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Death, the Devil, and the Goldfish

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Jane | 1 comments You're an Englishman living abroad and, I assume, have been exposed to different cultures and foreign writers in a way that someone who has lived all their life in one country doesn't perhaps perceive so well. Can you explain your influences and who or what have had the greatest impact on your writing?

Also, I hear you write in the nude. Is this true?

Andrew Buckley (abuckley23) | 16 comments Mod
Let's address the more serious question first, the nude writing... yes, everyone should.

Andrew Buckley (abuckley23) | 16 comments Mod
I've had the glorious experience of meeting a ridiculous amount of authors, some in person, some over the phone, and some over the twittersphere. I started a podcast in December 2012 so that I could selfishly interview different authors and basically pick their brains to find out how they got to where they are. The Write Out Loud podcast is currently on hiatus but I hope to pick it up again later this year. There were four authors in particular that I spoke to who had the biggest impact:

- Jack Whyte is a scotsman living in Canada who writes historical fiction and signed with Penguin books back in the 80s.
- Jane Johnson lives between the UK and Morocco, a published author, and the fiction publishing director for HarperCollins UK. Her clients include George RR Martin and she was responsible for re-launching and publishing Tolkien's work in the 90s.
- Michael J Sullivan made a fortune in self-publishing due to creative marketing which then landed him a 6-figure publishing deal with orbit books.
- Christopher Moore is the international best selling comic fantasy author of Practical Demon Keeping and Lamb.

All four had amazing advice for new and aspiring authors. It didn't take anything special to speak to these guys, no major bribes, no stalking, I simply called or emailed them and asked :)

You can check out those interviews at

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