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Samantha They are supposed to be making a Night Film movie. I made a fantasy cast list of who I would cast in a movie adaptation on tumblr. Here's the link:
I'd love to hear other people's casting ideas and opinions on a movie!

Chuddchutney Buana Scott McGrath: Jeff Daniels
Hopper: Adam Driver
Nora: Any young actress can do but Elizabeth Olsen yay
Ashley: Stacy Martin
Stanislas: Seriously have no idea

message 3: by Pat (new) - rated it 4 stars

Pat Stanislas Cordova: How about Jack Nickelson?
Scott McGrath: Not the voice,but the looks,Ty Burrell (from Modern Family)
Inez Gallo: Kathy Najimy?

Carrie I just finished this book. Omg. I loved it. It was fantastic! I hope they do make a movie! As far as casting? Oh gosh...I have no idea who Cordova would be! Jack N always plays a good psycho/ creepy guy but maybe get Tarantino to play Cordova.

David C. John Malcovich for Cordova for sure. Dude is creepy even when he's being normal, IMO.

Melanie I would LOVE for Mark Ruffalo to play Scott McGrath in a movie of this! even just reading the advanced copy and having just Pessl's description of him, Ruffalo's face was the one I saw for me through the whole thing.
Someone like Tamara Hope for Nora.
I have nameless somewhat-vague faces for Hopper and Ashley. Possibly Milo Ventimiglia. And I've just decided on Alicia Vikander as Ashley!
Shelley Morrison as Cordova's ever faithful assistant, whose name I currently can't remember (MUST re-read soon!!)
And I really think they should use a somewhat unknown male actor for Cordova himself. I feel like someone foreign would do it best, possibly because he'd be even more unknown to the vast majority of us Americans, and because I feel like foreigners always have more mystery about them.

Kelsey I really like the idea of Mark Ruffalo as Scott; I had a hard time fitting him in my head. I was thinking of your average, but good actor and Mark Ruffalo would fit him so amazingly and be able to pull it off. Someone foreign for sure for Stanislas, maybe Javier Bardem? He was intense in Skyfall and scary, and Cordova is more of a presence than an actual figure so he wouldn't be on screen as much. I think Bardem has the range for it. I really like Alicia Vikander as Ashley, for her it's all in the eyes-windows to the soul. So I guess we'll have to wait and hope like hell they don't screw it up.

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Maria For some reason Joel Kinnaman from The Killing was the only person I could imagine as Hopper while reading the book. He may be a bit old but not too old, I think he could do it.
I agree with Gwyneth Paltrow as Cynthia and Jack Nicholson as Stanislas Cordova.
Ashley Cordova, Nina Dobrev maybe?
Scott and Nora, I don't really have a preference.

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