, the parent they got was not someone they’d expect. They were adopted by an assassin. By the time Cecelia was five, she knew how shoot from various weapons, throw daggers, disable security systems, and memorize strategies she was instructed to follow. By the age of ten, she’d mastered infiltration (usually by shape changing), killing her targets, espionage, information gathering, developing tactics and even silent assassinations. She worked with her brother to achieve all of this, since their parent was often off doing other things once he was assured they could handle themselves. Some missions could only be accomplished under certain circumstances.

However, Cecelia was 12 when he died during a mission. He was captured and instead of facing torture or risking revealing any of his secrets, they bit into the poison capsule in their mouth and killed himself.
This left the siblings alone once again and unable to properly protect themselves. They were assassins with no credit to their name and no way to keep themselves fed and safe. There were limited things they could do, after all, who would want a couple of kids who only knew how to kill?
Thus, the found and integrated themselves into a gang, the Wildlings. It was for their survival and it would be the only place they could use the skills they’d mastered to support each other and gain enough protection that potential enemies will be think twice before attempting a go at them.

After initially joining, the siblings were closed off, relying on each other, and didn’t trust anyone. A smart choice since no one in Wildlings are trustworthy. Everyone was out for themselves in this gang. However, that worked for the duo who lived like that since being adopted by their assassin parent.
Time passed, they both grew older but the amount of jobs they took and completed were nearly record breaking by the time a few years passed. Their track record were nearly perfect with some incidents that they always managed to get each other out of. The more they succeeded the more they rose in ranks. Cecelia wasn’t ignorant, she knew the world they lived in was brutal, harsh and it was kill or be killed. It was a horrible environment. Befriending one person could mean your very death. However, she had only one goal in mind. To keep her brother and herself safe. Nothing else mattered. Survival of the fittest. She didn’t care what she would have to do to ensure their stability and survival. It helped that her large skill set allowed her to complete tasks solo or with Davion. She could complete the impossible, wasn’t fazed by the risk or gore involved, not even the sex (which eventually came into play). She did what she had to and found she thrived. She didn’t like working under the gang but she was adaptable and chose to ignore her own feelings about the matter. However, she noticed her brother couldn’t. She suspected he would want to leave soon but she didn’t want him to leave her. She would be staying, this was the path she’d chosen to be able to protect themselves and she would follow it to the end.

The more jobs they took, the higher they got in ranking, the more dangerous the jobs became. The siblings had been captured a few times, tortured, forced to endure horrible situations but no matter the circumstance, together, they’d be able to escape. The more this occurred, the more Davion’s wish for them to leave became known until they began quarreling.
It was a hard thing to do, to leave a gang unharmed. Cecelia refused, she couldn’t see anything else helping them, helping her reach her goal than this path. She couldn’t allow herself to give up now. Not when she was getting closer. Distance developed between the close siblings, growing more and more as time went on.

Davion soon left the gang on his own, she was about 16 at the time. Her work was effected, she couldn’t do some jobs solo so she couldn’t take them anymore. However, it didn’t hinder her, she didn’t allow it to. She worked hard, trained body, mind and ability. Despite, if she was ever in trouble Davion would end up showing up, saving her ass and she kept it a secret to protect him from the gang. They wouldn’t allow him to be alive after leaving. She ranked high enough to begin developing connections with important people, her jobs more impossible and the risks bigger.
Davion soon learned of this and once again tried to get her to quit. She stubbornly refused to the point where they fought. It was the biggest fight they’d ever had and when they finished, she didn’t see him for some time. She was 19 at the time.

Not long later, Cecelia was promoted to Aide, second to the gang leader and she could taste her prize. She was born for the job, protecting the Regent, directing fighters, giving advice while still being able to take on her usual jobs. She was excellent at her job but she didn’t trust any of them. She drilled in what they had to do and they’d do it. She was constantly looking over her shoulder and never had a moment’s peace. However, it would be worth it if she never had to worry about keeping them safe every again.

Currently, she’d taken a mission to spy on the Hell Hounds, a feat never to be achieved yet. They could sniff their kind out after all. However, they needed the information. Unfortunately, Cecelia was caught before she could get too far and now is being tortured for information. She didn’t have high hopes for escaping… presently.

“I will be an angel, the person you hate the most, or someone completely different.”

Brother; Davion
Distant Cousin: Catalina D’Morris

(Ex)Lovers ┨ Sexual Encounters- few for work.
Friends ┨ Open
Foes ┨ Open
Pets ┨None

╠═ Social ═╣
┠ Species ┨ Shapeshifter
┠ Gang ┨ Wildlings
┠ Rank ┨ Aide

"Right behind you."

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