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Linda Francis Lee (lindafrancislee) | 20 comments Out of 21 novels, THE GLASS KITCHEN is one of the happiest books I've ever written. I think it turned out that way because it was partially borne out of long, lovely dinners - both beautifully planned and impromptu - with friends in New York and my family back in Texas. There is something about preparing a meal with family, and the sorts of friends who become a family, that makes everything feel right in the world. I wanted to capture that feeling - about how food is such an important part of family. Does food make you think of family and friends?

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Matthew Perrino | 60 comments Mod
Absolutely, especially around the holidays. Whenever my family gets together, we cook meals that are too big and eat too much--and it's wonderful! Tomato sauce and meatballs in particular reminds me of my dad (he makes the greatest meatballs on this planet). The only thing better than stuffing your face with delicious food is doing it with family.

Linda Francis Lee (lindafrancislee) | 20 comments SMP, I love that your dad makes meatballs and tomato sauce. I can see your entire family sitting around the table!

Sharlene (sharlene530) | 1 comments It always reminds me of my Grandmother. I can not eat fruit salad without thinking of her and how much I miss her.

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