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message 1: by Pelican G., That girl (→) needs to stop. SHE'S the awesome one. (new)

Pelican G. (ilovebrackenfur) | 1107 comments Mod
: )

message 2: by Snape (new)

Snape (snapemalfoy) ((What about the medicine den?)) "You lazy kitties! Hurry up! We have to patrol! YOu're just standing around looking like your sleeping!" Flowerheart cried in a teasing tone of voice. "Let's go hunt!" She said as she nimbly crawled up a tree.

message 3: by Pelican G., That girl (→) needs to stop. SHE'S the awesome one. (new)

Pelican G. (ilovebrackenfur) | 1107 comments Mod
((Sorry, I simply forgot))

message 4: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn (chloewalcher) Wetnose walks around the medicine den mumbling to himself

message 5: by Snape (new)

Snape (snapemalfoy) ((Ok, thanks!)) "Ah, hello Wetnose!" Flowerheart pads around the den, back early from her hunting trip.

message 6: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn (chloewalcher) "Hello flower heart how was your day" he mews politely

message 7: by Snape (new)

Snape (snapemalfoy) "Wonderful, thank you." Flowerheart mews politely back to Wetnose. ((Is Wetnose the other medicine cat? I'll go look it up.))

message 8: by Snape (new)

Snape (snapemalfoy) ((I just figured it out! yay for me!)) Flowerheart sticks her nose outside of the den, breathing in the fresh, springy air.

message 9: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn (chloewalcher) "Good could you go check on Echostar for me please"

message 10: by Snape (new)

Snape (snapemalfoy) "Oh yeah, sure. Why? I haven't visited him for a few days. Do you think he's sick?!"

message 11: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn (chloewalcher) "Know I just like to check on her every once and a while" he mews about to lose his temper

message 12: by Snape (new)

Snape (snapemalfoy) "Sorry! Ok, so I'll just go..." Flowerheart whimpers, seeing Wetnose lift his tail threateningly. She scampers out of the den, racing up to check upon Echostar.

message 13: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn (chloewalcher) Wetnose calms down realizing he should probably be more gentle with his apprentice and mews before she leaves "I'm.... Sorry for being angry with you flowerheart"

message 14: by Snape (new)

Snape (snapemalfoy) Flowerheart pokes her muzzle into the den and mews, "It's fine!" and she bounds back toward Echostar's den.

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