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Plugging writers I know in NJ

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message 1: by David (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:42AM) (new)

David | 1 comments I've been living in NJ for almost a decade, and I still feel like a transplant. However, I've met some amazing writers since I've lived here, and at least two of them are NJ residents with published novels. So here I go, plugging friends and acquaintances:

I can highly recommend Tithe Holly Black. Less so the Spiderwick Chronicles, though they're also a good read, and Valiant Holly Black, which is good but really creepy. Tithe is set in NJ, in a town on the shore (I don't remember if she specifies), and it feels local. Valiant starts out in NJ, but mostly it happens in Manhattan.

If you want a book by a good writer from NJ, I also want to recommend Eye of Night Pauline Alama by Pauline Alama. I haven't read this one yet, because Pauline has asked for comments on her next MS from the perspective of not having read Eye of Night, but it's high on my list of books to read. This is high fantasy in a world of the author's creation, so I don't think you'll find many references to the Garden State, but I've read several of Pauline's short stories, and her novel in progress is dynamite.

I've also added a previously published piece of mine to the writers' pages here: []



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Kristen | 2 comments I have written two non-fiction books:

Glad to find a NJ group here:)

message 3: by John (new)

John Your link doesn't seem to be working - but welcome!

Stereotypes come from somewhere, but we really are "The Misunderstood State"!

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