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message 1: by Jack (new)

Jack Kardiac (jackardiac) | 28 comments Ladies and Gentlemen, I've finally compiled and edited a collection of short stories to be released next fall, entitled "Snapdragon: And Six More Short Stories with Bite."

If you like to read stories with a twist in the vein of Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Rod Serling Alfred Hitchcock, etc. and can help me identify the soft spots, please drop me a message. On a side note, if someone needs a beta reader for their short stories? Especially the sci-fi / creature feature / suspense stuff I've come to love? Count me in. (Novels take huge bites out of my schedule. But short stories? Easy peasy, Wheezy.)

Snapdragon is approximately 21K, and I'd gladly send as a Word, ePub or Kindle version, as well as sending individuals stories if there's only one that catches your fancy. :)

Thank you for your time!

- Jack

Snapdragon: And Six More Short Stories with Bite

- A desperate man is asked to do the impossible in End of the Rainbow
- A final assassination attempt has unexpected consequences in Assassin's Suicide
- A relaxing hike in the woods swiftly changes when Bigfoot comes out to play in Kicking Around
- A prehistoric predator finds its proper place in the food chain in A Light Snack
- A hired goon has more than one reason to hate Florida in Orange, Black & Blue
- A friendly neighbor agrees to watch his neighbor's cat, but gets more than he bargained for in Model Pet
- A kidnapping is suddenly cut short when a girl's secret friend comes to her aid in Snapdragon

message 2: by Jack (new)

Jack Kardiac (jackardiac) | 28 comments Anyone...? Bueller...? (crickets chirping in the darkness...)

message 3: by Riah (new)

Riah (riahxoxo) | 8 comments I guess I'll bite, since you seem like you're willing to cooperate.

message 4: by Jack (new)

Jack Kardiac (jackardiac) | 28 comments You rock. I'll drop you a message & we'll set something up. Made my day, Nulla. :)

message 5: by Riah (new)

Riah (riahxoxo) | 8 comments Glad to hear it.

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