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Maricrystal (slapthatbih) | 96 comments Mod
This template is optional but would be preferred to have all the details.


SAO Name:

Age (4-18) :



Weapon (Limited 1-5)/Rare Items (Limited 1-3):

Stats:(Out of 1-100)
Health :






Body Type:

Dressing style:


Romantic Interest:

Relationship Status:

History (History as a player):




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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Name: Zerai viFione
-Avatar name: Zzyzx


Age: 18
Sex: Female

Heart speaker photo Zerai_zps3e0f9b87.jpg
 photo Animegirl1_zps7fd12863.jpg

Weapon: Katana + Knife combo, occasionally she goes long range with her throwing axe.

Health: 3250 HP
(Out of 1-100:)
Strength: 60
Defense: 80
Dexterity: 100
Agility: 100
Magic: 50

Abilities: Fast-Flash, a move where she can slow the qualities of the game enough to see everything around her and make a lightning fast decision. Agility. She's taken swimming and fencing and has complete control over her body. Strength. She can assess your weaknesses and use it against you. Accuracy. Does this need mentioning?

Personality: She's pretty much all business to anybody in the game. No real human contact? Well, she isn't going to make out virtually, and if she is, they at least have to be in the same state or something. She really wants to go home and has nightmares about the game locking up, leaving her trapped here.

History as a player: Her parents were influential and she actually met the creator of the game right before it all started. She had a normal life. They all shook hands, sat down, and had dinner. Nothing seemed wrong, and she was excited when her family was gifted a beta tester. By default, being the only child, she had full use to it and enjoyed the game, excited for the soon to come players. Then her dream world went nightmare.

Crush: none, yet

Other: She slaps stupid.

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musiclover | 3 comments Name~Miaka Montez
Hair Color~Blonde
Eye Color~Dark purple
Weight~100 lbs
Personality~Miaka is a very shy and smart person. She protects the people that she loves because of the Incident. She has straight A's in school and is always picked on.
History~Miaka's past is a very tragic one. She doesn't like to talk about it because then she gets frustrated and takes it out on other people. Her parents died in an accident when she was only four years old.
Weapons~bow and arrow
Relationship status~single
Likes~Any kind of art and music
Dislikes~Being bullied, her past
Other~Miaka is very good in karate so she can fight back when she feels threatened.

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Rock Name: Yumie Hashimoto

SAO name: Mimi

Age: 17

Level: 68

Weapons: Daggers, Throwing knives, War Hammers

Activation skills (skills needing activation to work)

Pierce: dagger skill, Your damage delt is multiplied by three (( regeneration time is based off agility))

Dent: War hammer skill, Ignores half of defense on attack. (( regeneration time based off strength))

Passive skills:(skills always active)
Pass: Enemies have a harder time focusing on and finding you, letting you "pass" them. Does not make you invisible, you can still be seen by enemies if you're not careful.

Acrobatics: rough terrain (( swamps, sand, ice, ect)) is easily traversable, as if on normal ground.

Aerodynamic: you are lighter and jump higher, but at the cost of being easily knocked over, blocks can knock you down easier, and larger enemies can send you flying farther.

Speed: 97
Strength 80
Agility 100
Dexterity 65
Defense 75
Magic 5
Evasion 100
Stealth: 95


Out of game:

In game:

History: Yumie is the daughter of one of the richest families in the world. She was raised to be prim and proper around guest, and was trained to be her family's predecessor. She herself is soft, and doesn't know much about pain or suffering. When her father told her he had invested in a brand new game, she got to be a beta tester.

Personality: Yumie is a excitable bundle of energy. She has her calm moments when she needs to, and could easily pass off as a "respectable lady". Being spoiled hasn't made her snobbish, but she is as soft as one. She enjoys being in groups of people, and is seemed as bouncy all the time. She can take a hint when people don't like her, but may still press on if so.

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Spades (thequeenofspades) | 87 comments First Name: Elianna (Ellie)

Last Name: Zescruit

Age: 17


Complexion: light

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: green

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 100

Personality: Ellie is determined and stubborn. She wants nothing more than to win this game, and spends a lot of time training. She puts her all into everything that she does and won't stand for slacking.

History: She went out to buy the nervegear just so she could play this game. She played a few games on her pc before, but she had never been in a full-dive before she started playing SAO.

Weapons/Rare Items: The sword pictured called 'Holy Liberator'

Relationship Status: single

Likes: Getting things accomplished,

Dislikes: slackers

Strengths: Fighting

Weaknesses: Stealth

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Spades (thequeenofspades) | 87 comments First Name: Yuri

Last Name: Austine

Age: 16


Complexion: fair

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: blue

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 100

Personality: Yuri is shy and soft-spoken, but when she speaks, her words are meaningful. She tries her best to smile for those around her, and masks her feelings.

History: Yuri was given a nervegear and a copy of SAO as a sixteenth birthday present.

Weapons/Rare Items: The sword pictured, 'Aetheris'

Relationship Status: single

Likes: Reading, cooking, quiet places, flowers

Dislikes: Fighting, going anywhere that's dangerous

Strengths: Agility, stealth

Weaknesses: fighting

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Angel | 3 comments First Name: Anami

SAO Name: Akari

Last Name: Yashido

Age: 17

Speed: 95
Strength 53
Agility 100
Dexterity 90
Defense 70
Magic 15
Evasion 90
Stealth: 100

In real: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In Game: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Complexion: Fair/Clear

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue-Gray

Height: 5'5

Weight: 106 lbs

Personality: Akari is known to be very level-headed and mature for her age. Having been on her own a lot in the world of SAO, she has become very independent and hardly relies on others. People see her to be very indifferent and stubborn, but she sees herself to be strong-willed and determined. Akari also has a lighter side to her when it comes to animals, children, or the elderly, and she tends to joke around with her friends a lot. So basically, she's a kind-hearted gal who plays off as a strong swordsman on SAO.

History: Her younger brother, Hiro, had gotten the game from a friend. After his stories of SAO, she had decided to try it out for herself.

Weapons/Rare Items: Her long sword and trusty companion, "Lethes."

Relationship Status: Single.

Likes: She likes adventures and a nice, friendly atmosphere. Basically anywhere or anyone she can let her guard down to or challenges her in a way. Oh, let's not forget fried tofu. They're her guilty pleasure from time to time.

Dislikes: Whiners and cowards.

Strengths: Due to her stature, Akari is very stealthy. She is also very skilled with a sword, but she can also work a crossbow if needed.

Weaknesses: Anything that requires physical strength, although she wouldn't exactly turn down a challenge that involved it.

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Maricrystal (slapthatbih) | 96 comments Mod
musiclover wrote: "Name~Miaka Montez

Your photo link no longer works.

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↭gєммα↭ | 2 comments Name: Mika Miyazaki

SAO Name: Mika

Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5xmN...

Age (4-18) : 16

Appearance in real life:

Appearance in game:

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5'4

Weight: 130

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Dressing style:

Personality: Mika tends to be really preppy and kind of ditzy but over all she's really sweet. She puts other first when it comes to helping. But since it comes to surviving she will fight with everything she has.

Relationship Status: Single

History (History as a player): Mika comes from a wealthy family. Her parents own a top hotel in Japan. She was a beta tester for Sword Art Online before it was officially released. She had enjoyed the game and told her friends about it. Together at a friends house they hooked up the nerve gear and her world became a nightmare.

Level: 70

Gravity Strike:
Using her sword, Requiem, She can cause a shift in gravity to hold down her enemy so she can strike. She aims it more towards the monsters that she is fighting but who says she won't use it against you?

Weapon (Limited 1-5)/Rare Items (Limited 1-3):


Stats:(Out of 1-100)
Health : 3249 hp
Strength: 98
Defense: 99
Dexterity: 100
Agility: 100
Magic: 89

Likes: Flowers, cute things, being around people

Dislikes: The game, people who try to hurt her, monsters, being alone.

Strength: She's really good at fighting and defensive moves and hand to hand combat.

Weakness: She's not a social bug but her major weakness is the amount of power she can use against her ability. She can only use the ability for up to six minutes then she's not as powerful.

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 10 comments Mod
I thought that your avatar ingame is your appearance irl, cuase the NerveGear scans your body

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Maricrystal (slapthatbih) | 96 comments Mod
❤ ♡ яσѕє♡❤ wrote: " I thought that your avatar ingame is your appearance irl, cuase the NerveGear scans your body "

When the game creator revealed to them what was really going on everyone returned to their normal bodies, plus at this season of the rp no one is gonna get out of the game still...

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rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 10 comments Mod
Name: Asami

SAO Name: Kazumi

Age (4-18) : 10

Level: 78

Weapon (Limited 1-5)/Rare Items (Limited 1-3):

Replace 1 with this one

Replace 4 with this one {This one's Excalibur}

Rare Items: Ring of Agility, Excalibur
Stats:(Out of 1-100)
Health: 5,673 HP
Strength: 83
Defense: 98
Dexterity: 92
Agility: 100
Magic: 85

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight


[Uhm someone needs to help me choose]

Height: 5 Ft exactly

Weight: 92 lbs

Dressing style: Kazumi usually wears with a mini skirt

Personality: Cunning, Witty, Way To Merciful, & Obnoxious at Times.

Romantic Interest: Open

Relationship Status: Open

History (History as a player): Asami bought SAO during the beta stage, and quickly fell in love with the game. She played it constantly, and took notes of the map. She reached the 15tg floor before the beta stage ended. She leveled up quickly in the official release because she knew all of the secrets in the map.

Likes: Swords

Dislikes: Murder & Blood

Weaknesses: Bugs, Spiders, Insects
(Yes, even butterflies)

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