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Hiyaz! charries?

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Yes! I'm going to make mine, but I can't right at this moment.... I have to go to an appointment right now, but I should be back pretty soon. I'll work on him while I'm gone and try to have him ready for you! So what kind of age range did you want? Around 20 maybe? Oh and here's a couple of things that I don't do in RP's...
-extreme violence

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okay. first two im the same way. and i can deal with the other two. her history though might be a little sketchy. is that okay or no? and ill make mine but have to go cat sitting soon. As for ages 18-20ish?

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Mmm depends on how sketchy it is ;) and that age range is perfect!

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Gabriella "Gabi" Johnstone







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Alright. I'll try and at least keep the known information not to bad. if i go over the line warn me. :)

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I will! Be back in a little bit :)

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okay great! :D

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Lostinwonderland (Who is she?)

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((Ariel from icon for hire. why?))

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Lostinwonderland (She's gorgeous)

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Name: John Quentin Canton
Nickname: Just John but at work they call him Officer Canton.

Age: 20
Birthday:February 3, 1994



Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6' 1
Style: Casual but classy.


History: John grew up with both of his parents. His family was very wealthy, considering that his father was one of the best lawyers around. He was fairly pampered as a child, but he didn't come out like a spoiled brat. His parents had instilled morals in him and he strove to follow them. He always did his homework and didn't curse even though his friends at school did. Breaking the rules just never really appealed to him. Once he was old enough he went through police training and became a police officer. He was very good at what he did, but the violence became to much for him and he was stationed as a guard in the jailhouse. He actually liked it a lot better than having to go out in the field.

Occupation: Police Officer / Guard

-Being Outdoors

-The Dark

Other: His uniform looks something like this...

(view spoiler)

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Sweet! Ready to start?

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I can post in maybe 10-15 minutes is that okay? for a detailed start anyways.

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Okay, yeah that's fine!

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So do you like John?!?!?

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heck yes!

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Bahahahah that's great :) I really like his pic ;)

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Gabi had a gun in one hand and the other on the knife in her belt. Her gang was all around her. All of them armed. There was Mike, Andrew, Roxy, and Conner. Tonight they were stealing a car that they could sell on the black market to make a little dough. Gabi would spend her portion on necessities like clothes, makeup, food. Andrew and Mike would probably be get some coke. Not the soda kind. Roxy would probably spend it all clubbing and getting drunk. And Connor would probably buy a new gun or knife and use the rest sensibly like her. She said, "Come on let's go. Mike, if you aren't high could you stand watch?"

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Officer Pete was patrolling a neighborhood on the shady side of town. He'd never like it out there, but it was his job so he didn't dare complain. He had a wife and kids to take care of, so he wasn't going to fool around and jeopardize his paycheck. He saw a shady bunch of kids around a car and felt a little suspicious. There was a girl with pink hair that caught his eyes. He then saw the gun in her hand and he turned on he immediately called for backup, flashing his lights and pulling over. He got out of the car with his gun drawn, holding over the door of his cop car. "Put down your weapons!" He shouted at them, realizing that he was outnumbered but backup was on the way.

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"Crap," Andrew muttered. Roxy said, "Gabi, you're the best shot. You keep the officer busy. We'll get the car." Gabi nodded and they ran off. She headed to the officer, playing nonchalant. She kept the gun out as she walked towards him. She sneered, "There's five of us and one of you. Whatcha gonna do about it? Safety in numbers."

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Pete wanted to engage the girl and throw a snide remark at her, but that's not what he was trained to do. He had been trained to remain calm and diffuse situations, not make them worse. He kept his gun pointed at her and made the same threat. "Ma'am, if you don't put down your weapon I will be forced to take action." He warned. That was something else he'd been taught. He always gave people the chance to stop before he took drastic measures. He really didn't want to shoot this girl. She was just a kid!

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She heard the car hiccuping as they hijacked it. She smiled and took a step closer, "Ya, but am I really the problem? There's four others stealing a car. so you shoot me. They pick me up and you still didn't do your job. You're always going to lose." she trusted her gang. They weren't the best people but they had each other's backs.

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Pete could feel the sweat beading on his forehead. This girl was cocky and he had no idea what she would do, how far she was willing to go. He fired a few rounds at her feet, trying to scare her. He wasn't sure if it would work, but he really didn't want to shoot her. She reminded him of his niece. They seemed about the same age and it would have hurt his heart to hurt her. He stood his ground and waited to see how she would react.

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She laughed and fired a round or two into the air, "Yup, it works. How much ammunition you got left?" She heard the car start and sirens coming. She'd jump in and they'd leave. That was the plan. she distracts and then they all run. She was good at being a distraction because was always hiding who she really was, molding shifting, being who she had to. Not even her gang knew who she really was. Molding shifting, cocky and quiet, fearless and scared, angry and calm.

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Pete was totally freaked out when she started laughing. He cringed as her shots broke the silence that had fallen. She was asking how much ammunition he had left, but he wasn't obliged to say. Pete heard the sirens of his backup coming and relaxed a little bit. "Stop playing games, kid." He shouted out at her.

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She smirked, "Games? This is my life. You're life is playing my games, chasing me, always losing. Mine is surviving." She was a mere 2 yards away from him. Where was her gang? If this guy got up the nerve to shoot her she wouldn't stand a chance at point blank range. Not to mention the sirens.

((remember she needs to get shot by the cops and abandoned by her crew.))

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Pete could hear the sirens wailing in the background, but they weren't close enough yet. She was just two yards away from him and he was pretty sure that she had he nerve to shoot him. "Ma'am, if you don't drop your weapon now and put your hands in the air, I will shoot you." He said, his voice steeled along with his expression.

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"Thing is, ifi do that, I'm dead anyways because my gang and I would be arrested. So, if you have the nerve. Shoot me. I dare you. Watch me ride away in a stolen car and your bullet in me." She was all talk and hoping they'd get over here before the cops.

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Officer Pete knew what he had to do. He needed to detain the girl first and then wait for backup to catch her little friends. He aimed and fired, a bullet firing out of his gun and burying itself in her thigh. He cringed a little when it made contact, knowing that it must be painful. He quickly reached for his walkie talkie. "We have one female, bullet wound to the left thigh." Then he clicked off his radio and waited just a moment, to make sure she wasn't going to do anything stupid.

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She really couldn't. She groaned in pain but didn't let go of the gun. She tried to stop the blood but found herself buckling to her knees and then she watched the car they had planned to steal approach. She'd be alright. She was alive and here came her gang. She'd live. She'd survive. That was the whole part of being in a gang. Not friendship. Survival.

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Pete watched as the girl fell to her knees, but didn't drop her gun. He kind of admired her determination. He saw a car coming towards them, but he didn't pay it much attention. It suddenly clicked, that was her gang. He pointed the gun at the car, shooting at the tires. Perhaps he could flatten one, but he honestly wasn't the best shot. He fired until his ammunition was depleted. He watched as the car sped past them, not stopping to pick up their wounded member.

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She blinked in shock. Gabi shook her head. She must be hallucinating. They wouldn't leave her. They wouldn't. They always had each others backs. But then the street lights flashed red and blhe and she blacked out from the intense pain in her thigh. She'd been shot before. But the bullet had hit an artery and a bone, too much for the body to handle.

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Pete watched as the girl collapsed completely. He realized then that she had blacked out. He reached for his walkie talkie again. "I have a women down." He said, speaking urgently. "Requesting an ambulance." He said, keeping himself behind his door just as he'd been trained to do. The sirens came closer and backup arrived.


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((Sure. Till she's in her cell?))

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((Yeah! But I gtg for a little bit, post though and I'll respond ASAP))

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((itll only be semi detailed cuz I reallt need to sleep. Plz dont kill me.))

Gabi woke up on a jail bed with a throbbing headache and throbbing thigh. She didn't bother to sit up. She looked around and saw she was the onlh one in her cell and there was some stupid gaurd outside her cell, "Hey, wasn't someone suposed to read me my rights?"

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John had watched as a sleeping girl was placed in the cell he was supposed to be guarding. He saw where they had patched up her leg, a gunshot wound was what he'd been told it was. He immediately felt bad for the girl. What had she done to get shot at anyway. He contained his emotions though, trying hard not to let them show. He was a compassionate guy, but what not what his job required. That's why her been sent here anyway. It was basically punishment for his behavior in the field. He didn't understand why they had gotten so upset when he wouldn't shoot that drug dealer. He just didn't have the heart for it. He was leaning up against the cool metal of the wall, giving his feet a bit of relief when he heard a small voice coming from inside the cell. "Oh...um...yes, I suppose." He said, his eyes falling on the girl inside. Her hair was so pink. He couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from it.

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She rolled her eyes and winced as she sat up, leaning on the wall. She knew she wouldn't be walking on that leg any time soon. She stared at the guy for a second and snickered. He looked like a teddy bear. He looked like he should be running a daycare and having story time. Gabi mocked, "I thought this was a prison cell, not a preschool class. Do I get a teddy bear to make me feel better to?" She rolled her eyes, "What do you even think your doing here?" This guy obviouslt didn't get pain. He didn't get violence. Not many of the cops understood the extremes of pain and violence and fear that put someone in a position where they couldn't be a lawabiding citizen, but they at least knew some hurt. Some hardship. Enough to make them tough enough to pullbthe trigger if they had to. To get their job done once in a while. Gabi understood getting the job done. This guy hadn't seen a bad day in his life and thought the world was made of rainbows with good inside of everyonw.

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John heard the girl snicker, but he didn't know what was so funny. He waited and when she spoke again he listened. It was obvious that she was making fun of...him maybe? He wasn't catching on very well, so he just shrugged it off. "I'm afraid there won't be any teddy bears." He said, being completely serious. This wasn't a time to joke around, he knew it. If he couldn't hand this job, he'd be off the force for sure. "I've been stationed to guard your cell." He said, his voice honest and kind. He didn't know what this girl had been through, but from the wound in her leg he guessed that it wasn't too good.

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"No duh. Sherlock, it's called a joke."

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((sry ill right more in a second))

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"No duh. Sherlock, it's called a joke."  Gabi quipped. She rolled her eyes and stared at him, "Why are you in a police statjon when when you don't understand anything aboutvwhat your fighting? Or fighting in general? You've never seen a dark day in you life and you think that you belong in a place where you have to have a heart of stone? I don't even like these people but know that they at least have an excuse to be here."

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John was getting kind of nervous as the girl continued to speak. He was the quiet type and these exchanges felt strained and odd. She seemed angry with him, but he wasn't quite sure what he had done to set her off. When she mentioned his reasons for being there he looked away. He was pretty ashamed that he couldn't make it out in the field. It chipped away at his pride. He didn't have to tell her. He didn't even want to. He stayed quiet, not looking at her anymore. He stared at the cement floor in the hallway where he stood. He examined all of the cracks and blemishes in the perfectly whitened slab of stone. Memories of that day came back and he got lost in them.

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She said coldly, not wanting to be here anyways, hating everyonebin here, "No wonder you aren't in the feild. You wouldn't have the guts to shoot a rabid wolf if it had you mom." She couldn't stand but she wasn't going to rest in peace in a prison cell. No. These people could never understand why she did what she did. They would never understand why anyone stepped outside of their dumb laws.

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John's eyes flashed with anger at her snarky little comment. "Now, that's a bit of an exaggeration. Don't you think?" He said, trying to stay calm. It wasn't really hard for him to stay calm, but what she'd said about his mom had hurt honestly. Would he shoot a rabid wolf if it had his mom? He was pretty sure he would, but what if he froze and questioned everything like he had that night. How did this girl know so much anyway? Was one of the officers talking about him around her? He wanted to know. "How do you know so much anyway?" He asked, feeling like he wanted to crawl into a corner and hide from her eyes that seemed to flicker with the truth.

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